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Today's children are not like we were. For them, the iPhone and iPad are a part of life, just as we, at one time, had a "sword stick" to fight nettles or a poker. And of course the developers of mobile games and applications could not avoid this segment. Mobile applications for children are a developing segment of the market, which is far from being fully disclosed, but is constantly growing.

Apps for children help children learn about the world and develop. In these apps, they can make new friends, draw, create, and train some trivial skills, including motor skills and attention.

With the advent of AR, apps for children began to take on slightly different forms. Virtual friends have appeared. And I am sure that this is just the beginning. It will be even more interesting when the visual and real worlds will be so close that there will be practically no boundaries. The movie and the book of the same name "First Player Standby!" come to mind immediately, and I recommend the book, by the way. It's just a world there where there are no schools and universities in the real world, and all that data has migrated to the virtual world. I'm sure that world will come pretty soon. And children's apps only accelerate the emergence of such a world.