Week 46. New iPhone games for this week

Disney: Cold Adventures - a new three-in-a-row game

Already today worldwide start the premiere of the popular animated film - Cold Heart 2, the plot of which the beloved characters Elsa, Anna, Olaf and others will once again participate together in an exciting adventure. However, in Russia the screening will take place a little later, on November 28. And while we wait for the appearance of Disney princesses on the screens of domestic (and not only) cinemas, we offer you to play a mobile game called Disney: The Cold Adventures.

The developers openly speculate on the popular title - apart from the name and the appearance of the characters there is nothing that can be connected with the Disney universe. However, there is no need to blame them here - the game in the style of "three-in-a-row" does not require more, so the presence of recognizable characters provides an influx of new users, thanks to the market of mobile games analogues too many. However, the developers realized that conceptually games from King.com are gradually ceasing to be interesting, and decided to bet on the version from Playrix - Cold Adventures is more like Homescapes and "and so on.

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In short, we help Elsa and Anna decorate Eärendell (not to be confused with Rivendell - that's a different universe, Elrond runs everything there) for the next holiday. And since it so happens that the protagonist happens to be a professional decorator, other candidates simply were not considered. Therefore, the princesses turn to us for help, in every way supporting our proposals, and we have to implement the design solutions to life. And in a very specific way - by assembling crystals in a certain sequence.

There's no point in explaining the gameplay - I assume you're familiar with what's happening on the screen one way or another. So the game gives us a couple of minutes to acclimatize and sends us into the full game - the duration of the game sessions traditionally depends on the lives recovered over time. At first, the levels are simple - we easily complete the tasks and quickly get caught up in the process. Then the tasks become objectively more difficult, we can no longer pass the game the first time, we lose health and think about putting a couple of dozen dollars on bonuses and power-ups. In terms of "involvement" the game is in full order - made, as they say, "according to the guide.

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When we complete a (successful) level, we get snowflakes, which we then spend on decorations - the princesses want a carpeted path to the palace, with beautiful flowers on the sides, and we also need to not forget the lighting. These items are given a choice of one of three, so there's not much choice. By the way, here each of the princesses has a certain skill, which she can use when she gets enough blue crystals - there are special bombs on the field, which explode the crystals in the area. Before each level we are given a task - to collect a certain number of crystals or to clear the snow. If you collect crystals in a certain sequence, they also turn into bombs:

  • 4 in a row - the bomb clears the entire row (horizontally or vertically)
  • 4 in the square - the butterfly bomb sweeps one crystal horizontally and vertically, then the butterfly destroys one target at random
  • 5 crystals in the shape of a "T" or "G" - snowflake bomb, destroys everything within a radius of one crystal
  • 5 in a row - rainbow snowflake bomb, destroys all crystals of the same color

The bombs are activated by either swiping or double clicking. The entire gameplay is based on finding these combinations to get more points.

Overall, the game is not bad, interesting alternative in the genre of "three-in-a-row", if you like these products, I recommend trying it.

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