Terraria Beginner's Guide

Welcome to the world of Terraria! Everyone starts the game with a starting point. We decided to give you such a "point". Below is a little instruction on how to best start mastering the world of Terraria and what you can do after your first steps. This instruction is primarily intended for those who are absolutely unfamiliar with the games and the world of Terraria, and is going to become a pioneer of the wonderful worlds of Terraria in a matter of minutes! Download Terraria in Russian for iOS (for iPhone and iPad) and Andoid.Terraria Beginner's Guide

Creating a character and world

You start the game. After you have started the game, you must click on the "Create Character" button. The type of gender determines the character's voice and hairstyle. To change any part of your character's appearance, click on the name of that part. If you want to change the color of that part, click on the icon of that color. If you want to change the style, just click on its name. For example, if you want to change your hair style, just click on the default hair type "Hair 1".Once you have finished creating your character, it's time to start creating the world. The world is generated after you click "create world" and enter the world name.

The first steps in your new world

After completing the world creation process, you will see your character standing on the ground. The 5-10 (optional) empty cells at the top of the window are your action bar. To change this panel, click on the "..." button next to the action panel, hold your finger on the item you want to move, and then drag to the cell where you want to put the item. Over time, your backpack will fill up with lots of items. You can also toss things out of your backpack by picking them up (by selecting a cell) and dragging them outside of the action bar in the game. Another way to toss things is to simply move them out of the backpack into an unoccupied space. At the beginning you appear with a copper blade, a copper pickaxe, and a copper axe. The pickaxe is used to mine earth, stone, and other minerals. The axe can be used to cut down trees and thus obtain a useful resource from them - wood. The sword can be used to defend against monsters such as slugs, although the pickaxe and axe also deal damage to enemies.Once you have your action bar figured out, you can move on to stumping trees. Wood is the main universal resource in the game, and you'll need it at any time and at any stage of the game. If you want to know some information about the game, you can turn to the guide, who gives useful tips (in English), if you approach him, click on him, and in the pop-up window click "help". He is a NPC, and you can always find a couple of useful tips for newcomers.terraria-2

Your First Home

So, when you have chopped enough wood, it's time to build yourself a fortress - or a summer house, as you prefer. For a small room 100 pieces of wood will be enough. The first thing we will have to do is to create/clean up a small area of land to build on. Using a pickaxe, remove excess blocks around you, creating a level horizontal surface - a place for the "foundation" of our house. Then you will need to choose the type of block from which you will build your dwelling, and place it on the action panel. Blocks should be placed in close proximity to other blocks to form complete walls, ceiling and floor.After you complete the construction, the next action on the plan is to create a workbench, so that we can make new items on it. We will need 10 pieces of wood for it. Open the inventory, and click on the button with the image of the workbench. It displays all the recipes we have learned so far. Select the workbench and click the "craft" button in the pop-up window. To install the workbench, select it and click on the floor of your dwelling. It will need a free area of 2x2 blocks, so make sure you have enough space in your house beforehand. To use it you need to stand next to the workbench and press "...", new things will be available for creation in the menu that will open (if you have enough resources for that).Another useful addition to your dwelling is a wooden door, for that we need 6 pieces of wood. The door provides easy access in and out of your new home. Friendly non-controlled characters can open it, while enemies can't (except for that "beautiful" moment when the "Blood Moon" or "Goblin Invasion" comes and monsters start their attack). The door requires an empty doorway 3 blocks high (the same height as your character). You can open/close the door by clicking on it.To protect your nest from uninvited guests, you need to put background walls. Without them, monsters will appear quietly inside your house. To create walls, go to our workbench and make a wooden or stone wall, then move the created wall to your action panel and click on the free space, having previously selected a wall in the panel. Remember that walls can only lay down on empty spaces, so first remove any dirt, plants or other type of back walls with a hammer.Now you have a room - it is an area surrounded by blocks, a door and a wall. Monsters won't be able to appear inside it.Other than that, perhaps something needs to be done about the darkness, because night is an unavoidable phenomenon, the player will need lighting. Torches, chandeliers, and candles are good ways to bring light into the darkness, so you may also find a wooden sword and a wooden bow. They will help protect you from monsters that will attack you, because when you die, you will be moved to your rebirth point. You can change your rebirth point by placing a bed in the house. You will also lose half of your honestly earned money (the coins will remain lying at the place of your death, you can pick them up). You can get money from monsters you kill, vases or chests you smash. You need it to buy various items from the merchant and other friendly non-controllable characters.

Home defense

Home sweet home, now that we have it, it's time to think about protecting it. We set in motion a plan to annihilate slugs, zombies and demon eyes (trying not to touch them) hit them with your sword until their health level drops to 0. It is worth noting that the standard short sword, although it does good damage, almost does not throw the enemy and hits a short distance, so to defend against several monsters at once or attacks from the air it is not the best weapon. It's worth making a wooden sword and a wooden bow to defend against several enemies at once and attacks from a distance respectively.After killing monsters sometimes left different kinds of items. Copper or silver coins, slug gel and maybe shackles or lenses are left behind. Coins are used to buy items from the merchant and other characters.Gel is a common sticky, combustible and useful item. It's used for making torches, brewing potions, adding stickiness to glow sticks and bombs. It's better to have some supply of gel, if you have a supply of wood (also a basic necessity) you can always replenish the torches on the go. Shackles are a zombie accessory that gives +1 bonus to your armor. Quite often it has additional bonuses. Especially valuable is the extra bonus to armor.After collecting 6 lenses and finding the Altar of Demons, you can create a Suspicious Eye, allowing you to summon the Eye of Cthulhu boss (Although he is one of the weakest bosses in the game, it is not recommended to do this if your health level is below 200 units, and you do not have gold, or better equipment. Until then, it's worth saving up).

Creating a garden

Now, if you pay attention, when you cut down the forest, along with the wood you also get acorns (up to 4-5 pieces from one tree) With them you can plant more trees, so the tree will become a renewable resource.First, put the seed in the quick access panel, then find an open, turf-covered place to plant the tree in the ground. Then click on the spot where the seed will be planted and voila, the first sprout appears.The tree needs a certain amount of space on all sides in order to grow fully. This means that two seedlings in close proximity to each other will not grow. There should be at least 2 cells of free space between the seedlings.If you cannot find a suitable place to plant a tree, create one yourself! A pick, some patience and of course seeds, that's all we need (such a place can be made near your house). Remember also that the tree needs access to sunlight, no dirt in the background either. Allow some time for the planting surface to grow so that you can plant a future forest full of wood there.Your trees may be somewhat lower than the ones you cut down, but they can still grow, and while the process is going on, you can mine for stone and metal.


After we have built houses and got a couple of useful things, it's time to get some ore.There is an option to dig straight down, or find another place or cave that you think is more suitable for this case. If you've found stones that differ in color from the usual ones, then you've most likely stumbled upon ore and getting it would be a pretty good idea.Once you've collected about 15 pieces of ore, you can either explore further, or go back to your cozy lodge. If you have the right amount of stone, wood and torches, you can build an oven. Place it in a comfortable place, maybe right next to the workbench, but this time you'll need a space of 3 blocks wide and 2 blocks high. The list of available items will be updated and you can now melt the ore you found earlier into ingots, if you have enough of it. Try to melt 5 ingots of iron, then come to the workbench, with them you can make an anvil. Set it up and if you have enough wood and ingots you can forge new tools and weapons! With these you can also improve the tools/weapons you currently have (if you have the right materials). You can also make your own personal armor, but this will require more ingots, and even more to forge a complete set.Digging in the dungeon, you can find caves with water or entire underground lakes. Know that you can't use torches underwater and you can't set them up, so try not to miss jellyfish, because when they die, glow sticks fall out of them.If you jumped into the water, you'll find a strip of slowly disappearing bubbles that appeared, this is your air meter (shows how long you can still breathe underwater without affecting your health). However, if the air is almost gone, and the surface is still far away, there are special methods to combat this problem.First, you need to find a wall or make a small depression at the bottom of the reservoir (about 10 blocks).Then make a hole in the wall in a 3 block high and 1 block wide, and in the created you an opening - another 4-6 blocks high and 2 or more blocks wide. After the above steps, the water should not fill the top few blocks. There you have to go up and replenish the air supply - repeat this action as long as you like.Sometimes you will meet with wide and deep chasms. To overcome them, you can build an intermittent bridge. It requires background walls of any type, except the earth walls generated when creating the world (using created earth walls is not recommended, as they are not visible in the background of the dungeon). Walls should be placed before a block that does not touch any surface of the existing ones. To start, take any block in your hand (dirt or wood will work fine). Place the block two blocks away from the edge of the ground you are standing on (so that there is an empty space of 2 blocks between the block and the edge that you can get down into if you wish). Similarly lay out the rest of the blocks, leaving an opening of 1 block between each of them, and then gradually make a "ladder" of blocks, lining them up diagonally (you can see this method in the screenshot). This method has two serious advantages. First, you can easily put torches on the blocks you want, and they will illuminate the part below them as well. And second, no one can get to you from below.In the last image you can notice the clock in the upper left corner is a copper clock that you can create by the table and chair. Extra health (maximum supply) can be replenished with special hearts, which you can find by smashing crystal hearts with your hammer. The blue star is a mana indicator. You can increase your mana supply by using mana crystals, which can be created from 10 stars that fall at night.Once you've created a good set of armor (silver or gold), you can move on to talking about boss battles. Good luck! Source: Terraria-ru.gamepedia.com

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