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Crash machines have become incredibly popular in online casinos. The Dice Duel game from Betgames stands out among other fast slots. For fans of table entertainment, the slot is made especially interesting by a special process. The exciting mode combines the element of gambling machines and dice.

The Dice Duel game has gained popularity due to its easy-to-understand gameplay and the possibility to get large sums of money in a short period of time.

How to play Dice Duel: Rules of the Game

It is a process that is played in real time through the throwing of dice. The game is customized for betting and has a wide range of outcomes. When the round starts, the player sets the bet. He has a few minutes to predict a successful outcome before the period closes. After the session closes, the dealer places two dice (one red and one blue) in the dice box, shuffles them and throws them onto the playing field. There is only one turn per bet in the game, except in special cases. A roll is valid when the dice stand evenly and clearly form a combination of two numbers. The result of a round is the combination of the two dice, determined by the color and sum of the points on the top side after they are rolled on the table. There is only one round of bets in Dice Duel, and they are placed on all available outcomes of the upcoming draw. Rounds take place every three minutes and last for about two. Predictions are available to make in Dice Duel btc. Cryptocurrency is quickly credited and withdrawn.

Graphics and Sounds

Whenever the gambler turns on Dice Duel, he will be greeted by an attractive dealer. The screen also shows the table and dice box that will be used in the process. All of this is located inside the studio of BetGames. In the background, the studio is atmospherically decorated with curtains draped on the wall and a wall clock. The latter shows different time zones on two dials on the sides of the game host. There are also two television screens that will display other games in the background. The gambling environment is set up to make the gambler feel at home whenever he or she decides to take the chance to roll the dice.

How do I start playing Dice Duel?

BetGames made sure that players can have a great time when they launch the slot. The online casino game Dice Duel is streamed with a quality video stream. There are two different camera layouts in this slot, which will allow you to follow the process as it unfolds. The first angle focuses on the gaming table and the host, while the other is a close-up view of the field markings. Depending on the characteristics of the computer, the video stream is customized according to the operating system. This eliminates any downtime and interruptions when playing Dice Duel. The video stream parameters are also adjusted using the button located at the bottom of the display. Unfortunately, there are no slow motion replays, but this does not affect the enjoyment of the game.


For paid bets you need to create a profile and a deposit transaction. To run a demo Dice Duel registration is not required. But if the player counts on real winnings, it is necessary to go through this process. The algorithm is understandable even to a beginner:

  • Go to the official website, select "Registration" and fill in the blanks with information.
  • Confirm the intention to create an account by text message or link in an e-mail.
  • Log in to your profile on the website by entering your login details via the "Login" label.

Players can bet on all available outcomes of the next draw as follows after making a deposit:

  • Log in to your account at the online casino site that introduces the game.
  • Determine the outcome of the next draw from the range of available betting options.
  • Enter the amount of the prediction in the "Amount" coupon field.
  • Confirmation of the intention is a click on "Make a bid".

To play for money, you need to open an account.

How do I deposit my account?

Making a deposit is available by different methods. Each participant decides for himself - what suits him. Options are offered different and vary in each casino. A popular method now is cryptocurrency. This is due to the fact that players can remain anonymous, and transactions are performed instantly. Playing Dice Duel BTC will appeal to anyone who wants fast prize payouts. Minimum and maximum betting limits are determined by each casino and therefore may vary. It is always worth comparing sites offering the game to find one that offers exactly what suits the gambler. It is especially important to do this before placing a large bet. It is advisable to check the upper limits of each operator.

Bonuses and promotions for Dice Duel players

Dice Duel is an uncomplicated, fast-paced game with only one round of betting. Players can make predictions on all offered outcomes before the start. Betting rounds usually last about 30 seconds. Casinos offering the Dice Duel slot may also provide various bonuses and promotions to attract participants and add excitement to the gameplay. Some of these may include:

  • Welcome Bonus. Many casinos offer special incentives for new players. This can be an additional credit to the account or an increase in the first deposit. For example, a bonus for registration and at the first deposit. A special promotion implies the accrual of additional funds, which are used in Dice Duel.
  • Free Bets. In some cases, the casino will provide the player with free bets on Dice Duel. This will allow you to try the game without the risk of losing your own money. Free bets are provided either as part of a promotion or as part of a loyalty program for regular players.
  • Cashback. Gambling sites offer cashback programs in Dice Duel. The process consists in returning to the player a part of the lost bets. In essence, it is a compensation for lost investments. Cashback can be provided either weekly or on another schedule depending on the casino. The percentages for the return are boosted with the help of promo codes.
  • Tournaments and leaderboards. Casinos organize regular Dice Duel tournaments or leaderboards where players compete for high places and prizes. This is a great way not only to get additional bonuses, but also to feel the excitement of competition with other players.

Each casino has its own rules and conditions for receiving and using bonuses. Before activation, it is recommended to carefully familiarize yourself with the rules and wagering requirements in order to properly use the funds received. It is important to play responsibly, set maximum limits for your bets and enjoy the process of playing.

Where to play Dice Duel for real money

The betting options offered by casinos on craps are as follows:

  • Combinations - a predetermined set of sequences will appear after a roll. Suggested combination bets include predicting whether at least one pair with the same denomination will appear or all will be different.
  • Total sum - the total number of each of the five denominations is greater or less than a predetermined value. For example, a bet is made that the total amount will be less than 17.5.
  • Odd/Even - distribution of odd/even denominations of a throw. For example, to predict, whether there will be more dice with paired numbers, or vice versa.
  • Express bets - pairs of numbers are selected that will fall out.

Before deciding which prediction to bet on, it is recommended to choose a reliable site for this. The selection parameters are different for each participant, so you should explore the possibilities of the casino that offers Dice Duel.

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How to win the game Dice Duel

In Betgames Dice, the host rolls a set of 2 standard 6-dot dice every minute, one each of red and blue. The speed of the round is high, and gamblers bet on multiple draws in just a few seconds. This is one of the advantages of the new dice game.

Players place bets on outcomes, such as which dice have a higher number, or that dice of a certain color will have a specified number of dots on them after a roll. This slot variant offers a wide range of prediction options. And the betting methods involve different approaches.

Most Effective Strategies Dice Duel

The game is based purely on luck. There is one red and one blue dice with sides numbered from 1 to 6. The dealer puts both dice in a box, shuffles them and then rolls them onto the table. Combinations with a higher number win, but it is possible to bet on different outcomes. There are few Dice Duel Betgames strategies, but they are all based on logical analysis of what is happening at the table:

  1. Keep track of the results of previous games. If some numbers fall out more often than others, use this information to your advantage.
  2. Do not bet all your money on one round. Split your budget into several games and distribute it gradually to reduce the risk of losing your entire bankroll.
  3. Do not trust strategies that promise guaranteed victory. All such algorithms are based on luck and chance, so you should not rely on the allegedly accurate result.

Tips and Tricks for Dice Duel

Players are encouraged to improve their gambling experience with such actions:

  1. Activate the "opposite choice" strategy. It consists in choosing the opposite result than the opponent chooses. For example, if the contestant indicates 6 and 3, 1 and 4 are chosen. This will increase the chances of winning.
  2. Apply the "flip" tactic. This approach is to choose numbers that often fall out at the roll of the dice. For example, the numbers 7 and 11 please gamblers more often than others. It is recommended to use this information to increase the variability of winnings.
  3. Activate "mirror choice". The strategy is to choose values that mirror the opponent's choice. For example, if the opponent has chosen 6 and 3, the bet is activated on 3 and 6. This will reduce your losses in case you lose.

Free demo version of the game Dice Duel

For those who do not want to risk their money, it is available to run the free crypto game Dice Duel. This allows players to try their hand and develop their own strategy without any financial outlay. The demo version of Dice Duel gives out credits that do not need to be wagered. In addition, if a player wants to update their demo coins, all they need to do is simply reload the slot page. This is a great opportunity to practice and develop your own strategies in the game. The Dice Duel demo version allows players to understand the mechanics and decide if they want to risk their money in a real round. For those who prefer to use cryptocurrency, it is also available to play Dice Duel for free. The game is a great way to multiply your crypto wallet funds.

Mobile App Dice Duel

BetGames has made sure that players can access the slots whenever they want to activate them. The slot runs on all available devices including cell phones, desktops and tablets. This gives the freedom to play app Dice Duel anywhere. The desktop interface after downloading and installing the apk file offers a better gaming experience as it shows a wider screen than other similar slots. Provision is made to use the mouse for control when placing bets. The mobile interface offers freedom of movement, but predictions are set using the touch function on the phone. Other elements of the game include access to other slots and pause/continue gambling round in Dice Duel.

How do I download the game Dice Duel?

To download Dice Duel, you must first find the official site or operator that provides this game. Then, the casino selects the section with the slot download, and then the only thing left to do is to follow the installation instructions. If the gambler uses an android device, it is important to know that the application can only be accessed through the casino or the official operator. This is due to the fact that Google Play does not allow the placement of gambling related utilities. Before downloading the game, it is important to make sure that a reliable provider is chosen and check the reviews of other users. You should also familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of the game to avoid misunderstandings and unexpected costs.

Dice Duel Predictor

Predictor is a prediction program that helps to improve the odds of winning the Dice Duel game from Betgames. The utility collects data from previous rounds and analyzes it to calculate the probability of a particular dice combination. The program uses complex algorithms and statistical methods to predict the results of the game. It takes into account such factors as the number of participants, dice combinations rolled in the rounds played and other parameters. To apply the results of the program, the player must first download it to his computer or mobile device. Then the data about the current round is entered, such as the number of gamblers and the combinations that have already fallen out. The program will give the probability of each possible round falling out, which will help the player decide on their bets. However, it is worth remembering that prediction programs cannot guarantee a win. There is always an element of chance that cannot be accounted for by the utility. Therefore, players should only use the results as additional information when making a decision. If the prediction program is created by a reliable developer and has positive feedback from users, then it can be trusted. But still, you should always be careful not to rely only on the forecast, and follow all the rules and recommendations of the operator.

Integrity and Legality of the Game Dice Duel

The game Dice Duel from Betgames is provably fair. The operator provides a host for verification, where each player can find out the process of falling out this or that combination of dice. In addition, all casinos presenting the slot are licensed, which guarantees the safety and reliability of all data that the gambler enters on the site. Cryptocurrency transactions are also anonymous for all players. Betgames adheres to the rule of law and complies with all regulatory requirements to ensure fair play and protect the interests of its gamblers.

Player reviews of Dice Duel

Anna. I was very pleased with the demo version of the game. I was able to try my hand at Dice Duel without spending my money. It is very convenient and helps to understand how the game works. Juliana. I really like the ability to bet in cryptocurrency and remain anonymous. It gives extra protection and confidence that my data and money are safe. Lucas. I've been playing Dice Duel for a few months now and I can say that the game is fair. I haven't noticed any suspicious behavior from the casino or other players. Everything happens according to the rules. Rafaela. The casino where I play Dice Duel is very reliable and safe. I have no worries about my money and personal data. They also provide fast support and help with any questions. Thiago. The gameplay at Dice Duel is clear and simple. I easily understood the rules and started winning prizes. In addition, the payouts are fast, which is very convenient. Isabella. I first played in the demo version of Dice Duel, and then switched to the paid mode. Thanks to my strategy, I won money immediately. It was very pleasant and motivating.


Dice is a fantastic addition to Betgames' current offerings, which also include the popular Lucky 5, 6, 7 and Lucky Wheel games. With Dice Duel, the provider offers its guests even more opportunities to make money and have an exciting time.Whether a gambler is new to the world of gambling or an experienced player, they are sure to find something of interest to them in the Betgames range. Try your luck today and join the millions of members who are already enjoying Dice Duel, available right now.

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