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Among the many crash games, Cash Or Crash Evolution Gaming stands out in particular. It has become one of the most popular among online casino players due to its easy operation and high payout odds. In the slot, gamblers bet on how long they can stay in the process before the red ball appears. If they guess the right moment, they get a significant win.

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What is Cash Or Crash?

Although the mechanics work like traditional cash or crash slots, the layout is very different. The game consists of a live game show host, a reel filled with green and red balls, and a studio in the green room that changes themes.

cash or crash game

cash or crash game

Cash Or Crash live can last a maximum of 20 rounds. Cash Or Crash RTP attracts many players. The slot is one of the popular types in online casinos and requires a good understanding of the cryptocurrency market as well as the ability to make quick decisions.

How to play Cash Or Crash: game rules

Cash Or Crash live features a lottery machine with 28 colored balls (19 green, 1 gold and 8 red) that are drawn one each round. When a green ball is drawn, the player moves one step up the payout table. He must then decide whether to continue flying or cash out (half or all of his winnings). The game ends as soon as the red balloon appears.

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If the player pulled out a golden ball, it can protect from crashing once. Once the shield is used up by a red ball, the gambler will lose all the money he hasn't cashed out provided another one falls out. With each green ball dropped from the lottery machine, the blimp rises higher and offers larger potential payouts. Cash Or Crash tracker has 20 levels or multipliers for each round.

Level 1 pays out 1.2 times the bet, while 20 pays out up to 50,000x the prediction. The amount offered on each level of the pay table is a multiple of the original bet. To maximize the game's payout, players must reach the top of the pay table and draw a single golden ball upon reaching the top. Cash Or Crash statistics allows you to analyze the history of results.

Graphics and Sounds

Upon triggering a crash, the gamer will usually find themselves aboard an airship or rocket, which will rise and increase the multiplier for the bet. Although there are no flying objects in this slot, Evolution has made sure that players get the full gambling experience with a friendly dealer to accompany them on an unforgettable journey.

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The main attraction here is the ball dropping machine in the middle of the room. This is where the magic happens. Cash Or Crash is all about enjoying the view of the show, placing bets and socializing with other players. The background will change throughout the different game rounds, but some things will remain the same. There is a payout field, a screen that will show the odds of hitting a red or green ball, and betting options.

How do I start playing Cash Or Crash?

Playing Cash Or Crash is simple, and it all starts with registering at the casino site that offers the live slot. To get started, a bet of between 0.10 and 1,000 $ is required. Gamblers will have to use chips to select their bet and then watch as the ball machine comes to life. Within seconds, the Cash Or Crash online casino game will reveal the first ball. Depending on the color, the player must decide how to proceed.

  • Green ball - another one falls out and a multiplier is added to the winnings.
  • Red ball - the round of the game ends, a new one is not drawn and the gambler loses.
  • Golden Ball. It moves to one side and the player is protected from the next drawn red.

When green or gold appears, there are three options to choose from to determine the next step:

  • Continue - use 100% of your winnings to bet again and extend the game.
  • Take half - keep some of the winnings and bet on the other half.
  • Take All - end the game round and cash out the entire amount. If other players decide to continue, you can watch their rounds continue or quit the game.

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Cash Or Crash has a high RTP of 99.59%. Many live dealer game shows are designed with higher payouts to keep the excitement going. Due to the fact that the balls are thrown by a real person, gamblers can rest assured that the results are completely random and fair.


For Cash Or Crash Registration involves the following steps:

  • Finding and choosing a casino: it is important to choose a casino with an appropriate license, good reputation and positive reviews from other players.
  • Account registration: you need to go to its official website and find the account creation section. Here you will be offered fields to fill in the necessary information.
  • Entering personal data: it is important that all information is entered correctly, as it will be used to verify the account in the future.
  • Creating a username and password: you will need to create a unique username and a strong login combination. The data should be easy for the player to remember, but difficult enough to hack.
  • Account confirmation: this is usually done by clicking on a link that the casino sends to the email address provided during registration.

Each casino may have slight differences in the registration and deposit process, so it is recommended to carefully read the instructions provided on the website of the chosen site.

How do I deposit my account?

After successful registration, the player for Cash Or Crash can proceed to deposit into their gaming account. The casino will provide instructions on the available deposit methods such as using bank cards, e-wallets or cryptocurrency. Once deposited, the gambler can select Cash Or Crash in the games section and start placing bets. It is important to familiarize yourself with the rules and set amount limits in order to play responsibly.

Bonuses and promotions for Cash Or Crash players

Casinos offering Cash Or Crash may provide various bonuses and promotions to attract new players and encourage regular players. Before taking part in bonus programs, it is important to read the terms and conditions of each specific site. The most popular ones are described below:

  • Promo Codes. A special set of symbols can give you the opportunity to get an extra bonus credit when you deposit or an increased bet when you play Cash Or Crash.
  • Welcome bonus - an incentive in the form of extra credits or an increased deposit bonus. For example, the casino may offer to double the first deposit up to a certain amount.
  • Signup Bonus. This can be a small amount of money or free bets that the player can use in Cash Or Crash.
  • Cashback: Some casinos offer programs to refund a portion of lost cash. For example, a site may offer a cashback of 10% on the amount of Cash Or Crash lost, allowing you to fund your account with additional funds.
  • Birthday Gift. This could be bonus credit, free bets or exclusive offers that the player can use to play Cash Or Crash.

Each casino has its own rules and conditions for receiving and using bonuses. Before activation, it is recommended to carefully read the rules, including wagering requirements (wager), in order to properly use the funds received.

Where to play Cash Or Crash for real money

It is important to choose only trustworthy sites to run Cash Or Cash in a live casino. Trust and security are fundamental aspects of your choice.

Play cash or crash for real money

Below are a few key factors to consider when identifying a reliable casino to watch Cash Or Crash stream:

  • Make sure that the site has the appropriate gambling license. Licensed casinos undergo regular inspections and are tied to certain safety and security standards.
  • Make sure that the site where you decide to watch Cash Or Crash uses up-to-date data encryption technologies such as SSL. This ensures that personal information and financial transactions are protected from unauthorized access.
  • Play at casinos that offer "provably fair" games. This means that the results are determined by independent algorithms and can be checked to confirm their honesty.
  • Read reputation and reviews from other players about Cash Or Crash live stream. Internet forums and review sites can provide useful information about reliability and quality of service.

Casino Betway

One of the popular cryptocurrency casinos offering Cash Or Crash - Betway. The establishment is licensed and provides a data encryption feature, as well as t ability to verify provable honesty.

Stake Casino

This is a platform that offers over 300 live games, around 50 of which are game shows, including Cash Or Crash. There is a welcome bonus that allows you to play with welcome extra funds in the form of free chips with 10% deposit to Cash Crash Live as per the betting requirements.


Players can contribute 20$ and play with 50$. This is valid only for beginners. Other incentives are prepared for regular players. The maximum bonus for withdrawal on the site is 30$. You can play only in selected slots. Wagering x30 is required and the bonus expires within 30 days. Game shows can be wagered with a wager, including Cash Or Crash.


A great option, as the casino has a well-designed cash game page. It shows how it can be played, lists full rules, terms and conditions and more. It offers plenty of options for crash runs. Every player will feel supported in the form of bonus incentives.


A casino that accepts cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum. TrustDice has a license and provably fair games, and is renowned for its security and excellent reviews from players.

How to win in the Cash Or Crash game

There are no specific tactics for 100% winning, but you can use strategies that increase the probability of success in the game.

The most effective strategies Cash Or Crash

The Cash Or Crash Evolution Games strategies used by players are described below:

  • Martingale is based on raising the bet 2x after each failed round. The goal is to win back all the lost money and make a small profit.
  • Antimartingale is to increase the amount after each win. The goal is to increase winnings and reduce potential losses.
  • Fibonacci is a strategy based on the sequence of numbers of the mathematician of the same name. The stakes are increased after each loss.

There are other strategies: D'Alamber, Labouchere, etc. However, any methodology can be risky and does not guarantee success.

Tips and Tricks for Cash Or Crash

As with many betting games the way a player chooses to play Stat Cash Or Crash depends on their appetite for risk. The nature of this slot dictates that there will be many small wins and rare big ones. If there are more green balls than red ones, the odds are in the gambler's favor to continue playing. But it is when the player decides to cash out that the round becomes decisive.

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Below are 4 Cash Or Crash tips that you can try to apply in the process. Which one the gambler decides to use depends on his expectations and risk appetite:

  • Level 3 is the break-even point of the game because it pays out at 1/1 (EVS). By choosing "Take All" at this point, the player is guaranteed not to lose. Therefore, it is recommended to close the round soon after (perhaps at level 4) to lock in a profit.
  • Place big bets and withdraw your money after the first green ball falls out. Level 1 only pays out at odds of 1.20 (1/5). But if you make a big enough bet, it can be a major windfall.
  • If you always "take half" the money after the green ball, you need to move up 2 positions to get to zero. One strategy is to keep half of your cash in the bank in hopes of making a large profit that you can't lose.
  • There is a stage in the game where the gambler should consider himself lucky if he gets to it - round 9. If the golden ball is already received, then after 9 you can immediately withdraw the profit.

Free demo version of Cash Or Crash game

Only one betting opportunity includes Cash Or Crash demo in each round, making it much easier for those testing different tactics. It is also available to place bets at the start of the round rather than during play. You are given 20 seconds to move the chips to the bottom of the screen. Once the amount is closed, a single balloon is pulled out of the blimp. If the balloon is green, the gambler moves to the next level in the paytable. But if a red one is pulled out, the round is over, even if you play for free.

Play cash or crash for free

The longer the player does not get the scarlet ball, the more money he can win, provided he cashes out in time. Each game round ends when one of three things happens: the red ball is taken out, the gambler decides to "Take All" or he reaches the top of the pay table. The free crypto game Cash Or Crash offers to bet again and again, even if the account is zeroed out. It is enough to simply refresh the slot tab.

Cash Or Crash Mobile App

Evolution has always created games that can be enjoyed on almost any device. Whether a player wants to test the excitement on the go or relaxing at home, Cash Or Crash apk is ready to go. You will be able to download the app from a Android or iOS device. Cash Or Crash download from the casino site is also possible, but not separately from other slots.

Play cash or crash on mobile

How to download Cash Or Crash game?

Download the game will get two ways: either in the casino utility in which it is activated, or a separate program from the application store. In the first option, the full collection of games is downloaded, and the second will allow you to enjoy the crash lottery individually anywhere and anytime. Downloading an apk file from the store is similar to installing any application.

Cash Or Crash Predictor

One of the reasons why many have fallen in love with Cash Or Crash is the amazing payoff that the game offers. Cash Or Crash payouts range from 1.2x to a whopping 50,000x for the luckiest. Blimp can go up to 20 levels, which is the path to the biggest cash prizes. Of course, this happens quite rarely. However, drawing the Golden Ball during a round can significantly increase the winnings. The higher the gambler goes up, the more valuable it becomes to get it. The coefficients in the game are as follows:

  • on step 20, multipliers 18000x and 50000x;
  • 19 brings 6800x and 11000x;
  • 18 - 2900x and 4000x;
  • 17 - 1200x and 1500x;
  • 16 - 550x and 760x;
  • 15 - 310x and 360x;
  • 14 - 160x and 175x;
  • 13 - 95x and 105x;
  • 12 - 54x and 62x;
  • 11 - 33x and 36x;
  • 10 - 21.5x and 24x;
  • 9 - 15x and 16x;
  • 8 - 10x and 10.5x;
  • 7 - 7.1x and 8x;
  • 6 - 5x and 5.6x;
  • 5 - 3.5x and 4x;
  • 4 - 2.7x and 3.1x;
  • 3 - 2x and 2.2x;
  • 2 - 1.6x and 1.7x;
  • 1 - 1.2x and 1.2x.

This is one of the most lucrative games in a live casino. Entertainment-oriented releases like this one tend to sacrifice RTP value for excitement. However, it's worth noting that all payouts are capped at 500,000 $. If selecting "Continue" results in exceeding this maximum, only the "Take Half" and "Take All" options are available.

Integrity and Legality of Cash Or Crash game

Like any other game, Cash Or Crash must meet certain standards of fairness and legality. The developers follow the rules and regulations set by the industry and also comply with the laws in the country where the game will be activated. The slot is honest and fair for all players. There are no fraudulent activities or misconfigurations. It is excluded that some players have an advantage over others.

The game does not violate the rights and freedoms of gamblers. For example, there is no content here that may offend or discriminate against certain groups of people. Overall, Cash Or Crash meets all the requirements of honesty and legality so that players can enjoy it safely and with pleasure.

Player reviews of Cash Or Crash


I really enjoyed playing Cash Or Crash Live. Stunning graphics and addictive gameplay. Highly recommend to anyone who likes fast-paced shows. The girl dealers are very attractive.


I'm not usually a fan of crash games, but Cash or Crash changed my mind. The controls are smooth and intuitive, and the different types of bets make the process interesting. Definitely worth a try.


As a big fan of crash games, I was excited to try out the Crash Live. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint. The customization options are awesome and the excitement is intense. I've already won half of the investment.


Cash or Crash Live is such a fun game. The crashes are so satisfying and the bonuses give you an extra level of excitement. Also, the multiplayer mode is a blast. Highly recommended.


I've played a lot of crash games in my time, but Cash or Crash is definitely one of the best. The graphics are top notch and the gameplay is so addictive. I can't wait to see what updates they come out with.


If you are looking for an exciting yet simple game, this is the one for you. The higher up the ladder, the greater the adrenaline. And the crashes tickle your nerves.


RTP fluctuates in gambling. It can be as high as 99.59% when betting on the first win and can drop to 94.51%. The longer participants play and the higher up the multiplier ladder they climb, the lower the winning percentage. The biggest payout possible is x50,000 when a golden ball is in play and the gamer has reached the top of the 20-step ladder. This win has only happened once before, in November 2021.

The gameplay of Cash Or Crash is fast and intense, making it one of the most fun live shows. Three betting options create an interesting dynamic that gives you maximum control over your risk. You can keep playing through positive rounds, and prevent a crash at any time by serendipity.

This game has a lot in common with Aviator, but instead of placing two bets on the same round, Cash Or Crash gives you the right to hedge your predictions by cashing out half the money.

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