Wonder Woman is a new hero in the Arena of Valor MOBA

Wonder Woman is a new hero in the Arena of Valor MOBA

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Wonder Woman is a new hero in the Arena of Valor MOBA

Information about the hero Wonder Woman

Class - warrior

Role - control

Survivability - at 95%, through skills restores health points

Damage - less than average

Damage skill - 70%

Difficulty - it is difficult

Wonder Woman's Skills and Skills

Passive skill

Amazon Shield

Wonder Woman attacks at close range. After two normal attacks, on the third, she attacks with her shield in the direction of the attack - a ranged attack. If it hits enemies, it restores health and slows the enemy by 50% for 1 second. If it hits an enemy hero with this shield, it restores three times more health points. A very great abiker.

Active Skills

Sword and Shield

Wonder Woman attacks with sword and shield. When activating the skill - it attacks with the shield, which reduces the speed of the enemies, and if it also hits the hero, it gets 15% to damage reduction for 3 seconds. Here you can also attack again (jerk) - it will be a sword attack, a normal attack, but if the enemy stands in the center of the sword attack, it takes double damage.

The attacks themselves look like a dash to the enemy.

The Lasso of Truth

Lasso also works in an interesting way. The mechanics are as follows. If the enemy has more health than 50%, then lassoing the enemy, Wonder Woman is attracted to him closer to the attack distance, but if the enemy has less than 50% health, the lasso draws the enemy to the hero about the same as the hook in Grakk. Naturally, it does damage and stuns the enemy for a short time.

Security bracelets

Wonder Woman stores energy, then releases it in front of her through her wristbands. Enemies in front of her take damage and stun for 1 second, but allies behind her get a shield of 600 + 12% from Wonder Woman's health points for 3 seconds. In addition, heroines get +80% to move for 1 second, and during the energy build up are almost completely immune to damage.

Tactics and tips for playing Wonder Woman

  1. Mini-controls are our everything. Skillfully use the bracelets in a herd of enemies, or in front of a single one. You can also use it to attack a turret, because this way you give protection to your allies for 3 seconds, which is sometimes enough to bring down a turret.
  2. It is very important to look and eyeball how much health the enemy has. After all, the use of the lasso depends on it. It works very well on finishing off enemies.
  3. And the first ablative Sword and Shield gives excellent mobility for the Amazon. And we're not talking about double damage and control.

Great hero, great tactics can be. Write your recommendations and tips for playing Arena of Valor as Wonder Woman in the comments. Have a great hunt!

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