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  • simple mechanics
  • possibility to place bets in different currencies
  • high probability of winning
  • automatic mode
  • interesting design
  • Cons
  • The maximum bet is rather low and cannot be increased
  • In online casinos you can have a great time and earn money. Entertainment for every taste is available in a modern gambling establishment. Usually the catalog includes video slots, table games, live casino. Crash games have appeared relatively recently, but they have already won the love of gamblers. Popularity is Meteoroid.

    How the crash game Meteoroid works

    meteoroid crash game

    meteoroid crash game

    Before the round starts, the user places a bet. Meteoroid - crash game, in which you need to follow the movement of a bright meteorite. The task of the gambler is to take the bet before the explosion occurs. If he has time - will get the winnings, which is equal to the product of the bet and the coefficient. If there is an explosion, and the user did not have time to press the button - the bet goes to the casino.

    How to play Meteoroid from Spinmatic

    You can bet in Meteoroid BTC or other currencies. The prizes grow up to 1,000 times. The player needs to place a bet and follow the movement of the meteorite. As soon as intuition tells him that it is time to stop, he should press the button and take the winnings. The most important thing for the player is to withdraw the money before the explosion happens. Prizes are available in bitcoin, other crypto coins and fiat currencies. The size of the winnings is equal to the bet multiplied by the coefficient. If desired, it is suggested to enable the automatic mode. To quickly increase bets, the gambler uses special buttons, so as not to waste unnecessary time.

    Game mechanics

    Game mechanics is characterized by simplicity and fascinating at the same time. It is enough to place a bet, and then watch the trajectory of the meteorite and the growth of the multiplier. When the player observes how the multiplier increases, the excitement becomes stronger.

    meteoroid play

    crash meteoroid game play

    Graphics and Sounds

    The graphics in Meteoroid is quite simple. But this does not make the game any less exciting. Sounds do not interfere with the process.

    Meteoroid: registration

    Not much will be required to register. As a rule, an email address is sufficient. Requirements depend on the selected casino. In the future it will be necessary to pass verification. In this case, it is necessary to present identity documents. Most often - it is a passport.

    Play Meteoroid in casino

    Bank card details may also be required, in some casinos, support operators ask to send copies of utility bills to confirm the address of residence. If the visitor is verified in international payment systems, for example, in PayPal or Skrill, the verification of his identity will be minimal. While registering at an online casino, users must follow some rules:

    • information must be entered in the same way as in a passport or identity card;
    • you should check the correctness of your e-mail address, so that you can open the link from the casino in peace;
    • password should be complex, so that it could not be picked up by scammers and take possession of personal data gambler.

    It is enough to register correctly once to play with peace of mind.

    How do I deposit my account?

    When a gambler decides to play Meteoroid crypto for real money, he can use various methods for deposit and withdrawal:

    • electronic wallets;
    • credit and debit cards.

    Funds are deposited instantly. Withdrawal can take from a few minutes to a few days. It depends on the amount of keshout and casino rules. If a player deposits or withdraws bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, he must carefully copy the wallet address. If the funds are sent incorrectly, the casino will not be able to return them. Before making payments, you should carefully read the terms and conditions. Bets may be limited in size.

    Bonuses and promotions for Meteoroid Spinmatic players

    Online casinos offer a variety of incentives for gamblers. They come in different types:

    • Welcome Bonus. More often than not, it will be the first offer for the player. Bonus for registration is designed to attract new visitors. Thanks to it, it is possible to significantly increase the deposit. Often the encouragement needs to be wagering and comply with the size of replenishments.
    • Deposit bonus. It is calculated depending on the amount of replenishment of the game account. The gift is expressed as a percentage, often there are restrictions on the maximum amount.
    • No deposit bonus. The particular appeal of the incentive is the absence of the need to deposit your own funds. It should be taken into account that the turnover requirements are usually stricter.
    • Free spins. They can be included in bonus packages or given separately. Most often available in certain machines. The winnings received as a result of free spins must be wagered to be able to withdraw funds.
    • Loyalty program. Acts as an incentive for regular players. Gamblers earn points, which can then be exchanged. Depending on the level, the casino gives other gifts.
    • Cashback. Players get back a part of the funds that were lost. Usually a week or a month is taken as a period.

    Play the Meteoroid crash game in the casino

    Many casinos run promotions timed to coincide with certain events. Their validity period is limited. On forums, in social networks you can get a promo code. When choosing bonuses you need to consider a variety of factors.

    meteoroid bonus

    meteoroid bonus

    It is obligatory to study the terms and conditions and rules. You need to take into account how many times you need to wager bonus funds, sometimes the turnover can be too high. Some incentives have limits on the amount. This means that even after winning a large amount, you can not immediately withdraw it. Many gifts - with a certain period of validity. If the player does not have time to fulfill the requirements, not only the bonus funds, but also the winnings will be canceled.

    Where to find Meteoroid game for real money

    There are many gambling establishments on the Internet and it is important for gamblers to choose a fair and reliable one. Meteoroid is a casino game that allows you to get impressive winnings. Therefore, it is very important to choose a gambling establishment. Which is guaranteed to allow you to withdraw the funds received.

    Play crash game Meteoroid

    When choosing an online casino, it is important to research information about:

    • Licenses. The document authorizing the organization and conduct of gambling, guarantees the reliability of the casino. The presence of a license confirms the legality of the institution. Players in this case will be sure that the official and original software from providers is used. Also, licensed casinos make maximum efforts to protect the personal data of users. Information about the license should be posted on the casino's website. You can check the authenticity of the document on the official resource of the regulator.
    • Technical support. It is important that the employees are competent and work promptly. It is ideal when tech support works around the clock, because players may need help at any time. Various ways of communication should be offered.
    • Payment systems. In reliable online casinos, users can use different payment systems to deposit and withdraw winnings. Other information about the speed of deposits, quality of user identification is also important.
    • Assortment. It is desirable that online casino games are available in a wide range. But it is important that all of them were of high quality, developed by licensed providers.
    • User reviews. A good sign if the casino is popular, it is visited by a large number of gamblers. Reviews can be studied on specialized forums. But you should be careful about them, not all of them are written by real people.

    It is necessary to take into account other parameters that matter to players. Some are important bonuses, others - the presence of demo mode, others are interested in a beautiful and exciting casino interface. That is why the information should be studied as carefully as possible.

    How to win money in Meteoroid

    To become a winner at Meteoroid, you need to choose a casino and register. After that, all you need to do is to deposit money to your gaming account and trust your own intuition.

    Get the winnings in Meteoroid

    The most effective strategies win the game

    Despite the fact that the results in modern slot machines are determined by a random number generator, you should not abandon mathematical calculations. In Meteoroid strategy, popular or developed independently, can help. Thanks to it, the gambler becomes focused, watching his own actions. The following strategies are most often used in crash games:

    • Martingale. After losing, the user doubles the bet. So he does until he recoups the original amount and all lost bets. This system is considered risky, it is recommended to gamblers who have a lot of experience and bankroll.
    • Dalembert. After winning a small amount is put, if the gambler lost, it should be increased slightly. This method can be used by high rollers and beginners. It is considered less risky than the Martingale strategy.
    • Fibonacci. The system is based on a predetermined sequence of numbers. It is used to minimize losses and maximize profits.
    meteoroid strategy

    meteoroid strategy

    It is important to remember that gambling is primarily based on luck and good fortune.

    Tips and tactics

    To win at casinos, it is worth listening to the advice given by professional players. They recommend the following:

    • Set limits. Before starting the game, you should determine the budget and do not go beyond it. Thanks to this, financial management will become more effective, the user will not be able to spend all that he has.
    • Use bonuses. Casinos offer various incentives. With their help, the chances of winning increase. The gambler will have to deposit less of his own funds to the game account.
    • Withdraw early. In crash games, this methodology is popular. It allows you to win at least a little, but to win. The player just needs to follow the trajectory, and press the button when it seems that the explosion is about to happen.
    • Practice. Before betting real money, you need to play in demo mode. This will allow you to learn the rules and mechanics. You can also develop your own strategy.

    It should be remembered that gambling should not be perceived as a way to make a permanent profit. Also do not try to win back when there is a series of losses. The best option would be to stop the game. You can return to it another day. Professional gamblers do not recommend opening a site with gambling in a state of alcohol intoxication. This can dull the reaction.

    Demo Meteoroid: play for free

    It is very convenient that you can play at online casinos for free. To do this, it is enough to launch it in demo mode. Free crypto game Meteoroid has the same functionality as the option with real money bets. In it, you can practice skills, hone strategies and tactics.

    Play Demo Meteoroid

    In Meteoroid demo virtual coins are used for betting. You can play for an unlimited time. If you run out of coins in the bank, you need to refresh the page. It should be taken into account that the winnings cannot be withdrawn.

    meteoroid spinmatic demo

    meteoroid spinmatic demo

    Meteoroid Mobile App

    To play anywhere you want, all you need to do is download Meteoroid to your mobile device. You can download the app or apk application from the official casino website. The program is available for gadgets with OS iOS and Android. The interface of the game is intuitive, even a beginner will quickly understand the controls.

    Play Meteoroid on mobile

    How to download the game Meteoroid

    meteoroid crash game mobile

    meteoroid app mobile

    Download the application only from a trusted resource. Otherwise, you can infect the device with a virus, lose personal data. The best option is to download from a licensed casino.

    Meteoroid Predictor

    Some players try to predict the results of a game. To do this, they use predictor applications. They signal Meteoroid with an accuracy of 95%. Some users like to automate the process. For this purpose, it is enough to use a bot for the game Meteoroid. It is important for players to know about all the big wins, bets and strategies. For those who want to keep up to date with all the news, the Meteoroid Telegram group will help.

    Integrity and reliability of the Meteoroid

    Meteoroid is a provably fair game. Thanks to the Provably Fair technology, gamblers have the opportunity to verify the results of the round. The system is based on the use of a cryptographic algorithm with hash functions. It is practically impossible to hack it. The initial number for the bet is created by the online casino, after hashing it is sent to the player. Then the gambler makes a bet, and after the draw gets the number used in it. If the hashes match, there was no forgery.

    Player reviews of Meteoroid

    Enrique Neiva

    I liked the game Meteoroid very much. First I ran it in demo mode, then I started betting for money. Satisfied, with profit. Quick and easy.

    Luis Carlos

    Tried other crash games, but I liked Meteoroid the best. Very addictive, I couldn't tear myself away. And the main thing is that I stay with a win all the time! I recommend it!

    Nelson Kampelu

    The Meteoroid was a revelation for me. I didn't think it was so easy to win in casinos. And I had no problems with the withdrawal. I like it, I recommend you to try it.

    Jerry Willis

    For me Meteoroid is the best game. I didn't even have to understand the rules, everything is so clear. I win steadily. The sums are small, but pleasant. Try it, you won't regret it!

    Thomas Davis

    I liked the game Meteoroid very much. In it you can quickly earn money. There are no problems, at the same time and intuition is tested. I didn't use any strategies, everything is fine as it is!


    The exciting game Meteoroid will be appreciated by gamblers of different levels. It is easy to win quickly, just follow the movement of the meteor and listen to your intuition. Bets can be made in different currencies. If desired, the machine is launched in demo mode.


    How do you increase your chances of winning Meteoroid?

    It is necessary to practice in demo mode. You can also combine different tactics and strategies.

    What are the RTP figures in the game?

    The RTP in the Meteoroid is 97%.

    What kind of bet can be placed in the game?

    Bet levels range from 0.1 to 20$.

    Is it possible to run Meteoroid for free?

    Yes, there is a demo mode in the game.

    What bonuses can I get in the Meteoroid game?

    The name and size of the rewards depend on the terms and conditions of the casino that the gambler has chosen.


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