Dead Trigger 2: game description

Dead Trigger 2: The Struggle for Human Survival

Dead Trigger 2 game - zombie shooter - allows you to plunge into the dark world of war, where the survival of humanity after the zombie apocalypse is at stake. Most users call the game "the best shooter" or the best shooter for cell phones, in which you can not only participate in the world competitions, but also earn valuable prizes in the oil fields.

Download Dead Trigger 2 for free on the iPhone и on Android.

Dead Trigger 2: game description

By downloading the game Dead Trigger 2 you will plunge into a world of confrontation in times of apocalypse, where humanity is fighting on the side of more than 50 million survivors. Users can take part in long missions or short throws, but everywhere you can earn money, rewards, and improve your rating. It is worth highlighting and constant updates to the game and content, according to the wishes of users.

By entering the game, you will be able to:

  • go through the tasks in the 10 corners of the world;
  • visit 30 new places;
  • choose a set of weapons from 37 combat units;
  • participate in 60 different versions of the game;

Dead Trigger 2: game description

What else you need to know about the game Dead Trigger 2?

Let's highlight seven features of the game that distinguish it from others:

  • battle on the world arena according to the rules of gladiators, where you can receive daily prizes or money;
  • special realistic graphics, where the battle takes place in real time. So you will get into abandoned houses with children's toys, into the Amazon forests and African deserts;
  • the choice of control between touch control, joystick and MOGA;
  • the ability to play with participants around the world, just join a global network. What is unique is that the game scenario will change with each soldier's decision;
  • the choice between history and combat in additional missions;
    - Rewards only for participating in missions and real game currency for winning competitions;
    - By upgrading your shelter you can meet such characters as the Gunsmith, the Medic, the Scientist and the Smuggler. They take care of your healing and equipping;
  • the ability to fight not trivial zombies, but strong zombie bosses like Kamikaze. They are able to develop a strategy to eliminate you;
  • the ability to use unusual weapons like the hammer, motor, machete, chicken grenades, hand-to-hand combat techniques;

The only disadvantage we will highlight is the need for constant access to the Internet, but in times of high-speed Internet and 3G is not a problem. Dead Trigger 2 is a unique zombie shooter.

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