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  • Quick Rounds.
  • A wide range of bets to suit different players with different budgets.
  • Ability to apply forecasting software to analyze and improve strategy.
  • Double bet, which adds an element of risk and the possibility of doubling your winnings.
  • Auto mode simplifies the game, freeing you from having to press the start button every time.
  • Cons
  • The lack of bonus rounds can make the game less varied and interesting for some players.
  • The multipliers almost always don't go above 5x, which can limit potential wins.
  • Launched in 2015, publisher Smartsoft Gaming has managed to be among the top casino game providers on the market. It is a publisher of Georgian origin, known for the originality of its catalog, and it was the first to release crash mini-games that quickly became extremely popular among gamblers. Smartsoft Gaming develops slot machines with quality design and innovative features, as well as table games in original variants. The company stands out with innovative slot variants, and its XGames crash series is a perfect example.

    What is gambling Cricket X?

    Crash games are multiplying online and developers are doubling their ingenuity by offering even more original options. Such is the case with Cricket X Smartsoft Gaming, which plunges into a completely different gambling universe. The theme of sport - cricket - is highlighted here.

    cricket x crash game

    cricket x crash game

    The standard British-origin game has two teams competing with wooden bats, balls and wickets. The aim of the slot is to collect your winnings in time before a player's thrown cricket ball explodes into the atmosphere. CricketX opens with a short loading screen where players have a few seconds to place their initial bet.

    A bowler is displayed behind the timeline, he throws a cricket ball towards the wicket. And the opponent with the bat sends the ball (along with some nice sound effects) high into the stratosphere. The ball can burst instantly or after a few seconds of flight. The challenge is to guess the exact moment.

    Play Cricket X Now

    How to play Cricket X game?

    Algorithm for playing the Cricket X slot:

    • During the introductory video you need to set the prediction amount between 0.10 and 100$. Once this has been determined, the purple "Place a bet" button is pressed.
    • Once the prediction is made, the session begins. The cricket player throws a flaming red ball with the appropriate multiplier and it flies into space.
    • While the ball is floating in the air and its multiplier is increasing, it is up to the player to decide when to get his potential winnings before the explosion occurs. To do this, "Collet" is pressed;
    • It is possible to double your bets: this is an interesting feature in this game. Such action implies a double chance to maximize your winnings. To the right of the screen there is a control panel, where you can simultaneously make a double of the forecast.
    • In Cricket X it is possible to chat online with other players and find out their winnings. This game is interactive and competitive.
    • Once the player collects his winnings, a summary table will appear on the control panel and he will be able to find out what he got according to the multiplier. Next, the gambler restarts the session at will.

    Cricket X is available on mobile devices and tablets via your smartphone browser. No need to download anything.

    cricket x casino crash

    cricket x casino crash

    Game mechanics

    To start playing, you need to:

    • Choose the highest rated online casino and download CricketX.
    • Before proceeding, review the rules and betting limits. Use the button in the top right corner of the screen to access this information.
    • Set an initial bet once you have an idea of how things work.
    • The cricket ball is tossed every 15 seconds, and there are a few seconds at the start of each round to place your bet.
    • It is not possible to change your bet after the ball has flown away.
    • The multiplier value increases on the screen below the cricket ball flying into the sky.
    • Press "Collect" to reserve your bet and multiplier.
    • Unfortunately, the bet is lost if the balloon explodes before the withdrawal button is clicked, so you have to be careful.

    Players can place two separate bets at the start of each CricketX round using the controls at the bottom of the screen. Use the "+" and "-" symbols to set the prediction amount. It only takes a few seconds to predict the amount for the round.

    Play Cricket X Now

    Players have an automatic betting option, so you won't have to make a prediction every round manually. To use this feature, you need to toggle the slider in the top right corner of the amount field. Once the cricket ball is in the air, the "Bet" button will turn into "Pick up".

    cricket x how to play

    cricket x how to play

    Players can see the increase in the total amount they can win in real time. This is useful information when deciding whether to withdraw the current prize or risk it further. There is also an auto-collection feature that collects winnings without player participation when the multiplier reaches a certain amount. The minimum value here is 1.35x.

    Graphics and Sounds

    The graphics are of high quality and the animation will immerse you in the atmosphere of a cricket match. The soundtrack is catchy and fits the theme perfectly. The game is inspired by cricket, borrowing various influences from the world famous sport in its aesthetics and process. The airplane we saw in JetX is replaced by a ball flying and exploding. SmartSoft Gaming has done a fantastic job in giving the cricket theme a truly uplifting and exciting game. The developer uses cartoon style graphics, resulting in a concise design.

    Play Cricket X Now

    CricketX has a fun soundtrack and plenty of exciting sound effects to enhance the excitement. The game is definitely not inferior to the best online slots currently available in terms of visuals and smooth gambling experience.

    How do I start playing Cricket X?

    CricketX is part of SmartSoft Gaming's innovative XGames series. These arcade-style variants are closer to arcades than anything else in terms of gameplay. Nevertheless, such Cricket X online casino games are still unique.

    cricket x how it works

    how cricket x works

    Instead of spinning the reels of online slots, players place a bet at Cricket X and then tempt fate to see how high the multiplier goes up before it all comes crashing down.If you manage to cash out before CricketX explodes, the bet wins. You don't want to wait too long or the bet will disappear.

    Cricket X Registration

    The procedure in Cricket X login may vary slightly from one online casino to another providing this game. However, the general steps to create an account are usually as follows:

    • The first step is choosing a site. Make sure that the chosen casino is reliable, has good reviews and a license.
    • Open a web browser on a computer or mobile device and enter the official website address of the selected portal.
    • On the main page of the casino there is usually a link "Registration". Click on it.
    • Fill out the registration form, where you will need to provide personal information such as your e-mail address and phone number. You will also need to choose a unique name and password for your account.
    • After completing all fields, you may need to confirm your registration. This may involve clicking on a link in an e-mail or entering a code from an SMS.
    • After successful registration, log in to your new account and fund it to start playing Cricket X for real money.
    • Go to the slots section of the casino site and search for Cricket X. This game is in the crash section.

    How do I deposit my account?

    Funding an account in the game Cricket X crypto using fiat and cryptocurrency may differ depending on the casino and available payment methods. However, in general terms, the algorithm of depositing into the account is as follows:

    • Open the casino site and log in to your account using your credentials.
    • Usually there is a section "Finance", "Cashier" or similar on the casino site. Find and select this section in your personal profile.
    • In the finance section, select a payment method. It can be cryptocurrency (e.g. bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) or fiat money (e.g. bank card, e-wallet, etc.).
    • Specify the amount.
    • After filling in the required data, confirm the payment. Additional steps may be required to complete the transaction, such as entering cryptocurrency wallet details or confirming your bank card.
    • Wait for the deposit to be processed. This is usually instantaneous for cryptocurrency, but may take some time for fiat payment methods.

    Bonuses and promotions for Cricket X players

    When a player chooses an online casino where you are going to place your bets, it is wise to look at its "Promotions" page. This allows you to learn about all the bonuses offered by the platform and choose the one that offers the most interesting. Very often online casinos give a welcome bonus, sometimes quite substantial (in the form of free spins or cash), which can be used in crash games. This will increase your bankroll, maximize your winnings and spend more time with pleasure.

    cricket rules

    cricket rules

    It is important to remember to carefully read the wagering terms and conditions of these bonuses, as well as the amount of bets that must be reached in order to withdraw winnings. Bonuses are the main source of excitement when playing online slots, and players are used to these features. Promotions provide an opportunity to liven up the standard gameplay.

    Common types of online slots bonuses include:

    • free spins;
    • multiplier increase;
    • expanding Wild symbols;
    • respins;
    • random Wild symbols.

    However, gamblers may be disappointed if they expect standard bonus features when playing CricketX. The game is minimalistic in its rules. It does not have any bonus features that disrupt the rhythm of the bowler and the player with the bat.

    Play Cricket X Now

    Besides, you won't need any special rounds to win big here either. The RTP here can reach 98.8%, with a maximum win of 25,000 times the bet.

    Despite the lack of internal bonus features, players can enjoy CricketX through things like casino signup bonuses and other welcome promotions. Taking advantage of promo codes is important to maximize success with casino games like CricketX, as the gamer gets an instant cash boost. They can be used to place riskier bets.

    Where to play Cricket X for real money

    To play Cricket X for real money, it is important to choose a reliable and quality online casino. Here is what you should pay attention to when choosing one:

    • License and Reputation.
    • Safety.
    • Choice of payment methods.
    • Availability Cricket X.
    • Bonuses and promotions.
    • Customer Service.
    • Mobile Compatibility.
    • Integrity check.
    • Player Evaluation.
    • Betting limits.

    By following these recommendations, and conducting a thorough analysis, everyone will be able to find a reliable casino to play Cricket X for real money. To run paid Cricket X login to your personal profile is mandatory.

    Pin Up Casino

    Pin Up Casino provides a wide range of gambling entertainment including Cricket X. Here everyone will be able to bet for real money. The casino is licensed and has a high reputation among players.

    cricket x pin-up

    cricket x pin up

    There are a variety of payment methods, including cryptocurrencies, and bonuses for new and regular players. The support team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Pin Up Casino features the Cricket X game and other crash slots.

    Play Cricket X Now


    Parimatch is a casino with a rich selection of gambling games, including Cricket X. The company is licensed and has a long history in the gambling industry. It provides a variety of payment methods, including cryptocurrencies, as well as bonuses for new players and a loyalty program for regular customers. Parimatch also provides a high level of security and privacy


    Bc Game is a unique online casino that offers Cricket X and many other cryptocurrency gambling games. Here, registered players bet with real money and practicing in demo. The casino is known for its honesty and publicly verified results using hashes. It also provides bonuses and promotions for its players. Bc Game - A great choice for those who prefer to gamble on cryptocurrency and are looking for a unique gambling experience.

    How to win at Cricket X

    The Cricket X has interesting features to enhance your gaming experience and help you win more prizes.

    • The auto bet feature allows you to set predictions in auto mode instead of adjusting the amount at the start of each session.
    • Autopay feature. Cashout is when the gambler decides to take the winnings before the ball goes off. Auto Cashout allows you to withdraw the prize automatically. You need to determine the multiplier coefficient the player wants to stop at.
    cricket x place your bet

    cricket x bet

    Gamblers also use various strategies and adhere to known rules of gaming behavior.

    Most Effective Strategies Cricket X

    CricketX is no ordinary online slot. Players have to use a slightly different set of tools when trying to find a way to win. A winning strategy for Cricket X involves keeping a close eye on the bankroll and all the available features.

    The easiest way to increase your chances of success in the game is to learn exactly how it works. You need to read the game rules and information using the question mark button in the top right corner. This will help to understand such useful options as auto bet and auto withdrawal.

    Play Cricket X Now

    Using a basic betting strategy is also important, especially in a game with so many rounds that continuously follow one after another. Over the years, gambling tacticians have developed many betting systems. While it is impossible to develop a strategy that is guaranteed to win, many can help improve those odds.

    • The Martingale strategy is ideal for players with an unlimited bankroll, but you should stay away from it if the gambler has a limited budget. It involves doubling your bet after each losing round to get your money back immediately when you win again.
    • Betting Method Passwords. This is essentially the inverse of the Martingale strategy. Players are encouraged to double their bet after every win, rather than every loss. It is intended to take full advantage of winning streaks.
    • The D'Alambert betting system combines the above. Players increase their bets after losing and decrease them after winning. Unlike Martingale, this is done only in small portions.

    Tips and Tactics for Cricket X

    Managing your bankroll is vital to online gambling. The harsh reality is that a gambler cannot continue gambling when he has run out of money. One needs to keep an eye on how much a player is spending and how long he can afford it at this rate in a slot.

    cricket x play

    cricket x play

    Making constant large bets is risky and a sure way to go bankrupt sooner or later. Mixing up betting values is an integral part of using your bankroll wisely, as this can minimize large losses. Betting on low multipliers and using automatic withdrawals are simple ways to secure the money you have set aside for gambling.

    Play Cricket X Now

    Auto Spin is incredibly useful during CricketX, especially when two bets are used at the same time. The feature is similar to the Auto Spin features found in most online slots. But Auto Cashout is a little bit different. CricketX players can set the value of the multiplier. CricketX will withdraw the winnings once the multiplier reaches the selected number.

    Betting on low multipliers is the safest way to play CricketX. The ball rarely bursts below 1.30, so using this tactic can significantly reduce the number of losing rounds. It can be difficult to hit "Collect" in time, which is why the use of automatic withdrawals is suggested. Using the above tips will contribute to a more successful game at CricketX.

    Free demo version of the game Cricket X

    If a player does not want to start playing Cricket X for real money right away, you can play for free. The demo version allows you to play for credits without taking a dime out of your pocket.

    cricket x demo

    cricket x demo

    To do this, you need to launch a free crypto game Cricket X. The mode, very popular among beginners, allows you to practice and understand the features before playing for real money. This is the perfect time to experiment with different strategies, especially with the ability to place two bets in the same Cricket X demo round. Winnings that are accrued in the demo version are fictitious and therefore cannot be withdrawn.

    Play Cricket X Now

    To hit the jackpot, you'll have to play for real money. Practicing with the CricketX demo game is an even more effective way to learn the game. Free demo play is available at most online casinos around the world, allowing players to experience the game without having to worry about real money finances.

    Mobile App Cricket X

    Mobile gaming is currently one of the most important areas for slot machine developers. This is because gamblers play more often on Apple and Android devices than on desktop computers. SmartSoft Gaming is a new company standing at the forefront of iGaming entertainment, so it is not surprising that the CricketX app is available on all mobile gadgets.

    No need to download Cricket X, just open the browser on your device and play Cricket X app through it. There is no apk file to download The developer has developed the game with full HTML5 compatibility, providing a smooth gameplay, no different from the PC version.

    Play Cricket X on mboil Now

    Players may prefer the mobile version of the game as the touch screen makes it easier to control the various betting variables. Modern Super HD displays also enhance CricketX's graphics.

    play cricket x casino game

    How do I download the game Cricket X?

    There is no downloadable version of the Cricket X game, but you can play the slot by downloading the casino that offers the machine in its full catalog:

    • Choose a reliable online casino that provides Cricket X game and supports mobile devices.
    • Open a mobile browser such as Google Chrome, Safari, etc.
    • If the player already has an account at this casino, log in. Otherwise - register.
    • Once logged in or registered, find Cricket X in the casino directory.
    • Click to play Cricket X. In most cases, the casino will allow you to start playing immediately without the need to download. However, you may be prompted to download a small plugin if necessary.
    • Once the entire casino is loaded, launching the Cricket X game is similar to the desktop version.

    Accessibility and procedures may vary slightly depending on the specific casino and the operating system of the mobile device.

    Cricket X Predictor

    Cricket X Predictor is an application that helps players make more informed bets in the game. It is important to note that it does not guarantee 100% a win, but it does provide valuable information and analysis that can be useful in making decisions during the prediction.

    Play Now

    The Cricket X Predictor app analyzes previous rounds and results to determine trends and probabilities of certain outcomes. This allows you to make more informed decisions and take statistics into account when placing bets. While Predictor does not eliminate the element of chance in the game, it can help players improve their chances of winning. Therefore, using such tools in conjunction with your own strategy can be useful when playing Cricket X.

    Player reviews of Cricket X


    Cricket X has an amazing ability to reach huge multipliers in a matter of minutes. This game is truly an express way to excitement and winnings, and you don't need to spend a lot of time to fund your account.

    Anna Maria:

    One of the key points for me was the opportunity to try out the demo version of Cricket X first. This allowed me to learn the rules and understand how the game works before placing real bets.


    Thanks to the demo version of Cricket X, I was able to develop my own strategy. Now I play only on the plus side and enjoy every round!


    It is important to note that Cricket X guarantees the integrity of each round. This is confirmed by a hash that can be verified. So you can always be sure of fair results.


    Cricket X always brings the unexpected, and that's what makes the game so exciting. Maximum excitement and thrill is what I feel every time I hit spin.


    CricketX is an intriguing arcade-style casino game developed by SmartSoft Gaming. It utilizes the same creative gameplay mechanics as the company's other offerings. Gamblers place an initial bet before testing their luck on an increasing multiplier.

    In the case of CricketX, you have to guess the right moment to withdraw before the cricket ball flying across the screen bursts. Our experts spent hours on Cricket X and were fascinated by the game mechanics. With an RTP of almost 99%, it is one of the most profitable crash games. The Smartsoft Gaming does well, standing out from the competition with a neat theme and design.

    CricketX, part of the XGames series from SmartSoft Gaming, has a claimed RTP of 96.7-98.8 %, which is above average for slot machines. With a maximum prize multiplier of x25,000, it can bring a good profit.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Where can I play Cricket X?

    Cricket X can be played for real money on the leading online casino platforms. The name SmartSoft Gaming is less common than the other companies, so you won't be able to find it in every casino. Nevertheless, the XGames series is quickly gaining popularity. We expect to see Cricket X on many more platforms in the near future.

    Where to play Cricket X for free?

    You can play Cricket X for free in demo mode. The easiest way to access this is through the SmartSoft Gaming website. The free demo of Cricket X is the best way to learn how the game works and perhaps test game strategies.

    How does Cricket X work?

    Cricket X is an innovative crash game unlike any other. A cricket ball flies into the stratosphere every 15 seconds, and you must collect your bet before it explodes. If you succeed, you keep your bet and the amount of the added multiplier. But if you fail, you lose your investment.

    How to withdraw money from Cricket X?

    Click "Collect" to collect your winnings in each round, but you need to do so before the balloon explodes. You can use the Cricket X Auto Withdraw feature and the game will automatically cash out your winnings.

    Which Cricket X strategy is the best?

    There is no 100% winning strategy Cricket X. However, players have more success when they bet more with low multipliers, use the automatic withdrawal feature and apply a simple betting strategy.


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