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  •       possibility to bet simultaneously on the flight of 1 to 5 balloons;
  •       beautiful decoration with the mesmerizing landscape of Turkish Cappadocia and colorful balloons;
  •       user-friendly interface with result tables;
  •       information about other players' bets in real time, which can help in selecting game tactics;
  •       return percentage is 97%, which is 1% above average.
  •       will not appeal to players who prefer classic machines with traditional reels and lines;
  •       lack of freespins and additional bonuses.

Colorful design, uncomplicated rules and advantageous features attract the attention of numerous gamblers. Thanks to this Cappadocia takes an honorable place in the assortment of most of the leading online casinos around the world despite the fact that it was released recently - in 2021.

The game Cappadocia works on the basis of a random number generator, so neither the casino nor the players can influence the outcomes of rounds. Gamblers can be sure in the reliability of the software, because it is connected to the integrity control system and meets all international standards.

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Cappadocia: Game Characteristics

Crash Game Cappadocia makes you realize at first sight that this is a product that has been painstakingly worked on. All details of the interface are carefully thought out, and additional features make the slot unique and even more exciting.

The principle of the game is very simple - make a bet and manage to withdraw it before the balloon bursts. But SmartSoft did not produce a typical crash game and introduced exclusive features into its functionality:

  1. From 1 to 5 bets at the same time. The player before each round can bet from 0,10 to 100 euros on 1 balloon flight as well as on 2, 3, 4 or even 5.
  2. The round starts when the player presses the "GO" button. Players of Cappadocia slot do not need to wait for the general moment of rounds start.
  3. Leaderboard. To the left of the playing field is a tournament table of other players' results. This gives visitors a pleasant feeling that they are not playing alone.

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Graphics and interface

The design of the slot Cappadocia is mesmerizing. Its high quality graphics and interesting plot came to the liking of many gamblers. Multicolored balloons taking off against the background of cliffs and endless sky, take players to the fabulous region of Turkey.

The interface of the slot is convenient and understandable even to new players. At the bottom of the playing field is a panel with 5 multi-colored balls on the flight of each of which you can set the bet. Click on the preferred ball and adjust the amount of investment with the "+" and "-" buttons. There you can also set Autoplay and Autoplay for each ball individually. But if you want to play manually, then press the "GO" button for each ball you bet on. After that the button "Cash" will appear in its place.

Play Cappadocia

In the left part of the screen there are tables of statistics for 24 hours and TOP wins. And on the right side of the playing field you can watch the bets of other participants of the game. In the second tab you can view the history of your bets.

The window with the amount of balance is conveniently located at the top of the screen right in front of the player's eyes, so it is very easy to control the bankroll playing the machine Cappadocia.

In the upper right corner there is a menu button. You can use it to:

  • display the rules of the game;
  • to adjust the volume;
  • mute the sound;
  • to expand the game to full screen.

Beautiful scenery and interesting game is neatly complemented by unobtrusive sounds, which were composed and arranged by Turkish musician Eralp Ustaoglu. You will not hear any distracting music in the slot Cappadocia.

It is very easy to understand the game Cappadocia. To avoid spending money at the learning stage, it is better to play the demo version.

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RTP and Volatility

The main parameter that gamblers are interested in when choosing a slot machine is the return percentage. Speaking about Cappadocia rtp, players will not be disappointed, because it is equal to 97%, which is a whole percentage above the average. And this means that the game gives a good chance of winning to each of its visitors.

The level of risk in Cappadocia slot depends on the player himself. And this is a big advantage of all crash games. In addition to the traditional functions of fast games Cappadocia has its own features. The slot allows you to set the pace of the game and its volatility thanks to the features:

  • start a round when you want to, rather than waiting for the time report back;
  • play from 1 to 5 balls at a time;
  • to withdraw the bet at any time.

If you are not afraid to take risks and claim a big win, you can tickle your nerves and do not withdraw your bet until the ball is high enough in your opinion. If you're lucky and it doesn't burst before then, you'll earn an impressive sum. But if you prefer not to take risks, then you should withdraw money at low multipliers, which will bring a minimal but stable income.

Play Cappadocia Now

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How to Play Cappadocia at an online casino

The most important task of every player who wants to play Cappadocia slot for real money is to find a reliable and interesting online casino. Do not stop your choice on the first casino that has Cappadocia in its library. Study carefully:

  • documents on the basis of which the gambling activity is conducted, i.e. the presence of a license;
  • reputation among users;
  • incentive policy and loyalty program, if any;
  • payment systems through which financial transactions are carried out;
  • customer service.

To play Cappadocia for money brought true pleasure and fair winnings, do not be negligent in choosing a casino, because you will need to go through the registration procedure in it. This means that you will share your personal data and account or e-wallet details. Only a reliable casino guarantees the safety of personal information and ensures its safe storage.

No bonus
3.5 rating
100% up to $700
1 game
3.5 rating
100% up to €800 + 100 free spins
3.8 rating
100% up to €800
4.0 rating
100% up to €300
5.0 rating
100% up to 500 euros
4.5 rating
+100% bonus from 40 zlt
4.5 rating
225% up to €3,000 + 225 free spins
4.3 rating
20% cashback up to 25000 USDT
5.0 rating
100% up to €200
4.5 rating

So, to play Cappadocia for money you need to:

  • to find a reliable gaming platform;
  • register to create an account and game account with it;
  • to make a deposit;
  • find crash game Cappadocia in the list of casino gambling activities;
  • bid on one or more balloons;
  • to start the round.

If you are getting acquainted with the slot machine Cappadocia for the first time, play a few rounds in the demo mode. This is a great opportunity to gain gaming experience without spending your personal funds.

Play Cappadocia in casino

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Cappadocia Bonus

Slot Cappadocia offers its visitors to make several bets at once, which can be safely called a bonus. The ability to simultaneously set up to 5 bets, significantly increases the chances of winning and favorably distinguishes the crash game from the number of similar slots.

Play Cappadocia for free

You can go to the beautiful Cappadocia without real bets. To do this, you should play Cappadocia demo. Demo version will give you not only an exciting pastime, but also many other opportunities. These include:

  • free casino play is allowed without registration;
  • checking volatility before you start playing for money;
  • mastering the principles of the game without losing personal funds;
  • check the operation of existing functions in the slot;
  • testing possible strategies and selecting appropriate tactics;
  • analyzing the bids of other participants;
  • to play for free with no time limit.

The demo version of the crash game Cappadocia does not differ in its functionality and interface from the main game, so you will get a full gaming experience. The only, but very significant difference is that you will not have a chance to get real winnings, which means that the full range of emotions and azaar demo mode will not bring either. Therefore, use the trial version to study the subtleties of the slot and move on to playing Cappadocia for real money. Do not deprive yourself of the chance to become richer.

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How to win at Cappadocia

Crash Game Cappadocia is designed using a random number generator and therefore no one can predict or influence the outcome of the rounds. This means that you can rely solely on luck. One of the advantages of crash games is that you can use strategy to increase the likelihood of winning regularly or to score a rare but big win.

The Cappadocia slot features 2 of the most obvious gaming tactics:

  1. The high risk strategy is for those who love thrills. Withdrawal of bets is carried out on high multipliers. Thus, sooner or later you may get lucky in a big way. But you should be prepared for frequent losses.
  2. Tactics of minimal risk. For those who are not ready to take risks or those who do not have a large bankroll. The goal is to withdraw the bet on low values of multipliers. Winnings will not be grandiose, but it will allow you to stay in the plus.

Play Cappadocia

Experienced gamblers also often use the popular Martingale strategy, where it is necessary to double the bet after each loss and return it to the original size after winning. Another technique is the Antimartingale betting strategy. Its essence is the opposite of the previous tactic - to increase the bet after a winning round and reduce it after a loss. Auto-play and auto-win functions can help you customize the game parameters using any strategy you like.

We remind you that Cappadocia slot is a game of chance. No strategies and rules do not guarantee 100% success. Therefore, you need to be prepared to lose and be able to control your bankroll.

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Game Cappadocia application

Since Cappadocia is a young slot, its developers took into account the needs of modern players and created it based on HTML5 technology. This allows you to enjoy the gameplay on the go, using almost any mobile device with operating systems Android or iOS.

You will not need to download any special software. The game loads perfectly in all browsers, so you will only need a stable internet connection to enter it from your mobile device. When choosing an online casino to play Cappadocia for money, make sure that it adapts well to work on small screens.


Crash game Cappadocia from the reputable software provider Smartsoft Gaming is worthy of attention of both experienced gamblers and beginners. Its impressive design and simple rules will give you the opportunity to enjoy the gameplay and if you are lucky, get a substantial reward.

This slot has significant differences from traditional crash games that make it even more exciting and profitable. The game concept of Cappadocia offers a great customized experience that allows you to play with five balloons at the same time. If you are a gambler who loves beautiful slot machines with good chances of winning, you should definitely play Cappadocia.


How do you win at Cappadocia?

Successful or not the outcome of the round in the slot Cappadocia, depends on the random number generator. But in Cappadocia, as well as in other crash games value has a strategy, which if properly applied can significantly increase the chances of winning.

What is the maximum winnings in the game?

The maximum potential prize in the Cappadocia game is 5000 times the bet.

What is the Cappadocia RTP?

The Cappadocia slot has a return percentage above the industry average of 97.00%.

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