Part 4: Clash of Clans: Study the terrain carefully

Clash of Clans: Tips, Tricks and Cheats (Part 4)

We continue to share with you interesting tricks from the game that many people love Clash of Clans. So, here we go!

Carefully study the terrain

The basic strategic mechanism of combat in the game Clash of Clans consists in building as many walls around your resources as possible, as well as outside, if possible. To do this, you must carefully check for gaps in the perimeter. Be sure to make sure that the structures stand tightly together so that artillery and other defensive structures can protect as many of them as possible.clashofclans-centerIf you line up your buildings in small blocks formed from pumped up walls, this will significantly reduce enemy activity and development. Place your most powerful defensive structures as close to the center of your base as possible; remember to leave as large a buffer zone as possible with other walls and buildings to make it harder and longer for your attacking troops to reach your trophies.

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