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Do you like to read? I simply adore it. After all, books provide knowledge, increase vocabulary, improve memory, develop attention and analytical skills (critical thinking and reflection). Yes, reading has many benefits, so reading is vital. But how to do it?

Some people prefer paper books. But in today's pace of life, it is sometimes problematic to have a book with you. For example, in a traffic jam, in a queue at the hospital or on a break at work, it is not always possible to bring a paper version and read at your leisure. But the cell phone is always with you. So why not try to install app for reading books on iPhone or Android? You can open the electronic device at any time and read a couple of pages in peace.

To make it easier for you to choose which app to install, we have compiled list of the best apps for books. You can read books of any genre: fiction, historical and scientific literature, fantasy, fantasy, detectives, horror, children's, motivational books, biographies and memoirs. In short, for every taste you will find something to read.

Some ebook apps have their own library, and with the help of others you can Read books on iPhone and Android different formats (epub, fb2, mobi, pdf etc.). There are top apps for listening as well audiobooks. Each app is convenient in its own way.

To make it easier to choose which app to install, we advise you to read the reviews. Each reading app has a review, which describes its pros and cons, gives a general assessment, and has some useful tips for use, reference for app downloads. You can quickly and for free install the software you like, and then use it without the Internet. Enjoy reading!