Gameloft is preparing to introduce Dungeon Hunter 5

Next week the fantasy action from Gameloft - Dungeon Hunter 5 - will be released

Next week the fantasy action game from Gameloft will be released. Dungeon Hunter 5.DungeonHunter5_screens_1920x1080_SwordFight_ValenthiaSeries Dungeon Hunter is well known for its beautiful visuals, and the latest game is no exception. It's an RPG with no training: you start by choosing weapons - crossbows, spears, swords with shields, and other options. As you progress through quests, you earn additional abilities like weapon and armor upgrades. And the most advanced weapons can be bought for in-game money.DungeonHunter5_screens_2048x1536_BossFight_ValenthiaВ Dungeon Hunter 5 there is also an asynchronous multiplayer element with which an automated version of your character defends the fortress you build and populate with servants to defend against other players. That sounds very promising.DungeonHunter5_screens_2048x1536_ElementalSkill1_TreetopSo far there is little information about the storyline, but you will fight the same demons that will not give you peace.DungeonHunter5_screens_2048x1536_SwordFight_AshkenThe whole game looks just as fantastic as the previous versions, and there are some fresh elements as well. Dungeon Hunter 5 will appear on the App Store on March 12.Via)

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