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  • quality graphics
  • Run on any mobile device
  • RTP - 96%
  • 2 bets per round
  • Cons
  • no bonus round
  • no live chat
  • Fugaso is back with an exciting crash game called Magnify Man. This new version is sure to appeal to players who choose a superhero theme. The slot is designed in HTML 5, making it ideal for smaller gadget displays. The mechanics of the Magnify Man game are exciting and original. Players are given the opportunity to follow an elusive character roaming the rooftops of New York City. When least expected, he jumps so high into the sky that he becomes impossible to spot, although he can see everything.

    The idea behind this game is simple and spectacular, especially for players who appreciate slots with a unique atmosphere. One has to guess how high the hero flies. Successful guesses are rewarded, so in addition to a sense of achievement, participants receive generous rewards.


     Characteristics Description
    🎮 Supplier Fugaso
    📅 Date of issue February 2023
    📉 Min. rate $0.20
     📈 Max. rate $100
    💶 Max. multiplier 10 000x
    🌌 Subject. Superheroes
    🎰 RTP 95.39%
    ⚙️ Volatility Adjustable


    What is Magnify Man gambling game?

    magnify man fugaso

    The Fugaso games meet the technical standards of the UK Gambling Commission. Magnify Man is one of them. It uses advanced JS and HTML5 technologies to ensure compatibility with a variety of devices, from desktop computers to tablets and smartphones.There are no defined characters in the Magnify Man Fugaso game. There is only one character (superhero) who flies until he disappears over the horizon. The multiplier can increase up to 10,000 times the bet.

    Each player can complete the round before the hero flies away by hitting the withdraw button. The slot machines themselves have a clear process, but the crash is even simpler. For those who want to speed up the process and automate it, there are auto bet and payout functions. With them it will be possible to leave the game in the background and do other things online.


    How to play Magnify Man: Key Features and Benefits

    Magnify Man is unlike any other slot machine. The algorithm of the game is as follows:

    • You need to choose how much money to set for each round. You can adjust the bet size on the right side of the screen.
    • Next, press the red button on the right side to start the game. A 3D animated scene is displayed in which the superhero runs and then flies through a loop. A multiplier is shown at the same time, which continues to increase as the character flies higher and higher. The multiplier shows how much the stakes will increase if the participant wins.
    • The superhero can stop visible flight at any time. If this happens, the player will lose his money. You have to be careful and press the red bet button to cash out before the character disappears from sight. If this succeeds, the player will win the amount of money indicated by the multiplier at that moment.
    • If the gambler is feeling lucky and adventurous, he can also wait for the multiplier to reach colossal values. Sometimes the multiplier can reach 10000x and that's a staggering win at any bet. But it is important to be careful, sometimes the character can end the round very quickly, which means that the money will also disappear imperceptibly.

    It is available to use some features to make the game easier and more exciting. For example, you can activate the automatic bet and withdrawal icons. It is also available to set the withdrawal amount that will be applied to each spin. The current bets of all players and the top wins are displayed on the screen. To access the Magnify Man btc rules, settings and screen settings controls, you need to press the "Information" button in the upper right corner of the game screen.

    Game mechanics

    The game features an animated superhero who soars higher and higher as the game progresses. The 3D graphics of the new level are unique and eye-catching. The multiplier increases as the character rises. The more significant the multiplier, the more substantial the winnings will be. This adds an element of risk and excitement to the game, as the gambler decides when to cash out his prize. The Auto Bet and Auto Cashout features allow you to automate the betting process. This can be useful for players who want to run the slot non-manually or want to experiment with different betting strategies. The process includes a special algorithm calculator to check the fairness of the round. Magnify Man offers several bet sizes, so players can choose the amount they are comfortable with. This makes the game accessible for any budget.

    Graphics and Sounds

    On the right side of the screen you can see the balance, bet sizes and information about current winnings. The history function can be useful for those who plan to create strategies, although slot machines are pure excitement. No proven system or formula will 100% help 100% lead a player to victory. To check the integrity of the game, it is suggested to look at the highest multipliers received in the last few months. The animation is of high quality, but with poor internet it can be turned off and only watch the multiplier growth. The musical accompaniment conveys the rhythm of the process. The player will not be bored to spend a long time playing the game, and the music will improve the mood.

    magnify man play

    How do I start playing Magnify Man?

    The game starts with the superhero Magnify Man running through the skyscrapers of New York City and finally starts flying. The higher he climbs, the higher the multiplier coefficient. The multiplier symbol starts at 1x and goes up to 10,000x. Once the player has placed their bets, their goal is to hit "Payout" before the character disappears; otherwise the bet will be lost. The minimum amount is 0.2$ and the maximum is 1,00$.

    Interestingly, the online casino game Magnify Man allows you to place two valid bets at the same time. The maximum winnings are 10,000 times the original bet. For example, if a prediction of 20$ is made and you are lucky enough to get this multiplier, 200,000$ will be credited to your balance. However, this is a game of luck and it can be difficult to achieve the maximum multiplier. Magnify Man ticks all the important boxes and should appeal to high rollers and casual players alike. Available bets range from 0.20 to 100$. This range is a guarantee that all players will feel comfortable moving on to real money.

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    You can also place one or two bets at a time to maximize your chances of winning. Players can adjust betting patterns depending on their bankroll and expectations to get bigger or smaller winnings. Using auto withdrawal, the multiplier limit is specified. Next, all that is left to do is wait for the result. The longer the longer, the bigger the potential prize, but this also opens the door to the flight ending soon, resulting in the immediate loss of all bets.

    magnify man slot

    magnify man game

    Magnify Man Registration

    The registration process at Magnify Man is standard and is a quick procedure. To begin with, a reliable online casino that provides access to this game is selected. Then, the website on PC or via mobile needs to start the registration process. This will ask you to fill out a registration form, where a few mandatory details such as an email address or phone number are provided. You may need to specify the currency for the account and verify your age. After successful registration, you need to confirm your account by clicking on the link that the player will receive to the email address provided. This process usually takes only a few minutes and allows you to enjoy the game in no time.

    Sign up

    How do I deposit my account?

    Depositing money at Magnify Man will be convenient for every gambler, as they have access to a variety of payment methods to fund their account and withdraw their winnings. Depending on the platform, different deposit options such as credit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, bitcoin and other digital coins are offered. To withdraw money from Magnify Man crypto game, you need to provide the casino with your e-wallet details. The withdrawal request will be processed by the platform within a few hours or days, depending on the payment method and the platform's policy. Usually, crypto is credited and withdrawn almost instantly

    Bonuses and promotions for Magnify Man players

    As far as bonuses are concerned, they are not a prominent feature in this particular version as it does not offer any additional in-game rounds or incentive payouts. Nevertheless, reputable casinos usually provide a sign-up bonus to their newcomers. Gamblers can also count on welcome deposit bonuses after making a deposit, and some of these funds may be eligible for the Magnify Man crash game. Gambling sites give away and promo codes on their social media and partner portals.

    magnify man how to win

    Where to play Magnify Man for real money

    We have checked licenses, games, bonuses, bonuses, payments, support and more of different casinos offering Magnify Man game - performance, security and honesty have been tested. The sites presented below are trustworthy for gamblers. Player reviews about them are also positive.


    Sportsbet.io is an online sports and casino platform that offers a variety of betting and gaming options for members with different preferences and skill levels. Beginners can register on Sportsbet.io And count on a welcome bonus to start Magnify Man Sportsbet.io.

    Play Now

    The portal protects players' personal and financial data with SSL encryption and other security measures. The site is only available in some countries, so players will be able to access it depending on their location.


    The site offers a user-friendly interface and a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods, making it easy for players to start playing Magnify Man Parimatch for real money. Gamblers can also access the game on their mobile devices via the casino app or adaptive website. There are generous bonuses and promotions for new and existing players waiting for everyone here. These include a welcome bonus, weekly cashback and a loyalty program. At Parimatch no demo version of the Magnify Man.

    Play magnify man at parimatch


    The site offers a wide range of machines from leading software providers, including Fugaso, the developer of the popular Magnify Man crash betting game BetFury. Players can also find other slots such as live casino, table games and Megaways machines on the platform. The banking here is secure with UPI, G Pay, PhonePe, PayTM and Bitcoin. The website is user-friendly and works well on desktops and mobile devices.


    Casino offers an extensive library of gambling slots. Here you can test Magnify Man Pin-Up for credits. The site often publishes promo codes in its networks and offers generous bonuses to newcomers. The casino games are categorized and there is also a search bar. This is a licensed casino that guarantees the withdrawal of winnings as soon as possible.

    How to win in Magnify Man

    Winning at Magnify Man is possible through a variety of tactics and strategies that players can employ. Understanding the rules of the game, managing your bankroll and making informed betting decisions can help increase your chances of success.

    magnify man how to play

    Magnify Man's most effective strategies

    Below are the most popular strategies for the game:

    • The Paroli strategy (also known as the reverse Martingale strategy). It can be applied to any gambling game that uses 50/50 odds, including craps and crashes. The strategy is based on a series of wins: doubling your bet if you win or keeping the amount if you lose. It is recommended to make a small initial prediction, for example 15 mBTC, this will increase the chances of winning. The player must double his bet if he wins - 30 mBTC. If the contestant wins the prize for the second time, the amount should be doubled again to 60 mBTC. After winning 3 rounds, the bet should be returned to its original value, as the probability of winning a fourth time is very low. This approach is less aggressive than the others, allowing you to keep your money longer.
    • The Dalembert approach was developed in response to the incorrect theory that a random outcome is influenced by the previous outcome. For example, if there are 3 blacks on the roulette table, it is more likely that the next round will end in red. On the contrary, the strategy states that with 50/50 odds, there should be a balance between the two outcomes. And this theoretically means that a player should win about the same number of bets that he lost.

    There is no sure-fire way to win, but strategies can help you make conscious bets and turn off your emotions.

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    Tips and Tactics for Magnify Man

    Users recommend following these steps when using the Dalembert strategy:

    • Choose an amount as a base amount, the best option is 2% of the total bankroll. If the player wishes to bet more, it is recommended to stay within 5%.
    • If the bet is lost, the amount should be increased by 1 times the starting amount for the next round, i.e. if a contestant started with 2$ in the second round, the next round should be 4$.
    • If the first bet is won, it should remain the same at 2$.
    • If the second round ended in a win, the prediction should be reduced by one step back from the original value, i.e. 8$ won, the next bet should be 6$.

    This strategy is much less aggressive than the others and carries less risk for players.

    Free demo version of Magnify Man game

    To fully familiarize yourself with the game, you can play for free. It takes only a few minutes to understand the principle of the slot. Here you will be able to try your luck without financial risks. Demo mode is available without registration. You can evaluate this slot on any smartphone or tablet.

    magnify man demo

    The Magnify Man slot machine does not contain any information about the volatility level. As for the RTP when running the free crypto game Magnify Man, it is 96%. These are typical conditions for a crash game.

    Play for free

    There are no unique symbols in the slot. The essence is only in the superhero, who is the main character. The process is identical to the paid version. Magnify Man demo also has the function of automatic bets and auto withdrawals. In Magnify Man players are not provided with bonuses and free rounds.

    Magnify Man mobile app

    At the time of writing, the Magnify Man app does not exist. However, it is available to enjoy the game on a smartphone by activating the mobile version of the casino or gaming platform. To do this, it is necessary to open the browser on the device, go to the site, and start playing. This way, the player will not waste any time downloading Magnify Man. This is a great way to enjoy the game anytime right from the mobile device without downloading an apk.

    How do I download the Magnify Man game?

    As mentioned above, there is no way to download Magnify Man. But you can download the casino app or visit the site through a mobile browser. It is enough to click on the game, and it will start in the version chosen by the player - demo or with real bets.

    Download Magnify Man

    Magnify Man Predictor

    Magnify Man Predictor provides the means to make informed betting choices. It provides predictions and hints based on the analysis of previous results. The utility operates with statistical data from past rounds. But even with the use of the utility, there is no guaranteed winning result. It is just a hint to the player about the past sessions. The result of the game is always 50/50.

    Player reviews of Magnify Man


    I liked that there is a demo version. Thanks to the test mode I was able to prepare for betting real money and learn the rules. I feel more confident after practicing.


    The odds I've come across are often higher than x5, and thanks to them I quickly started to make a profit. This motivates me to keep betting.


    During my entire game multipliers often exceeded the threshold of x10, so I have long forgotten about my initial bankroll. But I found my strategy to win, so I'm always on the plus side.


    I applied the Dalembert strategy as recommended and it turned out to be effective. During the day I managed to reach double balance and continue to collect big prizes.


    Despite losing sometimes, I still enjoy the game. I don't always patiently follow the Martingale strategy and reduce bets after losses, but I like the game both visually and sonically.


    The plus point of this slot is the presence of various statistics. The user can see how many participants are playing at a particular moment. The column on the left presents detailed information. Before starting the Magnify Man slot machine for free, it is available to see information about the bets made so far and the biggest winnings for the last period. With an RTP of 96%, Magnify Man is an incredible crash game that is worth trying. It's easy to play and offers amazing payouts, ideally 10,000 times your bet. From the design to the gameplay, everything is smooth and exciting.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Can I play the Magnify Man game for free for fun?

    Different casinos offer a free demo version of Magnify Man. In them you will be able to play at your pleasure without any registration or making a deposit.

    Can I win real money playing at Magnify Man Casino?

    By creating an account, you will be able to play Magnify Man at the casino for real money and get prizes in cash. In fact, with a maximum win of x10000, it will be possible to rip off a large sum of money. If you make a spin with a bet of 5$, it will be possible to win 50000$ in just one go.

    Where is the best place to play Magnify Man?

    For fun, you can turn on the machine on any site that offers a demo version. But when it comes to playing for real, you need to play exclusively in a reliable global casino.

    Can I play the Magnify Man game on my cell phone?

    Yes, Magnify Man is optimized for devices and screens of all resolutions, so you can enjoy playing Magnify Man on your Android and iOS cell phone.

    What is the best strategy for winning at Magnify Man?

    There is no guaranteed strategy for winning. With a certified RTP of 96%, Magnify Man is a competitive slot for quick wins.

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