Geostorm" game - full immersion in the movie of the same name

Geostorm" game - full immersion in the movie of the same name

Often, to promote a movie, they resort to launching a game of the same name. That is why the game "Geostorm" from Sticky Studios has recently appeared, which is made in the form of an interesting puzzle game that describes the main events of the film. You can download "Geostorm" on Google Play and App Store, and for free. Next, the player is immersed in a world of disasters with abnormal weather conditions on earth. Go through each new level, playing as three characters, where you will have to fight with tsunami, cold and thunderstorms.

Download Geostorm free from the AppStore.

Geostorm" game - full immersion in the movie of the same name

What the game is about

It all starts when the earth's weather control satellites have been damaged. And nature proceeds to destroy all living things with the help of climate influence. You, as the player, need to clearly calculate each step and gather information to solve the problem. Only by gathering all the pieces of the puzzle, the solution will appear. It is important that the game "Geostorm" is made with 3D graphics, so everything seems real. Other features of the game include:

  • The game as three different characters in three locations;
  • battle with tsunamis, frosts and storms;
  • realistic picture and appropriate music;
  • the application of strategy and thinking to gather information that will save humanity.

Note that new levels with other locations and characters will be released soon. But then the challenges will be in space, where you have to repair broken satellites.

How the game goes, what to do in the game at all

Before the disasters begin, we are told a backstory in which the satellites have been attacked by hackers, causing them to stop working. This leads to a loss of control over the weather, so on the first level we are transported to Dubai, where the protagonist sees a huge tsunami, but remains alive. next she has to move up through the floors, where:

  • We'll have to move the furniture around;
  • look for important items in the office;
  • to cut off the electricity;
  • collect information from the computer about infected satellites and the virus.

In subsequent levels, you have to play as two other characters in other parts of the globe. But the essence remains the same - survival, collecting items, completing tasks and repairing satellites. This will require not only persistence, but also wit and logical thinking.

Geostorm game walkthrough (video)

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