IFTTT launched three new iPhone apps

IFTTT launches three new apps for iPhone and iPad

IFTTT (If This, Then That) has launched three new apps for the iPhone and iPad: Do Camera, Do Button, and Do Note. These apps allow users to connect to various online services through custom conditional statements, or "recipes. "Each of IFTTT's new apps allows users to use up to three such custom recipes at once.For example, by launching the Do Camera app, you can do the following after downloading each recipe:- Upload a photo to a specific album on Facebook with one tap- Send photos to your friends and family via Gmail- Quickly snap photos of recipes and important documents in Evertepot.The Do Butt app According to the company, this rebranding will be the beginning of IFTTT's evolution from a company offering one product to a company with a wide range of products.IFTTT Do Camera - Free downloadIFTTT Do Note - Free downloadIFTTT Do Button - Free download(Via)

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