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  • A fun and light-hearted theme.
  • A unique twist on the Crash cat game genre.
  • The ability to bet with cryptocurrency.
  • A quick round.
  • Cons
  • It may seem too simple.
  • There is no possibility of two bets.
  • Today, crash and fast online casino games have become a real hit among gambling fans. They allow you to get the maximum adrenaline and different spectrum of emotions in a short period of time. Especially popular is the crash slot Limbo Cat from OnlyPlay, which offers players a unique gameplay and high chances of winning.

    What is Limbo Cat gambling?

    The game features explosive mechanics that take gamblers to their gambling limits. The task is to guide the little cat in the tank through the war zone while he collects multipliers and tries to avoid mines.

    limbo cat game

    limbo cat game

    With charming visuals and smooth animations, it's a fun game for those looking for something different from standard machines and reel slots.

    How to play the gambling game Limbo Cat: rules

    Players must guess how long luck will favor the cat tanker. The basic rules of the game Limbo Cat btc:

    • First, the player chooses the bet. This can be done using the "+" and "-" buttons on the control panel.
    • Once the bet is placed, "Play" is pressed and the round begins.
    • A baby kitten gets into a tank and drives out into a booby-trapped field.
    • The winnings depend on whether the player manages to withdraw before the explosion.
    • The game also has an automatic mode function. It allows you to customize the number of rounds that will take place without the player's participation.

    Overall, the Limbo Cat is ideal for novice gamblers at online casinos. However, as with any other game of chance, you should keep in mind the risks.

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    Game mechanics

    Limbo Cat is a multiplayer crash game, so there are several participants betting on it at once. All results can be followed on the board on the right. It is also available to enter the game independently with two different bets and stop them at different points in time. As soon as the tank starts moving, the gambler is available to click at any time "Take".

    limbo cat how to play the casino game

    limbo cat how to play

    The idea is to keep your composure as long as possible before the tank explodes. Sometimes he barely gets off the starting block before a small kitten is blown to smithereens. But more often than not, the hero gets very far before he meets his doom.

    Graphics and Sounds

    Since this is not a slot, there are no symbols here. Instead, the game features blocks, each of which contains some sort of multiplier. Most of the multipliers that players encounter have a small value. But every now and then, a huge multiplier will appear out of nowhere. The maximum amount you can get in the base round is x10,000. However, the biggest prize in the game is the progressive jackpot. It is hidden in one of the boxes on the track. You can follow the progressive jackpot at the top of the screen, and the total amount is displayed in the left corner.

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    How do I start playing Limbo Cat?

    Run in online casinogame Limbo Cat with an adorable cat, surprise multipliers and hidden progressive jackpot will get, both in demo and paid. Multiplayer slot does not contain the usual symbols, which adds an element of surprise. Real prizes await only in cash mode. For a paid launch first need to create an account at the online casino.

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    Limbo Cat Registration

    In order to register and start playing Limbo Cat for free, you need to follow the steps below:

    • Choose a reliable gambling site that offers Limbo Cat. To do this, you can use casino ratings or reviews of other players.
    • Register by filling in all required fields of the form.
    • Confirm your account by following the instructions that will be sent to the specified email.
    • Fund your casino account using any of the available payment methods.
    • Find Limbo Cat in the slots section and start playing by following the rules described above.
    limbo cat play casino online

    limbo cat play casino online

    It is important to remember that the game can be risky and lead to the loss of sums of money, so you need to bet responsibly and control your finances. It is also recommended to use only trusted and reliable casinos to avoid scams and losing money.

    How do I deposit my account?

    When a gambler first opens Limbo Cat, the process can seem a little confusing. There are no reels here, instead a small cat in a helmet sits in the tank and waits for its fate. At the first launch, you'll need to select a bet. The range varies from casino to casino. But basically the limits are as follows: minimum 1€ and maximum 50€. To make predictions, you need to have real money or bitcoins on your balance. The deposit is made from the player's personal cabinet. A suitable payment method is selected, the amount is specified and confirmed through the payment system. Winnings from Limbo Cat BTC are withdrawn instantly.

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    Bonuses and promotions for Limbo Cat players

    There are no traditional bonus features in this game, so don't expect free rounds in Limbo Cat. Promo codes can gift additional funds for betting. There are some drop down bonuses that represent multipliers. These will drop on the track when the kitten is on the move. There are also some nasty little traps. These boxes won't have multipliers, instead there will be mines that will lift the cat high into the sky.

    limbo cat game

    One of the bonus options of the Limbo Cat is the jackpot. It is hidden in one of the boxes and can be won at any time. The multiplayer element here also feels like a special feature in itself. Players can see who can keep their composure the longest and score the most points.

    Take the Bonus

    At the casino, the welcome bonus will allow gamblers to top up their balance with bonus coins for the game. Activation of such an offer occurs after the player replenishes his balance with money. Bonus for registration allows newcomers just for creating an account to get special coins for betting.

    Where to play Limbo Cat for real money

    There are a number of online casinos that offer to play Limbo. Most of them have their own proprietary version of the game. Just like crypto sites develop original slots such as Plinko and Hi Lo. While the interface of the Stake and Wolf.bet versions are slightly different, the mechanics and the objective are ultimately the same. This means that players will activate the equally good Limbo game at any of the recommended crypto casinos below.

    Sportsbet io

    This gambling site has prepared for its guests an extensive catalog of machines, slots, table games simulators and roulette. A separate category are crash offers. Run the machines will get, as in the demo version, and paid. Registration will allow you to get welcome bonuses. Crash Limbo Cat Sportsbet io is included only for money.

    No bonuses
    2 games
    4.8 rating



    The provider is characterized by high-quality gambling slots. The casino is licensed, which guarantees the withdrawal of prizes in a convenient way for the player. To withdraw funds you need to pass verification. The casino has working mirrors, which are identical in functionality to the original site. Include Limbo Cat Stake casino is allowed together with the prediction program.

    Stake Casino
    200% to $1000
    5 games
    5.0 rating


    Everyone is a well-known betting site. Here there is an opportunity not only to make a prediction on sporting events, but also to play casino slots. The catalog is extensive and all offers are presented exclusively by brands of the gambling niche. The tab with crash games will allow you to choose from more than 10 options. Include Limbo Cat Parimatch here you can also play in the demo version.

    Parimatch Casino
    111% for the first deposit
    5 games
    4.3 rating


    Blaze Casino offers a wide range of slot machines from leading manufacturers, providing variety and quality gambling experience. In addition, you can try out the games in test mode without risking your money. Blaze Casino also offers a variety of deposit methods, making the process even more convenient and accessible. Limbo Cat Blaze is enabled through a separate tab on the homepage.

    Blaze Casino
    $200 and 40 free rounds in Blaze Original games
    4 games
    4.5 rating


    Roobet is a casino that has a dozen crash games. Here, gamblers will try them out in free mode. Generous bonus programs are also offered, which are designed for both newcomers and regular players. Limbo Cat Roobet has become a favorite among the guests of the site. The cute cat has won the hearts of gamblers with fast payouts and short rounds.

    Roobet Casino
    Up to $80 as FS
    2 games
    5.0 rating


    This is a casino with multiple payment methods, including cryptocurrency. On the site, everyone will find a large selection of crash games that have become mega popular recently. Using crypto allows players to remain anonymous, which makes the experience even more fun. You can play Limbo Cat Bitcasino both in demo and for a fee.

    How to win the game Limbo Cat

    To play Limbo Cat, a preferred bet is first selected, which can vary from operator to operator. Once the prediction is set, the cat embarks on a journey through the war zone, collecting multipliers and avoiding hidden mines. The multiplayer aspect adds an extra level of excitement as players compete with others for the highest score.

    Most Effective Strategies Limbo Cat 

    To cater to different gaming preferences, Limbo Cat offers a customizable withdrawal option. Gamblers can set a fixed amount, such as x2. The game will then automatically cash out whenever the initial bet is doubled. This feature allows you to strategically manage your bets and lock in your winnings at the desired level. Limbo Cat offers a refreshing new gambling experience that is different from traditional slots. The machine is presented with drop-down bonuses, hidden jackpot and multiplayer play.

    Play Limbo Cat Online

    Although there are no regular free spins, the slot makes up for it with dynamic gameplay and exciting multiplier unlocks. The multiplayer aspect adds a sense of community, turning the journey into a shared adventure. Whether the player is leading a brave cat through a minefield or aiming for the elusive jackpot, Limbo Cat promises an exciting gamble. A special approach to the game will improve the quality and winning percentage.

    There are the following strategies.

    • Martingale - doubling your bet after every losing game to compensate for losses.
    • Fibonacci - A sequence of numbers is used to determine the size of a prediction.
    • Antimartingale - increasing the bet after a win to increase the prize amount.
    • Lawrenz - prediction changes to plus after the prize round to recoup lost money faster.

    Tips and Tactics for Limbo Cat

    Limbo Cat is not a typical game, but an exciting and nerve-racking multiplayer lottery. Simple gameplay, a hidden jackpot and explosive mechanics promise a tense and exhilarating adventure for those who dare to venture out. It's easy to face the uncertainty and adrenaline rush here as the cat moves through a dangerous place in search of multipliers. There are special tips for gamblers that will make the process more productive:

    • Play with caution and do not risk large sums of money.
    • Use strategies to control your bets.
    • Don't play on emotions and don't try to get your lost money back right away.
    • Only play on trusted and reliable platforms.
    • Monitor crash trends and forecasts to make more informed decisions.
    • Not to forget about bonuses and promotions that can increase the winning amount.
    • Don't change your strategy too often so you don't get confused or lost in your actions.
    • Don't play on too high odds that can lead to big losses.
    • Not to forget about the betting limits and restrictions that are set on the platform.
    • Don't forget the possibility of losing money.

    Free demo version of the game Limbo Cat

    For those who want to get a feel for the game without risking real money, various casinos offer the Limbo Cat crypto game for free. Take this opportunity to practice and familiarize yourself with the gameplay before heading into the exciting multiplayer mode. The unconventional story adds a twist to the gameplay, making Limbo Cat stand out from the crowd of crash games. Playing for free follows the same rules.

    In the demo, you will have to collect multipliers and dodge mines. The mission of the charming tank driver is to collect valuable multipliers while traveling through the dangerous zone.

    Play Limbo Cat Demo

    In the Limbo Cat demo skills will be put to the test as players try to avoid dangerous obstacles and continue their quest for big wins. The demo still features the same exciting visuals and smooth animations. Play Limbo Cat for free in the test version at many online casinos. This is a great way to learn the game before investing your own money. Even in the demo, you need to place bets. The minimum varies, but usually ranges from 0.01 to 0.25 per spin. The maximum is 500 coins or more, depending on the version the gambler is playing.

    The theoretical return to player (RTP) for Limbo Cat is 94,20%. This means that for every 100 coins bet, the game will pay out an average of 94.20 in winnings.

    Limbo Cat mobile app

    As an app, the slot allows players to access their favorite process on the go. The utility provides optimized controls and graphics for iOS and Android devices. In addition, you can download the apk for free, so you can start playing right away. Installation is only from casino websites. OS stores do not offer this slot for download. With its intuitive interface and exciting bonuses, this app will be the perfect companion for any avid player.

    Play Limbo Cat app

    How do I download the Limbo Cat game?

    Limbo Cat can be downloaded, either from the operator or together with the game catalog of the casino that the slot offers. Download algorithm:

    • Open the operator's or casino's website.
    • Select a game category or enter the name Limbo Cat in the search box.
    • Find it and click on "Download".
    • Wait for the file download to complete.
    • Open it and follow the installation instructions.
    • After launch the game and start betting.

    Limbo Cat Predictor

    The slot has substantial wins and a hidden jackpot. In the main game you can win up to 10,000x, which is a significant amount. However, the real kush lies in one of the boxes on the track. It is important to keep an eye on the total amount displayed at the top of the screen, as it signifies the accumulation of the progressive jackpot.

    Limbo Cat Predictor

    Limbo Cat Predictor is a prediction program that allows you to analyze the previous rounds of the game and give a possible outcome of the next round. To use the application, you need to select the slot that the gambler is going to open and enter the number of the previous move. After that, the utility will analyze the data and issue a prediction. Users note that the predictions Limbo Cat Predictor really help to increase the chances of winning.

    Integrity and Legality of Play Limbo Cat

    Limbo is a game with ultra-high variance and an extremely wide range of possible outcomes between bets. And that's something to keep in mind when it comes to betting. Especially when you consider your personal gambling budget and intentions for long-term strategy. The lowest multiplier and therefore the one with the best odds is 1.01x. This will give 98% a 98% chance of winning.

    The profit on such winnings is duly adjusted according to the high odds. However, if the gambler bets a significant number of bitcoins, even this small profit can be huge. The highest multiplier with the lowest probability of winning is 1000000x.

    Play Limbo Cat casino

    There are no betting limits in the slot, so there is no maximum prize limit in Limbo. This potential for winnings is the big attraction of this slot, which is why so many crypto gamblers have become its admirers. Limbo Cat is a fair game, as it uses a random number generator (RNG) to determine the results. This ensures that every player has an equal chance of winning and the results are completely random.

    Player reviews of Limbo Cat


    I am happy with the fact that the slot allows me to make minimum bets of 1€. It is very convenient and I play without big risks.


    I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that I could play the demo version and even make my own strategy. It helped me to understand the game better and improve my skills.


    I really liked the fun theme and the addictive mode. I spent a few hours playing the slot and didn't notice how the time flew by.


    I appreciate the convenience of playing crypto and quick withdrawal of winnings. This allows me to receive my prize money quickly and continue playing without delays.


    I am pleasantly surprised by the out of the box approach to the crash theme. I've already taken out more than I put in and it's very satisfying.


    I really liked the clear gameplay and the ability to get crypto to my wallet quickly. This makes the game even more interesting for me.


    It may seem easy to win at Limbo Cat, but it really isn't. The RTP is 95% and this is a high volatility game. The explosive game mechanics can make winning very difficult and above all, nerve-wracking. Still, Limbo Cat is an exciting multiplayer lottery game that has won the hearts of many. Those looking for an unconventional crash adventure in online gambling should definitely give Onlyplay's Limbo Cat a try. Although this is not a traditional slot, you will also get to use bonus funds from the casino for betting here.

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