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We have already written a cool guide about the game Idle Heroes, and of course we could not fit everything into it, but there is a need for such a need. That's why we tell you separately about the best heroes in the game. These are real all-rounders, they can be used in PVE in PVP and even in the Pit. We recommend that you look at these heroes first and start pumping with them. The list of heroes is subjective, so you can always express your own opinion in the comments to the article. Want to play Idle Heroes on PC? Go to the link below, download a special program Bluestack, which is the best android emulator on PC. Now you can play not only on your phone with full synchronization of game moments!

Hero teardown list for the late game of the E5 season

Found some interesting information on the teardown list for the late game. The publication is fresh - June 16, 2019. Hero teardown list for the late game of the E5 season

The new season's heroes' trivia sheet

This list of top heroes may change in December 2019, but it's more relevant now than ever.

Idle Heroes - Top 10 best all-purpose heroes in the game

10. Queen

Queen of Idle Heroes Deals a lot of damage when properly equipped. Hits all targets, causes bleeding, debuffs for crit chance and crit power (i.e. actually reduces enemy damage), buffs her own power and crit chance, and has a 100% chance to counterattack the enemy. She should take the stone for crit chance/crit damage and the artifact for damage absorption or attack and crit chance. 1 slot.

10. Killer

Idle Heroes Killer It also bases its damage on bleeding (on its presence on the enemy), has a high level of armor penetration, which makes it one of the top heroes, especially in conjunction with the Queen. Queen with speed boost goes first and bleeds all enemies, next move Blood Blade deals increased damage to bleeding targets. It deals increased damage to rangers and heals itself. Stone for attack, and artifact for attack and Crit chance, put it better in the 2nd slot.

9. Sigmund

Sigmund Idle Heroes A tank with a high damage rating. Has the highest armor in the game, does huge damage on bosses by lowering their armor, as well as not bad in PVP. Naturally, put it in the first slot. Stone put on a choice of attack / health / holy damage, artifact - damage absorption.

8. Skill

Idle Heroes Skill He has tremendous damage in PVE and PVP, and also has passive damage absorption on 20%, which makes him very survivable. We put the stone on his crit chance/crit damage, and the artifact on damage absorption or crit chance and attack. Main slot 1 or 2.

7. Kerry

Kerry Idle Heroes Excellent in the Pit due to his heal. He heals due to damage dealt, which makes him the only and unique one in the game, because other heroes heal due to base damage. Karim heals due to the damage he takes, so the higher the damage, the more heals he takes. Karim also has high attack stats, and he buffs his damage by killing opponents. Stone - critshans/crituron, artifact on critshans/attack. Any slot except the first.

6. Emily

Emily Idle Heroes Buffet speed to make our pack of heroes walk faster than the enemy, attack and debuff all opponents for crit chance, thus reducing their damage, and also increases the survivability of our team. Stone for speed, no options. Artifact for energy or speed. The main slot is the second slot.

6. Ros

One of the most useful properties of Ros is to debuff the enemy on attack and defense, which increases our survivability, as well as buffs our team on attack and defense. Stone for speed, artifact for speed. Basic Unit 2.

5. Psychic is the best player for PVE

Unique talent - increases the damage of all his allies. At the moment, this character is considered top-1 in PVE, and feels pretty good in PVP. There is a deflection due to critical hits. Very high attack rate. Stone put on crit chance + crit damage. Artifact - attack and crit chance. Slot - second, as an alternative - you can put it on 4, 5, 6.

4. avo

Avo Idle Heroes A top assassin of darkness. Has an enhanced on priests and bosses. Has high attack, crit chance and crit damage. Unique stat - restores energy (30 pcs), when his allies ultuets (spend a blow for energy, not the usual), respectively himself ultuets even more often. Immune to silence. The normal attack reduces the target's energy by 50 units, which gives the hero who is attacked by Amuvor less to stultify, which of course helps us survive and win. Stone for crit chance and crit damage, alternatively you can use attack. Artifact for attack and crit chance. Slots 2, 4, 5, 6.

3. Blades of Faith is the best player for PVP

Blades of Faith Idle Heroes The hero deals cosmic damage, is immune to stun and has a high holy damage rate. In PVP, such a hero is a masstheme, without options. Stone for speed, artifact for energy. The main slot is the second.

3. Valkyrie

Valkyrie Idle Heroes The character deals a tremendous amount of damage, like the previous character, but not through 1-2 hits, but stretched in time by burning enemies. A very survivable character, buffs himself. Slot - 4, 5, 6.

2. Kroos

Kroos Idle Heroes What do you think of his first passive? Increases damage to 4 targets by 50% for 3 rounds, and gives one enemy a full stack of energy, allowing that hero to instantly ult. The second ability is increased damage for the first ability, reduces the armor of the entire enemy's back row, and also drains 20% from the max health of two of our heroes. Isn't that imba? It has a high speed rating. And has 20% of damage absorption. And another cool ability, when Cruz's health drops below 50% he has a 75% chance to stall the enemy for 2 rounds. As you guessed - a must-have in PVP. Stone him for speed, artifact for speed or energy. Slot 1 or 2, 3.

2. Jahra

Jahra Idle Heroes One of the top dark mages in PVP. She has a lot of control. Steals attack from bosses and accordingly shows excellent damage numbers on them. Has high selfheal and energy recovery for every enemy ult, which allows her to ult more often and be healthy). Stone for attack or speed. Artifact for speed or energy. Slot - 2 or 4, 5, 6.

1. Weisa is the best hero to pass the Pit

Weisa is the best hero to pass the Idle Heroes Pit The most versatile hero in the game. She is great in PVP, deals huge damage, hits your entire team, controls the entire enemy team and is ranked #1 for passing the Pit. I recommend rocking it to everyone. Stone for crit chance and crit damage or attack. Artifact for attack. Slots - 4, 5, 6. And some more gifts.

The best players on the 10 dash at Idle Heroes

Here for us with you have collected an excellent table in which the heroes were divided by their use: PVE, PVP, Pit (Aspen Dungeon), by class. Looking at the table (click on it to open a larger picture) completely lost and do not quite understand who to swing in the first place. My advice to you - swing the faction of the forest, there is the largest number of good heroes. Or swing the one you currently have. Definitely do not chase the dark and light characters - it takes a long time to collect them and motor, and even with donat.

PVE - the best heroes according to Zeals

PVE top players

PVP - the best heroes according to Zeals

I'll leave you now, and if you found this article useful, please share it with your friends. If you have your own recommendations - tell me in the comments. Good luck!

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