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  • high RTP;
  • simple rules and interface;
  • demonstrable integrity;
  • access to information about other players' bets.
  • high volatility;
  • no bonus features.

The slot machine has crash mechanics, a simple and clear interface, as well as a classic design. Users will have to place bets and wait for a convenient moment to take their money. If the player is late and there is a crash, the bet will be lost.

$100 Free Bet Welcome Bonus
4.5 rating

The Crash game from Duelbits Casino can be played for money and for free.

🔧 Developer Betsoft Gaming
📅 Year of manufacture 2022
💎 RTP 95%
🍒 Volatility High
💰 Maximum winnings $50 000
💶 Rate range $0,01-$50 000
🔝 Maximum multiplier Not set

Duelbits Crash Mechanics Games

The playing field represents the outer space. On the screen players will see bright stars with the Moon, around which they will have to make a voyage. From the lower right corner, after pressing the "Start" button, a rocket takes off and rapidly gains altitude.

duelbits crash game

Slot machine functionality:

  • A view of past game results is available, allowing you to analyze and strategize.
  • The theoretical amount of profit actual at the current bet is displayed in the right corner of the screen.
  • The rapidly changing multiplier is shown in the center of the playing field.
  • Live bets that other users are currently making are also available for review.

In the slot there are no unnecessary elements and bright animation. Graphics is simple and concise. Nothing distracts and does not irritate the gamer during the game. To the right of the playing field is a control panel to enter settings. Here you can set the rate and enable automatic mode, adjust the sound and disable audio accompaniment.

RTP and Volatility

In the Duelbits Crash slot, the RTP reaches 95%. This figure is lower than in games with similar mechanics. However, it is still quite high for slot machines.

duelbits crash strategies

The volatility of the slot is high, which indicates the possibility of getting large sums. Significant multipliers rocket bute achieves rarely, but the prize payouts will be impressive.

$100 Free Bet Welcome Bonus
4.5 rating


Duelbits Crash has mechanics similar to other crash games.

  • Players need to enter the slot and make a bet by selecting its size. It is available to set a limit, when reaching which the game will be automatically stopped. For example, setting the multiplier value at x2, the bet will always be recalled when this value appears on the screen. In case of a win, the profit is credited to the game balance automatically.
  • As the rocket moves, the multiplier increases. It is mesmerizing and makes you forget about time. You need to stop the object in time, because at any moment it can explode and the invested money can be burned.
  • If the player manages to withdraw the bet, he will receive the winnings.

duelbits crash game how to deposit and withdraw money

The outcome in each round is random and depends on the GSC, the integrity of which is regularly checked by an independent gambling commission.

How to Play Duelbits Crash for Real Money

Find the Duelbits Crash slot machine at the Duelbits online casino of the same name.

$100 Free Bet Welcome Bonus
4.5 rating

Visitors are offered here:

  • security, confidentiality and 24/7 support;
  • simple and clear interface;
  • lucrative bonuses and tournaments;
  • large assortment of licensed slots;
  • cryptocurrency payments.

duelbits crash official website

Play in Duelbits Crash visitors can both for free and for money. To activate the slot in paid mode, it is necessary to create an account on the casino site and replenish the account. Registration is available from the age of 18. Various cryptocurrencies are available for funding the account. Money is credited instantly and without commission. Payments are safe and confidential.

Duelbits Crash Bonus

There are no symbols in the game. Additional icons in the form of Scatter and Wild are also not provided.

Play Duelbits Crash for free

To play Duelbits Crash demo you do not need to register at the casino. It is enough to log on to the site, find the desired slot in the assortment and click "demo". On the user's game account will be credited coins, which are offered to use for bets. Free play does not differ from the paid game.

$100 Free Bet Welcome Bonus
4.5 rating

Players can:

  • to customize the rate;
  • turn on automatic mode;
  • get virtual winnings or watch the rocket crash;
  • to enjoy the thrill of gambling.

duelbits crash play for free

Slot in demo mode has a number of advantages:

  • you don't have to log into your account;
  • no need to top up your account;
  • there is no risk of losing your own money;
  • you can pick a strategy and a bet.

Free play is offered 24/7 on any device.

How to win Duelbits Crash

The game has a mathematical model that can be roughly calculated. It is not possible to accurately predict the outcome, because it depends on the GSC.

multiplier probability Waiting
х1,5 45% х0,675
х2 30% х0,6
х3 15% х0,45

Thus, the higher the multiplier, the lower the chance of winning. The right bet size and timely decisions will help to influence the result. To increase the potential winnings will help strategy. Players need to find the optimal time when to withdraw their bet. It is recommended to start with the minimum multipliers, gradually increasing the withdrawal multiplier.

Play online for real money

To increase your chances of winning, it is recommended to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • pay attention to what other players are betting;
  • watch the timing - determine the average interval between crashes and raise the bet when the next crash should occur;
  • look for patterned actions in other users' bets.

duelbits crash how to win

General advice is also relevant - to follow the emotional background, adhere to bankroll management, do not give in to excitement. Famous strategies will help to increase theoretical winnings:

  1. Low Bets. You should start with a minimal investment and pick up bets at low multiplier values. The bankroll growth will be slow but sure.
  2. Martingale. After each loss you should double your bet. As a result, the winnings will return the funds and allow you to earn.
  3. Anti-Martingale. Increase in investment after winning.

However, even such well-known tactics do not guarantee success.

Duelbits crash predictor.

To increase the chance of winning will allow predictor technology. This is additional software that can be installed on your device and used for the slot. However, it should be taken into account that the casino administration prohibits the use of third-party software that increases the chances of winning. If the use of such programs is detected, the player's account can be blocked.

duelbits crash strategy

Duelbits Crash mobile app

Play Duelbits Crash can also be played on mobile devices. Activation of the slot is available in the browser. To do this, enter the adapted version of the casino and activate the machine in demo or for money. The game does not hang and does not slow down even with a weak Internet connection. The display on all screens is correct. The slot automatically adjusts to the diagonal of the display.

$100 Free Bet Welcome Bonus
4.5 rating

The slot machine is also available to play in the mobile application. You can not download it separately to your device, but you can download it together with the casino program. Advantages of the simulator in the application:

  • you can activate the slot in demo mode without internet;
  • no access problems;
  • the device is always in your pocket.


Duelbits Crash slot machine is a simple, lucrative and fun game that has great winning potential. Players love the feeling that they can influence the gameplay by determining when to stop the round. If the crash is correctly anticipated and the bet is picked up in time, users will get good winnings.

To succeed in the game you need to watch your emotions, follow a pre-selected strategy and withdraw your bet in time.


How to win at Duelbits Crash?

Each player himself chooses a strategy that will help to win more often. The simplest methodology is not to chase big multipliers. Making the minimum bets and setting the multiplier to x2, at a distance you can expect to make a profit. You also need to control your excitement and be able to stop in time. However, it should be remembered that the results of the game is determined by the GSC and you can not accurately predict the outcome.

What is the maximum winnings in the game?

The maximum you can get in the slot is $50,000 at the maximum bet.

What is the Duelbits Crash RTP?

The payoff of the slot machine is 95%, which is average for online slots.

What additional features does the Duelbits Crash game have?

The auto withdrawal feature is an option that allows you to set a multiplier at which a player's bet will be automatically withdrawn. This option saves inexperienced players from foolish decisions and gambling.

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