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  • RTP 97%, which is above average for the market;
  • allows you to utilize strategies to generate a steady income;
  • does not require any special skills from the player;
  • playing AstroBoomers with cryptocurrency, you can remain anonymous;
  • high quality graphics.
  • higher mobile device requirements than other crash games;
  • impossibility to calculate the results, as the HSC is applied.

AstroBoomers is a provably fair crash game from FunFair that is available at gaming establishments with Blockchain technology. Crypto-casinos are gaining popularity by providing a secure gaming environment and speed of financial transactions. The space theme of AstroBoomers is made with an innovative approach and the use of HTML5, which makes the game even more colorful and exciting.

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How the crash game AstroBoomers works

It is not difficult to understand the rules of AstroBoomers crash game. You need to make a bet in 15 seconds between rounds and withdraw money before the rocket explodes, and with it your bet. Each player can control the gameplay and that's the beauty of crash style slots.

astroboomers to the moon

The choice of game tactics and bet amounts are determined only by you. But no one can predict the result of the round, as AstroBoomers is based on the work of a random number generator. In AstroBoomers you can play for free in demo mode or bet with real money using cryptocurrency. Playing with digital money has its advantages:

  • platforms that are based on Blockchain do not use banking information, so the player's account is safe from hacking and malicious attacks;
  • transactions with crypto-coins are carried out without the control of any authorities;
  • Since there are no intermediaries in the transactions, the commission is much lower;
  • all crypto-transfers are anonymous, so no one will know about the amounts of your winnings, and you can do whatever you want with them.

astroboomers bet

Place your bet and start your amazing space adventure.

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How to play AstroBoomers?

The longer the rocket flight lasts, the higher your potential winnings. But along with this, the risk of losing your bet increases. Although the rules of the game seem simple, you should not relax. After all, AstroBoomers can lead to irreparable losses if you do not systematize your actions. Under the influence of emotions you can make a lot of mistakes, so in order not to empty your Bitcoin-purse, think over the tactics of the game before the set.

Game mechanics

The mechanics of the AstroBoomers are simple and fun. Between rounds you have 15 seconds to set bets. At the bottom of the game screen there is a betting panel. You can make no more than 3 bets at a time. For each of them should specify the amount, which will be considered for setting the bet. When the rocket takes off you will observe the growth of the multiplier. Withdraw your bets when you see fit. The main thing is to do it before the rocket crashes.

astroboomers slot

Graphics and Sounds

Most crash games have quite simple graphics, which cannot be said about AstroBoomers. Its developers made an effort and made a colorful cartoon picture. While you are betting, there is a countdown to the takeoff of the rocket, in which the astronauts land. Next, you will watch the flight of the rocket in outer space, where many meteorites fly towards it. The result of each flight is the same - the rocket explodes, which is accompanied by the corresponding sound effect.

AstroBoomers Registration

The first thing you need to do after choosing a platform to play at AstroBoomers is to register to create a gaming profile. Cryptocurrency establishments make this process much easier and faster than fiat casinos. You won't need to provide any sensitive personal information about yourself, such as your real name or address.

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In fact, you can register an account at most crypto establishments anonymously. All you will need to do is:

  • go to the official bitcoin casino website;
  • press the "Register" button;
  • enter your e-mail address and password;
  • to confirm your intent.

To get access to all casino features you need to create a gaming wallet and make your first deposit.

astroboomers crash

How do I deposit my account?

To fund your gaming account with bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency, you need to create an e-wallet to store your digital money. Then buy crypto so that the Blockchain wallet will have a positive balance. After that, all you have to do is to make a deposit to your gaming account. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • log in to your online casino account;
  • open the "Deposit" or "Cash" section;
  • choose a suitable currency from the list offered by the site;
  • specify the amount of replenishment;
  • get a special address to make a deposit;
  • send the required amount to a special address.

The deposit will arrive on the game balance instantly, so you can immediately break into the exciting space world of AstroBoomers crypto.

Bonuses and promotions for AstroBoomers players

The mechanics of AstroBoomers does not involve providing any bonuses, but if your gaming platform has a good incentive system, you will not be left without gifts. When choosing a crypto casino to play AstroBoomers, carefully study its bonus program and its terms and conditions.

astroboomers game information

Almost every gaming platform tries to attract new players and offers a generous welcome bonus. Except that the wagering conditions are different and this should be emphasized. More and more casinos provide a bonus for registration. This is always a plus when choosing a resource, because bonuses can be spent on playing Astro Boomers, and this will increase your chances of winning.

Claim your bonus

In order not to rush from casino to casino, in search of favorable offers, immediately stop at the resource that involves the use of promo codes. Thus, being a regular player of one institution you are guaranteed to be able to get free rounds or bonus funds.

Where to find the game AstroBoomers for real money

If you look at the list of the most reliable crypto casinos, you will see that almost every one of them has a AstroBoomers casino game in their library. You only have to choose which platform suits you best.

astroboomers rebet

To start playing AstroBoomers for real money you need to:

  • Create an account on the selected site;
  • to create an e-wallet;
  • to replenish the game account;
  • to find AstroBoomers in the Crash Games catalog;
  • to place a bet before the start of a new round;
  • to enjoy a flight into space.

Just don't forget that the main task of the game is to manage to withdraw funds before the rocket explodes.

How to win money in AstroBoomers

The undoubted advantage of crash games is the ability to choose your own risk level for game play. There are many variants of game tactics that can be applied in AstroBoomers. Here are a few of them:

  • to rely on luck and gut feeling;
  • withdraw the bet at the lowest multipliers and thus minimize the degree of risk;
  • Count on one big win to cap off a lot of lost rounds;
  • use the auto output function;
  • applying one of the proven strategies.

The most effective strategies win the game

Some of the most effective strategies include the Martingale, Reverse Martingale, Fibonacci and Dalembert systems. These tactics are based on changing the size of bets in a predetermined sequence to use winning streaks to recover all losses.

astroboomers strategy

The Martingale system involves doubling losing bets until you win, after which the bet is returned to its original size and everything starts again.

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The reverse Martingale strategy is to double the bets when winning and reduce the bets when losing. The Fibonacci system is considered one of the safest gambling strategies. It is based on a sequence that begins with 1 and continues by adding the last two numbers. The following numerical series is obtained: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 21, 34, 55, 55, 89, 144 and so on.

The Dalembert method obliges to add one unit to the bet after each loss, and after winning to reduce the bet by one unit. The use of this strategy in AstroBoomers makes the game more organized and prevents you from making mistakes by giving in to emotions.

astroboomer how to win

Andar Bahar Tricks

Tips to follow to minimize losses:

  • set a loss limit before the start of the game session;
  • don't make high bets all at once;
  • control your bankroll;
  • play only with free personal funds;
  • learn to analyze the table of results of other participants, which is broadcast on the left side of the playing field;
  • take breaks to make more rational decisions;
  • don't try to get even.

Do not forget that AstroBoomers is an entertainment that should bring pleasure and dilute everyday life with bright emotions. Treat gambling as a source of permanent income - a big mistake, which entails only trouble.

Demo AstroBoomers 

To give you the opportunity to play for free, the crypto game AstroBoomers has a demo version. With its help you can:

  • familiarize yourself with the mechanics and rules of the game,
  • to get your hands on it;
  • Try out different strategies and choose the one that suits you personally;
  • Stay in the game even if you have an empty bankroll and play for free.

Play demo version

If you decide to play AstroBoomers demo, keep in mind that this version does not involve real winnings, so you will not be able to feel the full emotions of the game.

astroboomers play for free

Mobile application AstroBoomers

Crash Game is fully optimized for play on mobile devices, allowing you to immerse yourself in space adventures on your smartphone or tablet, wherever you are. The only requirement is a good internet connection. The game's full compatibility with mobile devices ensures smooth, uninterrupted play in excellent quality. To enjoy AstroBoomers, you do not need to download app, apk files and load the memory of your gadget. It is enough to visit the site of your chosen casino using your usual browser.

astroboomers download

If you prefer to download AstroBoomers in the form of a special application - choose a crypto-casino with developed software for gadgets with your operating system and download it directly from the official website of the gambling establishment.

How do I download the game AstroBoomers?

To be able to bet and get real winnings download AstroBoomers as part of the gaming collection of a crypto casino that has a special application. More often than not, you can do it directly from the casino's website.

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AstroBoomers Predictor

Some players try to find a way to bypass the random number generator and use touted programs Predictor. The developers of such software insist that the predictions of their brainchild are able to predict the results of rounds AstroBoomers with an accuracy of 95%.

astroboomers predictor

We do not recommend this approach to the game, because the expected result using Predictor will not bring, and you will only waste money and time on it.

Integrity and Reliability AstroBoomers

AstroBoomers is developed by the famous company FunFair, which has gained its authority in the gambling market by ensuring fair play through the use of random number generator and the use of Provably Fair technology in its products. That is, every player can easily check the randomness of the results of AstroBoomers. Otherwise, your comfort depends on the chosen gaming resource and its security system.

Player reviews of AstroBoomers

Gustavo Sauzo

I have long enjoyed fast games, I especially like to apply different game strategies each time. I find it interesting to see how they work out. Especially because I get income from it. I've also developed some of my own techniques. So it's not just a toy, but also training for the brain and self-control.

Arthur Costa

I'm absolutely not allowed to play games like that! They're too addictive for me. And AstroBoomers is also very coolly designed, and 3 bets gives you to make. That's very cool! In short, I sit in it for half a day, or even more. But at the same time I have a constant addition to the account. Not big, but still)

Daniel de Lima

If this is your first time going to play a crash game, make sure you start with AstroBoomers! You can get a great experience here. And you won't want to change it for any other game again.

Marcia Nunez

Personally, I got hooked on AstroBoomers because of the cool graphics. I really liked the design of the game, that's why I opted for it. Otherwise, it's just an ordinary crash game.

Falipe Diaz

I've replayed many crash games and I can safely say that AstroBoomers is one of my favorites. I spend almost all my bonuses on it, but it's worth it).


AstroBoomers is an exciting crypto-casino game with high winning potential. Understanding its mechanics, applying competent strategies, bankroll management and responsible play will help you get regular profits. Stay calm, bet consciously and enjoy the thrill of the rocket!


How many bets can be placed at the same time?

AstroBoomers allows 3 bets per round.

Does AstroBoomers offer any bonuses?

Not unless you count the ability to make 3 bets as a bonus.

Can I play AstroBoomers on my cell phone?

Yes. Crash Game AstroBoomers utilizes HTML5 technology to maintain excellent graphics quality on mobile devices with appropriate settings.

Can the AstroBoomers be trusted?

Undoubtedly! The AstroBoomers is based on a random number generator, and its honesty is easy to prove with Provably Fair's built-in technology.

Is it possible to win at AstroBoomers?

You can. To do so, it is better to apply one of the many proven strategies.

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