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  • high RTP (98.5%);
  • demo version for testing the game;
  • Mobile compatibility with a variety of devices;
  • support for multiple cryptocurrencies for deposits and withdrawals.
  • possible complexity for beginners without prior familiarization with strategies.

TrustDice Crash game

🛠 Developer TrustDice.win
🕓 Game Release Date 2019
🔥 RTP 98,5%
🎈 Volatility Low
💻 Demo Available
💲 Minimum rate 0.00000100 BTC
💲 Maximum rate 0.5 BTC

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Game Details

The game TrustDice Crash occupies a special place in the world of gambling on cryptocurrencies, offering players a unique experience and drive. Its uniqueness lies in the wide range of bets, advanced technology and the use of blockchain to guarantee the integrity of each game. TrustDice Crash stands out from other gambling games due to its dynamics, which can attract both newcomers and experienced players in the world of cryptocurrency betting.

Main subject and rules of the game Trust Dice Crash 

The rules of the game are simple, making it accessible to any level of player. Starting with a minimum bet, participants watch the multiplier grow in real time and must make a decision to cashout before a crash. These mechanics add elements of strategy and psychology to the game, as players need to assess the risks and decide when is the right time to take their winnings before losing everything.

Trust Dice Crash also offers automatic cashout and "Stop On" features that allow players to pre-set the conditions for automatic withdrawal, simplifying bet management and minimizing risk. These tools make the game more flexible and adaptable to individual player strategies and preferences.

Thus, Trust Dice Crash is a unique combination of excitement, strategy and instant decision, providing players with continuous excitement and the opportunity for big wins.

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Main Characteristics and Anticipations

TrustDice Crash stands out from other games in the gambling genre for its unique combination of dynamic game mechanics, quality graphics, and attention to user experience.

Game mechanics

The game mechanics are based on the principle of betting on an increasing multiplier that grows until a random moment of collapse. It requires players to react quickly and plan strategically, offering an exciting experience with each new round.

Graphics, animation and sound effects

The game's graphics, animations and sound effects are of a high standard, providing a clean and modern visual style. The multiplier growth animations are smooth and intuitive, while the minimalistic sound effects effectively enhance the atmosphere of tension and excitement, making each bet even more enticing.

Gameplay and user experience

Everything has been carefully designed to provide players with maximum convenience and enjoyment. With fast rounds, automatic cashout functions and the ability to customize game parameters to personal preferences, players can fully immerse themselves in the process without being distracted by minor details.

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RTP and Game Variability

The theoretical return to player (RTP) for the Trust Dice Crash game is an impressive 98.5%, which is an excellent figure for players. This percentage reflects the proportion of funds that players can expect to get back from their bets over a long number of gaming sessions, even without applying specific strategies. On the other hand, the casino advantage, or house edge, is only 1.5%. This means that in the long run, players, on average, lose 1.5% of their bets. While these figures are averages, they provide valuable insight into the volatility of the game, indicating the potential for both stable and significant winnings depending on the player's approach and luck.

How do I start playing TrustDice Crash Game? 

For those who are eager to explore the world of gambling entertainment with TrustDice Crash, it's easy to start playing. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you immerse yourself in the game.

Trust Dice Crash Registration

The first step is to create an account on the TrustDice platform. The registration process is as simple as possible and only requires you to enter basic personal information and confirm your email. Once your registration is complete and your account is confirmed, you will have access to the full range of casino games and features, including the Crash game.


How do I make a deposit? 

To start betting at TrustDice Crash, you need to deposit your game balance. Trust Dice Casino supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT and many more, providing players with flexible deposit options. Choose your preferred cryptocurrency and follow the instructions to transfer funds to your gaming account. Once the transaction is confirmed, you will be able to start playing and betting right away.

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TrustDice Crash Bonuses

One of the notable features of TrustDice Crash is the bonus system offered to players. Among others, the Bitcoin Crane is particularly notable, a generous offer that gives players free cryptocurrency on a daily basis. This bonus makes the game particularly attractive to newcomers, giving them the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the mechanics of the game without risking their own funds. Bitcoin Crane not only simplifies the first steps in the world of cryptocurrency gambling, but also emphasizes the platform's focus on users, seeking to provide them with the most comfortable and favorable conditions for playing. This approach strengthens the trust and loyalty of players.

Where to Play TrustDice Crash?

TrustDice crypto casino is characterized by a high level of trust and security, thanks to the use of blockchain technology, which ensures transparency and honesty of all gaming processes. The platform supports multiple cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, and many others, making the deposit and withdrawal process as convenient and fast as possible. This legit online casino supports multiple cryptos including Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, and many others, making the deposit and withdrawal process as convenient and fast as possible.

The online casino is also famous for its generous approach to bonuses and promotions, in addition, the casino offers VIP program, various tournaments and competitions, increasing players' chances of winning and making the gameplay even more exciting and profitable. By choosing Trust Dice, you not only get access to one of the most exciting cryptocurrency games, but also a guarantee of honesty, security and support from one of the most reliable casinos on the market.

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TrustDice Crash: Effective Strategies and Multiplier Feature

To play crash games successfully, it is crucial to understand the relationship between payout odds and win probabilities. Let's take the example of 1.60x. You need to win 62.5% times for the game to break even for you at that odds. This principle applies to any multiplier in crash games. By choosing a higher multiplier to cashout, you automatically decrease your chances of winning, but increase your potential winnings.

  • Among the variety of approaches to the game stands out automatic cashout. This strategy involves setting the automatic withdrawal of winnings by a predetermined multiplier.
  • In contrast to automatic cashout, Play by ear requires the player to be more flexible and able to react quickly to changes in the game. Players following this approach do not set a fixed cashout multiplier, but instead make a real-time withdrawal decision based on intuition and current game dynamics.

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Demo version of the Game TrustDice Crash

Demo Trust Dice Crash provides a unique opportunity to test the game without financial investment. This mode allows you to fully immerse yourself in the game, familiarize yourself with its gameplay, features and mechanics of Crash without the risk of losing real money. In this way, players can practically test different strategies and determine for themselves whether the game meets their expectations and interests before moving on to betting real money. The demo version is an ideal way for beginners to familiarize themselves with the concept of playing Crash, and also offers experienced players the opportunity to improve their skills without any financial commitment.

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Mobile Compatibility

The TrustDice Crash offers a high degree of compatibility with a variety of devices, including desktop and mobile platforms, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience without device-specific dependencies. Particular attention should be paid to the ease of play on mobile devices: thanks to its optimized design and interface, the TrustDice Crash adapts perfectly to the screens of smartphones and tablets, providing comfortable control and interaction with the game.

The intuitive user interface on mobile devices makes the gaming process as simple and accessible as possible, even for beginners, allowing players to easily place bets, adjust automatic cashout settings and monitor real-time odds trends. This mobile optimization allows users to enjoy the game anytime and anywhere without losing out on the quality of the gameplay.


It is worth emphasizing that TrustDice Crash represents a unique combination of innovative mechanics and dynamic gameplay in the world of cryptocurrency gambling. With a theoretical return to player (RTP) of 98.5%, the game promises not only an exciting experience but also fair conditions for all participants. Of particular note is the availability of the demo version, which allows you to familiarize yourself with the game without financial risks, and mobile compatibility, which provides the convenience of playing anywhere and anytime.

TrustDice Crash is not just a betting game, but an exciting adventure where everyone can find something for themselves, be it the pursuit of big winnings or the desire to try their luck and adrenaline from risk. The game is a prime example of how innovations in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies can enrich the online gambling experience by offering transparency, fairness and above all, uninterrupted fun.

FAQ section

What is the TrustDice Crash RTP?

The RTP, or theoretical return to player, is 98.5%. On average, players can expect a return of 98.5% on their bets in the long run.

Is the demo version of TrustDice Crash available?

Yes, the demo version of TrustDice Crash allows players to test gameplay and familiarize themselves with the mechanics of the game without having to place real bets.

What are the animation features in the TrustDice Crash game?

The animation is done at a high level, providing a smooth and clear display of the multiplier increase. This adds dynamism and tension to the game, making the process of watching the multiplier increase even more exciting.

What strategies can be effective?

Popular strategies in TrustDice Crash include Auto Cashout, where the player pre-sets the multiplier level for automatic withdrawal of winnings, and Play by ear, where players place bets based on their intuition and current game dynamics.

Can TrustDice Crash be played on mobile devices?

Yes, TrustDice Crash is fully compatible with mobile devices, offering players the ability to enjoy the game on smartphones and tablets without losing quality and functionality. The game's interface is optimized for mobile screens, providing user-friendly controls and high-definition display.

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