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Blaze is a virtual casino and sports betting platform operated by Prolific Trade N.V., which is based in Curaçao. Blaze Casino has gained widespread recognition on a global level. Blaze has seen a particular surge in popularity in 2019 with the release of original games that have become instantly popular among online gamers. The casino offers eight original Blaze games: Crash, Double, Mines, Dice, Plinko, Limbo, Tower and Slide. Each of these games provides a unique gaming experience, guaranteeing the possibility of big wins and providing exciting gameplay.


blaze plinko game

blaze plinko game

Plinko, featured on the Blaze platform, is one of the most simple and addictive online casino entertainment. In the process of this game, the user makes a throw of a ball that goes down a triangular game board dotted with obstacles and hits one of the possible multipliers. The amount of the player's bet is multiplied by the multiplier on which the ball falls. The user is given the opportunity to influence the size of his bet, the choice of risk level and the number of active lines. However, it should be noted that the participant Blaze Plinko has no opportunity to influence the place on which the ball will fall. The final result is determined by a random number generator and is completely unpredictable.

Original casino games Blaze

The main component of the casino is the original Blaze games, covering the following range:

  • Crash: This exciting game allows players to bet on an ever-increasing multiplier.
  • Double: a transfer to the world of roulette, where players bet on the outcome of the spinning wheel.
  • Mines: a strategic game of chance in which players engage in counting mines in an effort to avoid encountering them.
  • Dice: Blaze style gameplay appears in this classic dice game that is unmissable.
  • Plinko: one of the most famous platform games, where players toss a ball and watch it move around a triangle, determining their winnings.
  • Limbo: here players place a bet on the expected number to be drawn and expect the selected number to be lower.
  • Tower: by climbing a tower, players hope to avoid an "empty" floor based on their chosen strategy.
  • Slide: In this game, the puck slides across the surface and the winnings depend on where it stops.

Collectively, the original Blaze games offer a wide range of gaming options, allowing each player to find something suitable for them.

plinko blaze original

How to play bitcoin gambling Blaze Plinko

The gameplay involves a playing field with a number of rods, and participants take turns sending a ball from the top of the field, watching as it moves and bounces off obstacles, and then ends up in one of the holes at the bottom. There are a certain number of multipliers for each window, and at the end of the game the winner is the user with the most points.

Throughout the game, participants can earn power-ups that can be applied to gain an advantage over their opponents. These bonuses can be varied, including extra balls or even a magnet that attracts the ball to a certain hole. Positive aspects of Blaze Plinko crypto:

  • easy to learn;
  • there's an opportunity to get a large sum of money;
  • Suitable for players of all skill levels.

Negative Aspects:

  • is not available in all countries.
  • Limited depth compared to some of the more complex quick games.

Game mechanics

The goal of Plinko is extremely simple: throw the ball into the densely obstacle-laden board and watch it collide and land in one of the designated slots below. Each slot corresponds to a certain amount of winnings, and players receive it if the ball ends up in that slot. To start the game, a bet must be placed. In Plinko, bets are placed on which slot the ball will stop at the bottom of the board. The multiplier options are presented on the screen. The value of the bets can vary from small to large amounts. After placing the bet, the moment of throwing the ball comes.

In Blaze online casino, you simply press the play button to release the ball. It will then bounce around the board, interacting with obstacles and changing its direction until it stops in one of the slots below. Players win regardless of which slot the ball stops in. However, if the ball stops in the center slots, the winnings will be lower than the bet amount.

If the ball hits the slot closer to the right or left edge, you win a significant amount of money.

The prize received is automatically credited to your account, and you can continue playing or withdraw funds in any convenient way. Points are awarded according to the distance of the slot from the center and the level of risk the player chooses. The further the slot is from the center, the higher the reward for hitting the ball.

Graphics and Sounds

The graphics and sounds of the Blaze Plinko game are designed in a modern style, providing a bright and clear gameplay experience. Every element of the board, ball, and slots is designed with attention to detail, creating a pleasing visual experience. The sounds of the ball bouncing and falling give a sense of presence and interaction with the playing field.

Play Blaze Plinko for real money

To start playing Blaze Plinko for real money, you need to:

  • Place a bet: the value on each round can be adjusted using the "+" and "-" buttons. Here you can set bets for both minimum and maximum values.
  • Select the risk level: on this panel you should specify one of three options: "low", "medium" or "high". This choice affects the degree of risk in the game.
  • Determine the betting mode: there is "manual" (where the player for each round specifies a new bet) or "automatic" (where the rate and the number of rounds is set).

play plinko blaze game

In addition, the panel displays your balance in coins and the amount of your last win. When you move the cursor over a particular "hole", information about the probability of hitting the ball into it (with the odds) and the expected winnings at the specified bet appears. Set limits on the amount you are willing to spend, and strictly observe them, even in the case of successful bets. You also need to be prudent and only spend the amount you can afford to lose. It is important to take periodic breaks so that you don't get too deep into the game and keep your mind clear.


To start playing Plinko on the Blaze Casino platform, you need to register on the Blaze Casino website. Simply click on the "Create an account" button. Please note that registration is required if you plan to play for real money, while the demo version of the game is available without it.

Setting up an account in Blaze Casino is quick and easy. You will need to enter your phone number or e-mail address. You will need to confirm via E-Mail to complete your registration. You will also need to fill out a small form with your details to prevent possible difficulties when withdrawing funds. Your account is now ready to go.

How do I deposit my account?

Blaze Plinko crypto offers a variety of deposit methods for players, including debit and credit cards, e-wallets, wire transfers and other available deposit methods. It should be noted that the availability of certain methods may vary from country to country. Payment by cash or check is not permitted.

With each deposit, the player is obliged to confirm that the deposited funds belong to him legally and are not of illegal origin. Prolific Trade N.V. reserves the right to request additional sources of funds as needed. The maximum deposit per day is USD 100,000. If funds exceed $1,000, Prolific Trade N.V. reserves the right to request a source of funds from the player. Prolific Trade N.V. has the right to apply additional identity verification (KYC) procedures when depositing funds into the account and close the account if the player fails to provide the required documents. Here are some of the popular and recognized payment methods that are common in different regions:

  • Visa;
  • MasterCard;
  • Skrill;
  • Neteller;
  • Interac;
  • EcoPayz;
  • Universal Payment Infrastructure (UPI);
  • Bank wire transfer;
  • Cryptocurrencies: bitcoin, etherium, etc.

Generally, most of these methods do not charge additional fees for payment processing.

Bonuses and promotions for players Blaze Plinko

For new members, the casino offers a welcome bonus that includes the opportunity to receive up to $200 on deposit and 40 free spins on exclusive Blaze games. No promo code is required in this case. As soon as you make an initial deposit, the signup bonus corresponding to the amount of your deposit will be activated.

Blaze Casino is also giving players a unique chance to take part in the exciting Pragmatic Play Daily Drops & Wins promotion. The total prize pool is $4 million dollars. Players can place their bets on the original Pragmatic Play games and snatch a share of the total prize pool. The casino regularly hosts a weekly leaderboard competition where the top 20 entrants receive cash awards. Plus, a monthly draw gives one player a 5,000 USD Blaze package.

How to win the game Blaze Plinko

The Plinko game relies on the use of a random number generator that is activated with each new round, ensuring that the outcome is unpredictable. The process of the generator is as follows:

  • player makes a bet and starts the round;
  • the generator automatically comes into action: it selects the direction the ball will travel and which hole it will hit;
  • the winnings are determined after the ball drops - the hole ratio and the bet size are taken into account.

The results of each round will always be different for multiple attempts, as the process of dropping balls is completely dependent on random factors. However, there are several strategies and tactics that can help you calculate the likely outcome of a round and help you win big prizes.

Play Plinko Blaze

Most Effective Strategies Blaze Plinko

The high risk strategy is an approach that is recommended for experienced players who have no bankroll limitations. In this strategy, users take the following steps:

  • Sets the size of the bet.
  • They choose a risk level of "high".
  • Starts the round.

The player only needs to watch and hope that the ball falls into the hole that is closer to the end of the line. This will make it possible to get a big win. To increase the difficulty and risk, the maximum number of lines can be set, which will also increase the expected winnings. The high risk strategy is recommended for those who are looking to get a significant winnings at a time. However, using this tactic on a regular basis can result in losing money. The Martingale system is a high risk approach. Its essence is to increase the bet size after each loss. The multiplier continues to grow until a win is achieved. After that, the bet is reset.

Tips and Tactics for Blaze Plinko

A strategy with low odds is suitable for players who do not want to risk large sums of money. Follow these steps to apply it:

  • Choose a low level of risk.
  • Activate the automatic game mode and specify the bet.
  • Set the number of automatic rounds.
  • Start the game.

The amount of winnings will depend on the selected bet. This strategy does not bring big wins, but provides a steady stream of small payouts. The strategy with low odds can also be used in manual mode, where the player himself specifies the size of the bet before each round.

Free demo version of the game Blaze Plinko

A free version of the arcade is available, which does not require registration or deposit. In Blaze Plinko demo players can bet without real money, receiving virtual coins to the game account, which can be used without fear of loss. Since the demo version uses virtual funds, it is not possible to withdraw them from the account. Playing for free is recommended for those who fear losing a large amount of money without experience. Free crypto game Blaze Plinko is an excellent opportunity to familiarize yourself with the slot machine, master the rules, choose a suitable strategy and determine the desired level of play.

Mobile application Blaze Plinko

You have the opportunity to enjoy the game Plinko directly from your cell phone. For this purpose, you are provided with a mobile version of the casino website, which can be opened through the web browser of your smartphone. Blaze also gives you the option of downloading a special mobile apk application, which is adapted to the requirements of the operating systems Android and app for owners of iOS.

How do I download the game Blaze Plinko?

The application download process for the Android and iOS is as follows:

  • Open the official website of Blaze on your mobile device.
  • Go to the mobile apps section.
  • Select the appropriate link for your OS and click on the "Install" button.
  • Wait for the download to complete and launch the application.
  • Then follow the registration process or log in using your username and password.

Play Blaze Plinko

Blaze Plinko Predictor

Blaze Plinko Predictor is offered by Blaze casino as an analytical skill for more informed play in Plinko. The essence of the feature is to provide players with information about the probabilities of the ball falling into different cells on the game board. With Blaze Plinko Predictor, users can study the statistics of previous rounds, analyze patterns and trends, which helps them make more informed bets.

Integrity and Legality of Play Blaze Plinko

Blaze Casino operates under the management of Prolific Trade N.V., registered under company number 150731 and based at Groot Kwartierweg 10 in Curaçao. It is licensed and operated under the control of the government of Curaçao under the general license of Gaming Services Providers N.V. This license number is #365/JAZ: GLH-OCCHKTW0709172018. Protecting customer safety is a top priority for Blaze Casino, and the casino uses advanced technology to ensure the privacy of player data and all financial transactions.

Play Blaze Plinko

Player reviews of Blaze Plinko

Juan Pérez:

Incredible experience in the Blaze Plinko! I love the way the graphics and sound come together. Plus, being able to play for free at first helped me understand the rules before betting real money. Highly recommended!

Alejandro Martínez:

The game is a real godsend. I use different strategies and they help me win real money!

Sofía García:

I really like Blaze Plinko. The game is made so colorful and entertaining, I just can't tear myself away.

María González:

I immediately fell in love with the Plinko game at Blaze Casino. Also, I really like that the game is fair and I can check every round. This inspires my confidence in the casino!

Alejandro Ramírez:

I couldn't tear myself away from Plinko at Blaze Casino. I have already withdrawn enough money from the game to buy myself a new car. I recommend it to you too!


Blaze Plinko is an excellent example of a game in which the developers successfully managed to combine the simplicity of the gameplay with a high level of risk. In terms of basic characteristics of the game has a universal appeal: it will interest beginners who are just getting acquainted with the features of this genre, as well as large players seeking to win a big score.

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