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  • a $100,000 jackpot;
  • bonus features;
  • 50 fixed paylines and a wide range of bets;
  • RTP is above average.
  • not the simple rules of the bonus game;
  • High volatility is best suited for high rollers or more experienced players.

Founded in 2010, Push Gaming has built a reputation as a leading developer of high-volatility slot machines. Slots are packed with exciting features and mechanics, as well as unique opportunities for big wins. Their portfolio includes popular games such as Razor Shark, Jammin' Jars and Big Bamboo.

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Many online casinos have Push Gaming games available. To play Big Bamboo for free or for real money, you need to find a licensed casino that provides access to the slot.

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Big Bamboo slot: Characteristics

Jackpot 50000х
Volatility High
RTP 96,13%
Software provider Push Gaming
Theme Animals
Paylines 50
Minimum rate 0.1 dollar.
Maximum rate 100 dollars.

The Big Bamboo slot machine from Push Gaming is an exciting game with five reels and 50 lines populated by a variety of characters such as birds, monkeys and pandas.

Here players have the opportunity to win an impressive prize of 50,000 times the bet. This is possible thanks to innovative game features. Bamboo symbols transform into other symbols and golden symbols trigger unique features such as multipliers, instant prizes or collecting all values on the reels.

The bonus rounds feature different variations of free spins, each accompanied by a different number of mysterious bamboo markers. The 5-reel, 6-row game grid, located in the center. It has a visually Zen-like quality with a minimalistic approach similar to the Hacksaw Gaming, a hint of the Razor Shark in functionality. Big Bamboo is available to play on all devices with a betting range of 10 cents to $100 per spin. This is a highly volatile slot.

Play a slot for money

With four feature purchase options and a risk game, the RTP can vary and the standard figure is 96.13%. Transparent return values for feature purchases help players make an informed choice. There are 50 fixed paylines and matching at least three symbols is required to create winning combinations, with the exception of the panda itself, for which two is sufficient.

big bamboo slot at the casino

Features include pandas, boars, monkeys and birds, offering high payouts of 12-150 times your bet for five symbols. Wild symbols are also present on the reels, substituting for any paid symbols, with wild combinations bringing the same winnings as the panda.

Graphics, mechanic and interface

Push Gaming combined the world of pandas and bamboo with a simple yet mysterious game design. A background rich with an abundance of bamboo stalks surrounds the reels in a light green hue. The drums, in turn, are inhabited by the various inhabitants of this forest. The background music is calm and harmonious, complemented by the sound of the animals that live in this forest. Various sound effects are activated when you achieve victories.

RTP and Volatility

Slot Big Bamboo has an RTP (Return to Player) of 96.13%, which classifies it as an average return game. This means that on average, players can expect to return 96.13% of the total amount they bet on the game. In addition to the Big Bamboo rtp, the simulator has a high volatility. This means that users can expect big winnings, but they will be less frequent. Big Bamboo with high volatility may require more stamina, but offers the chance to get an impressive amount for those who have a reserve of patience. With regular payouts and the chance for big wins, Big Bamboo appeals to beginners and experienced players alike.

Special Symbols

Impressive features can be found in the Big Bamboo online slot, which offers a number of exciting elements.

big bamboo pay table

Here are a few key features:

  • The mysterious bamboo sign is a symbol that can appear anywhere on the reels and transforms into other objects;
  • Golden Bamboo - When this feature is activated, each symbol provides a special prize: instant wins, multipliers, scatters or collector icons;
  • Instant Winnings - when this object appears, you can get winnings from 1x to 5000x your bet;
  • Multiplier symbol - it increases the value of all instant prizes and collector symbols by 2x, 3x, 5x or 10x;
  • Scatter Marker and Gamble Scatter - Activated when two symbols appear on the reel. Can either bring a symbol for free spins or leave the field empty;
  • Collector symbol - it collects the values of all instant wins and collector symbols, and removes them from the reel.

Bonus features of the Big Bamboo

The Mystery Bamboo feature offers Mystery Bamboo symbols that can appear anywhere in the base game and during the free spins. Each Mystery Bamboo feature can turn into paid tokens, wild symbols or golden bamboo symbols. The latter feature is activated when the Mystery Stack reveals its icons.

Get your bonus now

Golden Bamboo symbols will spin on the reels and unlock various prizes.

  • payouts from 1 to 5000 times your stake;
  • increasing the value of all instant symbols and the collector's sign from 2 to 10 times;
  • launching free spins and more.

The Gamble feature is only activated when the Gamble Scatter symbol stops and offers free spins as a prize. Two types of freespins are available:

  • 4 to 9;
  • 7 to 9 with 2 converted Mystery Bamboo characters.

big bamboo bonus feature

You can spin the gambling wheel during this feature and get the best type of free spins if it stops at the Free Spins Prize segment. However, if the wheel stops in the no prize segment, the user loses the opportunity to play the free spins. If you play wisely and use these features effectively, you will be able to get wins thanks to the large reels and abundance of paylines.

Buy bonus feature

Clicking on the star icon opens a special menu where players can find out how to get free spins directly from the main game for a fixed price.

big bamboo buy bonus demo

There are four bonus purchase options available in the Big Bamboo:

  • 99 times your bet: 7-9 free spins are offered for this. Its RTP is 96.94% when using the Gamble feature and 96.13% without it.
  • 179 times your bet: provides 7-9 free spins with 2 converted low symbols. This option has an RTP of 96.76% when using Gamble and 96.13% without it.
  • 608x your bet: gives 8-10 free spins with 4 converted low symbols. Its RTP is 96.71%, regardless of the Gamble feature.
  • 300x your bet: this is a mystery option that grants a random number of spins and pre-transformed symbols. It has an RTP of 96.74% when using Gamble and 96.53% without it.

How to Play Big Bamboo for Real Money

To play the Big Bamboo slot for real money, familiarize yourself with its features and capabilities:

  • use the curved white arrow button or the space bar to start spinning the reels;
  • the auto play function allows you to make 10 to 100 spins on auto mode;
  • The small arrow button, next to the total bet amount, opens different settings for your multiplier. You can bet from 0.10 to 100 dollars;
  • The star button gives you the opportunity to purchase the bonuses you need;
  • the menu switch in the lower left corner opens the pay table, settings, game information, total bet and autoplay.

It is also important to understand how wins are formed in this slot. They are formed by matching 3 or more symbols on adjacent reels from left to right on one of the 50 paylines. There are a variety of symbols in the game arsenal, including pandas, monkeys, birds and traditional card icons. One of the key features is the Mystery Bamboo symbol, which can transform into other symbols to create lucrative combinations.

Buy freespins

Players are particularly attracted to the Golden Bamboo symbol, which can unlock multipliers, immediate wins or even trigger the bonus game.

Payout table in the game Big Bamboo

Symbol 2 characters 3 characters 4 characters 5 characters
Panda х0,5 х2 х10 х150
Wild boar х0,5 х2 х20
Monkey х0,4 х1,6 х16
Bluebird х0,3 х1,2 х12
clubs, hearts, diamonds, spades. х0,1 х0,2 х0,4

Play Big Bamboo for free

Being able to test something before you buy it is very important, and luckily you can try playing Big Bambo for free. Demo mode is a great opportunity to learn the game mechanics and features without financial risks. Free play allows you to spin the reels, get prize combinations and bonus features by betting on "fun" coins instead of real money.

big bamboo demo slot play free

The demo version retains the same gameplay and features as the full version, allowing players to familiarize themselves with the game interface, symbols and bonus features. Playing Big Bamboo demo will help to realize the level of volatility and payout patterns, which can later prove useful in developing a strategy for real money play. Of course, in free mode it will be impossible to withdraw the won funds, as they are not real.

How to win at Big Bamboo

It is important to realize that there are no flawless strategies that will provide guaranteed income. There is always an element of risk in gambling, and even with unsuccessful series, financial problems can be avoided. For this purpose, it is important to comply with certain conditions:

  • Play it safe. You should not risk your entire salary or other significant sums. It is wiser to invest the money you are willing to lose without damaging your budget.
  • Do not borrow money. At this stage, it is also important to note that you are only allowed to play with your own money. Borrowing from friends, acquaintances or relatives to play online casino is strictly prohibited, as well as taking loans from banks, which can lead to a debt hole.
  • Play with a cool head. Discipline plays a key role in gambling, as well as in life in general. Any extremes can lead to failure. It is important to avoid scenarios where losing control can make things worse.

Tips and tactics

When choosing tactics, it is important to consider the balance, willingness to risk and other parameters. An interesting strategy is emulation, where combinations are formed from expensive images. Betting on the maximum values is well suited for this slot. It is recommended to determine the amount for the session, divide it by 20 and play 20 rounds, taking into account the peculiarities of the algorithm. Big Bamboo can bring significant wins, but with a low frequency.

big bamboo how to win

The game scheme involves spinning the slot with the lowest price, fixing the results of spins, determining the frequency of combinations and increasing the bets before the expected win. This tactic, although more complex, can lead to significant results in the long run.

Raising bets after a win is a riskier approach than the previous one. This method is based on observations of the behavior of the game Big Bamboo where many people notice that after a series of failures emulator gives several successful results in a row. The application of this strategy is very simple:

  • Set a minimum bet.
  • Wait for the prize spin.
  • Up the ante.
  • Start a new round.

Play Big Bamboo on mobile

Big Bamboo Slot from Push Gaming presents an opportunity to play your favorite simulation game on mobile devices. The East Asian nature theme makes this slot appealing to Android and iOS users, allowing them to enjoy the arcade anywhere via their smartphone browser.

big bamboo bonus

The adaptive interface easily adapts to mobile screens, providing easy navigation of settings and bets. The slot does not differ in functionality on tablets and phones from the PC version. To start playing on a portable gadget, players simply need to visit their preferred mobile casino and search for Big Bamboo.

Setting the bet size is simple and easy, and pressing the Spin button starts the reels. There is also an autoplay function for continuous play for a set number of spins.

Player Reviews


Quite a refreshing slot. I don't know many games about pandas and other inhabitants of South Asian forests.The theme and design are not the only exciting part of the slot. The gameplay is not typical at all - big board, win up to x50,000, FS and a gold feature with random boosters.


I had the experience of playing the Big Bamboo slot yesterday and it was quite fun. The base game offers enough bonuses to keep the player engrossed. There is also a free spins round that has several levels, and you can use the gamble option before you start it. I enjoyed the bonus features the most, and I will definitely be back to win again.


Big Bamboo impressed me. The slot is very volatile and you can easily lose about 80% of your bankroll in 150-200 spins, however then get x100 winnings without even using the free spins.


Big Bamboo looks like a game that keeps the action going despite its casual appearance. What really excites me is the high payouts, which go up to 150x in a 50 line game. This is a really solid number, however, it is naturally not easy to take this amount.


Despite its simple and minimalistic design, the Big Bamboo from Push Gaming has a vast array of features for players. The gameplay includes interesting features, modifiers, multipliers and more to ensure exciting play and potential wins up to 50,000 times your initial bet. It's important to keep in mind the high variability. Don't expect that free spins will always result in big wins. After all, Big Bamboo is a slot with a high degree of variability.


How to win in Big Bamboo slot?

To increase your chances of success in Big Bamboo slot, it is important to understand the game mechanics and features of this game. Focus on activating bonus rounds such as golden bamboo and free spins mode, as these are the ones that offer more potential for higher winnings.

Where to play Big Bamboo slot ?

You can play slot Big Bamboo at any licensed casino with a good reputation and first-class service, which offer the simulator in their assortment.

What is the maximum winnings in the game?

You can win up to 50,000 times per spin with Golden Bamboo's instant prize feature.

What is the Big Bamboo RTP?

The RTP of Big Bamboo is 96.13%. This value is higher than most other slots.

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