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9 apps for learning programming 15 minutes a day

Applications for Learning Programming
They say that now learning one of the modern programming languages is equal to learning English or Chinese. Knowing one of the programming languages will give great potential in the future. Therefore, especially for those who want to learn programming on their own - a selection of the founder of WordStream, Larry Kim, who has collected 9 services - applications that can be used every day to learn programming.

Learning English with Emister

If you are tired of monotonous learning, but you want to learn English as quickly as possible without the help of teachers, then you can't think of a better app than Emister. Its peculiarity is that learning is combined with a game, and this approach will be appreciated by adults, children and even demanding...

Sololearn, a mobile app for learning programming

Sololearn, a mobile app for learning programming

"Tomorrow I'll start learning programming" - do you recognize yourself? And every time it is stopped by the fact that the process of learning programming is long, meticulous and requires concentrated attention, constant presence near a computer. That's why, more often than not, potential students who want to learn such a science as programming run out of motivation and desire...