What to get for Valentine's Day?

Of course, we couldn't get past such a PR theme as Valentine's Day. Thousands and millions of lovers give each other gifts (like there are no other days) and declare their love. And, of course, everything has already been given, said 100500 times, but we're going to tell you about another amazing way Give your loved ones a gift: A mobile app. You know how it is? It seems to cost $0.99 or $1.99, but it's your own money. And you look for free analogues, although you want and want the same, but our mentality does not allow to pay 25 or 50 UAH (I took into account the rate 🙂 ), - what else! I want it all and free! Give it to your beloved or loved one A dream - albeit a small one, but so desirable. And we will tell you what these gifts can be.Gifts to Him
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - the legendary GTA game for mobile devices (so far only for iPhone and iPad). 2.5 million downloads speak for themselves.
Cost: $6.99
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Workout Journal Pro. Workout Journal - If he works out, or rather, even goes to the "gym," this app is definitely for him. It allows you to keep a training log, a measurement log. Indeed, what was previously kept in a notebook is now more convenient to have on the phone.
Cost: $2.99
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Things - If your young man is constantly busy, a lot of work, tasks, he will surely be happy with such an indispensable helper. One of the best programs for GTD task management
Cost: $9.99
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VKontakte music - If he is a music lover and listens to music all the time, then such a gift would be just right. It's no secret that VK is often used exclusively as a player for listening to music, and this is just such a player. By the way, it is quite suitable for both the guy and the girl.
Cost: $9.99
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Pages, Numbers, Keynote - Apple's office applications for the iPhone. As of today, no office program does its job better than the programs released by Apple for Apple. For the girls: it's Word, Excel, Power Point analogue.

The cost of each program: $9.99
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