Diablo Immortal - the most comprehensive guide to the game and characters

Diablo Immortal - Early Game and Character Guide (updated)

The game hasn't even come out yet, and we're already busy learning the game, and it's all for you, reader. In this article you'll find comprehensive information on Diablo Immortal - how-to guide, a small overview and a guide for each character. But you need to understand that these are initial guides, as the game progresses there will be a million (ok, less) variations on character development, although the basis will be about the same.

Game Guide

Battle Pass

The game features Battle Pass - It's already standard, for mobile games, to subscribe to the game. For completing tasks we get points, which fill BattlePass, and for which generously receive rewards, but if a little donation, hashrads will be even more generous. Donate or not everyone decides for himself, but in general, the game is free and does not require donation.

What will improve or accelerate the donation? It will allow faster to get and sharpen the legendary crystals, regrow stats on clothing and weapons.

Modifiers for rifts

Give legendary crystal + 3 runes (material for crafting legendary crystals) only for those who have used rift modifier. Those who did not use will fall a few resources for crafting crystals (Fading Embers). So, the one who will donate and use the modifier for rift - will be a lot of legendary crystals at the start of the game. This does not mean that they will not be for regular players, will be, but later, in the later game.

Reforge Stones for re-rolu of stats on the shofar (equipment) (appear after sharpening to +6/11/16), if all 3 stats have the same family (icon), then the shofar gets an additional bonus. In essence, the reroll is needed just to get that extra bonus. It is clear that without donation retrol attempts will be much less, respectively here or time to get, or pray to the god of random, or wagging at the tail of the vanguard.

Daily Activities

  • 12 tasks from the bulletin board, for which you get experience and sharpening materials Helliquary.
  • (optionalto save time) For one random dungeon each day is given twice as many points for the Battle Pass (3 times).

All other activities can be performed without restrictions.

Pumping 1-55


Heliquarium is a seasonal end-game PvE activity that becomes available after level 43 of a character. Each level of Heliqvarius gives bonuses to stats. You need to sharpen Heliquarian to level 10 to unlock the battle with the first boss (level 55+).

After defeating the boss additional bonuses are given (depending on the boss). Materials for sharpening are given for:

  • 4/8/12 assignments from the ad daughter
  • are redeemed for glory points in the Honor Merchant-a (purchase available only Adventurer-am)

After receiving the materials, they need to be processed in Blacksmith-е.

Important! Before you take part in the lottery and become Shadow Purchase materials for sharpening Helliquary!

The rest of the guide is still in the works.

Hyde on Barbarian

The Monk's Guide

The Magician's Guide

Demon Hunter Guide

Paladin Guide

Necromancer Guide

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