What to do in quarantine because of coronavirus

What to do in quarantine because of coronavirus

What to do during quarantine while the coronavirus is raging in the streets? We in the editorial office have also asked ourselves this question, and we offer you several options for how you can usefully (and, of course, with the help of your smartphone) spend this time. Here, in fact, are our suggestions:

Tracking coronavirus online

There are two options. The first is informative and illustrative, go to atwhere data on the number of infections is updated in real time. The second is to download teamwhich will help you track coronavirus information using Siri.

As a reminder, to install a command not from the Apple command gallery, you need to do the following manipulations:

If you've never run quick commands, open the Commands app, install any and use it once.

After that, go to "Settings" > "Quick Commands" > click on the slider "Untrusted Commands". After that, we have the opportunity to install any commands and scripts that were written by third-party developers.

Next, follow our link, scroll to the bottom of the list, and click "Add unreliable command. After that, run the command and wait a while - soon you will be offered to choose one of the countries (the U.S., China or another country), and then you will get the data for that country in text and pdf-format. I thought it was pretty cool.


I thought that during the quarantine period (and in Central Asian countries there will be small vacations, because the holiday Nauryz is coming) you should play either "big" games with a story and long gameplay, or cybersports (with the expectation of small earnings), or thematic (about viruses and zombies). Here is my personal "quarantine" top:

Kingdom Rush Series

Kingdom Rush Review

I play all parts from time to time, because they are really cool and I like the game a lot. In my opinion, it's the best TD for mobile devices because it has great balance, tons of variety in gameplay and beautiful graphics. The story is so-so (except for the last part when you play as the "bad guys"), and it's not the gameplay stories that make it valuable.

Monument Valley Series

Monument Valley Review

A great arcade game that needs no introduction. I also play it periodically, it's great to play, it's always like the first time. And the second part, of course, touches on the relationship of "fathers and children", and very neatly, but someone can get hooked.

Out There: Omega Edition

It's also a great game that will pull you in. We haven't written any guides on it, but apparently we'll do it in Quarantine. In a nutshell, we have to explore space, searching for fuel and supplies for our spaceship in order to survive. There are several endings in Out There, so you can set yourself a "discover each one" challenge and settle for a full exploration of the game's galaxy.

Auto Chess Mobile

Auto Chess review

Autobatler, which is the most alive. There are tournaments on it (you can keep track of here or here), you can forage for money. Well, the game itself is interesting, the gameplay takes 30-40 minutes if you're going to be in the top 3.

Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. review

Yes, we're good at black humor, too. And in general agree, the advertising campaign of this game has gone too far, we need to stop. Nevertheless, the game is fun, you can spend quite a lot of time in it, too. Because even on an average level to pass the virus is not possible for everyone and not from the first time.



So far, the coolest service for learning languages - with grades, gamification, and generally a great interface. There is no point in describing the format of the application, it's much easier to download it and try it out, since it is distributed free of charge.


You can learn something new - knitting, making crafts with your hands, or start studying stock market quotes. The latter is not very relevant yet, but sooner or later the stocks will return to their normal levels anyway.

Speaking of which, Coursera has opened up access to its courses to universities and students - you can now study for free until July 31.


An alternative version of the previous service, but only for a Russian-speaking audience. Until April 15, you can also study here for free - courses, lectures, podcasts, and everything else will be in the public domain. We can also recommend it as a responsible and high-quality service for self-study.

Have fun

Amedia Library

The world's best TV series and movie classics are available in clickable form. Download and enjoy - just in time to review "Game of Thrones" or "The Clinic. And, of course, everything is in Russian.


If you happen to want to watch a series in English, or if you want Netflix content as a matter of principle, they have an offer right now that gives you a free 30-day period for everything.


Another option - they offer to subscribe to the whole library for 14 days for 1 ruble. It's a great offer, isn't it? Just don't forget to unsubscribe on the 13th day, otherwise the card will be charged a normal amount.



Reviewing the Notion app

An ultimatum program for work that even the developers themselves probably don't know the capabilities of. This is a kind of next-generation mobile Excel, geared towards productivity. By the way, we have a guide on what you can do with it.


Work with text continues to be relevant, so I personally have found a more convenient tool for me so far. The key condition is the ability to work on different devices and cloud synchronization.


Work processes can also be organized in Notion if you organize your workspace, but there is already a ready-made solution for this. We in the editorial team sometimes use this tool ourselves, even though we spend most of our time on Telegram.



Bookmate app review

To tell the truth, I stopped looking for "the best smartphone reader" a long time ago because I found Bookmate. In general, it is the most omnivorous application, which will offer a bunch of popular books from its own library, and any text file will accept with gratitude. There are enough settings here for comfortable reading, you can not even consider other options.

Playing sports


One of the most popular programs with more than six million foods and meals in the database, as well as their combinations. Create your own recipes and bookmark your regular meals, which will make counting much easier.


In general, there is no cure-all for coronavirus, but you should take some vitamins. Or sports supplements, even if you are not actively exercising or have stopped exercising for a while. The application Medisafe will tell you when and how many pills you need to take, but first you need to set it up. I actively use it and I advise you.

By the way, we wrote about useful fitness apps, you can read by clicking.


Here's here We have prepared a great article about what applications you can and should use to listen to music online without syncing to your laptop.

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