Where are my kids, the tracker app

"Where are my kids?" - An iPhone app for worried moms

Stop worrying about your kids - download the "Where are my kids" tracker app or its equivalent

Worried and worried moms, this article is for you! Most kids today know how to use gadgets, schoolchildren almost all have smartphones or smartwatches. And they walk around with them, not just because it's fashionable and parents don't want their kids to be worse than the rest (although in some cases for this reason as well), but also for safety and constant communication with loved ones. It's to be less disturbing to the kids with their calls, especially if they're at school, install a simple but very useful app called "Where are my kids?

Not long ago I was using another app that came with the gadgets. My kids go to school with a smartwatch. I feel safer that way. If they are late or released early, if they forgot something important at home, or if they don't feel well, they can instantly notify me. After a while of using the standard app, I realized that location determination is almost random. It was never accurate. I began to look for an alternative and came out on the reviews of "Where are my children. Now I can recommend it to you.

Where are my kids, the tracker app

Features available with the Where Are My Kids app:

  • Receive notifications when your child leaves the allowed area.
  • Keep track of your path on the map.
  • Record and listen to the sounds around your child to get a sense of their environment.
  • Keep an eye on the battery charge on your child's device.

The developers give you a whole 7 days of free usage to get familiar with the application. Try it, understand the benefits, and buy the full version with a subscription. The most advantageous is the unlimited family subscription. If you don't activate the app after a week, only the geo-detection feature will remain available.

If you've made up your mind and want to start using the app, follow these instructions.

How to install the "Where are my children" app:

  • Download the app here.
  • Install it on your phone.
  • Activate "Where are my children" to use all the features.
  • Open the app and connect the device your child is using.
  • Install the "Chat with Parents" app on your child's smartphone.
  • Check whether data transfer and GPS are enabled, which are necessary for the correct display of information.
  • Master additional features that expand your capabilities within the app.

Additional features in the Where Are My Children app

  • Making edits to the map yourself. This application uses an "Open street maps" map that is created by all users. You can also make edits to it by adding your own house, street, or other object.
  • If you are not satisfied with the suggested map option, you have the right to switch to Apple Maps. Click on the button with three horizontal bars at the top left and select a different map under "Settings" - "Used map".
  • Setting safe boundaries where the child can be. This way you can put a makeshift fence. If the child goes beyond it, you will be notified.
  • Monitor app usage. In a special menu tab you can view information about how often your child plays a particular game.
  • Using the child's alarm button. Once it is pressed, you will be notified. God forbid it should ever be used, but it can come in handy for quickly reporting an incident.

The "Where are my children" app is a kind of family navigator. It will gladly tell you where your child is at any given moment, in which direction he or she is going, and who is near him or her. Thanks to this app, you can quietly do household chores while your child is going to and coming back from the training. At work, your heart won't flutter with excitement either, because with this app, you'll know when your child comes home after the end of lessons. In general, "Where are my kids" is both a babysitter and a therapist, for the services of which you would pay a lot more money.

Alternatives to the "Where are my children" app


Life360, tracker app

"Life360 - turn your life inside out for your family," could be the slogan for this app.

This app could be a worthy substitute for the one described above, as it positions itself not just as a tracker app, but as a new family social network within which relatives can communicate and learn about each other's whereabouts. The highlight of it is that participants can do this only with permission.

Functionality of the Life360 app:

  • "Already home" is a feature that alerts you when one of the users of this app approaches home. It can be very useful both for a child who hurries to put away the rack before his mother arrives, and for adults who have time to set the table before their other half arrives.
  • Family Channel is a kind of alternative to messengers. It is such an internal platform for communication. Using this dedicated channel will create an atmosphere of intimacy for family secrets and heart-to-heart conversations.
  • "Panic" is an alternative to the panic button. This function will work even if there is not a single penny on the account. This way, all family members are instantly aware of the incident and can rush to their loved one's aid within minutes.

Interestingly, the developers conceived this app as a local communicator between the victims of Hurricane Catherine. It has undergone changes, but one interesting function has remained - informing users about the nearest hospitals, police stations and other points of emergency.

Download Life360 is free. You can only discover additional features for a fee.


SeTracker, tracker application

The Chinese SeTracker to the bone is one of the most frequently used applications, because now common smartwatches are packed in boxes with QR codes referring to this particular application. I can't say that everything in it is so bad, but I can't praise it enough. A set of standard functions for this kind of trackers SeTracker has and even performs some of them.

Claimed functions:

  • Locating a paired device.
  • Sending voice messages.
  • Battery charge control.
  • Callback.
  • Ability to connect multiple accounts.
  • Movement Tracking.
  • View your travel history.
  • Remote command delivery.

The main complaints from users are: inaccurate location, hanging, incorrect operation. But the application is constantly being updated. The developers are trying to fix the shortcomings. SeTracker is a completely free application, which is why it has a rather annoying advertising. Download it can be used at any time for testing.

The choice is yours, Moms! I know you will approach it thoroughly. I hope I've helped you a little bit. The main thing is to take care of your nerves and your children!


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