What to do if there are stripes on the iPhone 5/5S screen

How to fix streaks on the iPhone screen

It is not uncommon for iPhone owners to encounter such a phenomenon as streaks on the screen. And the interference can be very different: white, red, or blue. They can be vertical and horizontal. The cause of their appearance are mechanical damage, moisture, overheating of the mobile device, software failures and poorly executed repair.

Software failure

To fix screen problems, you need to determine the cause of the problem. The initial diagnosis of the phone can be done by your own efforts. Streaks of different colors may appear on the iPhone screen. This depends on the type of failure.

Due to poor contact between the stub and the Lightning (connector), blue vertical stripes occur most often.

How to fix streaks on the iPhone screen

A white stripe on the screen indicates overheating or a shock to the device. If it gets too hot, the controller may disconnect from the screen module, and if it gets bumped, the capacitor from the motherboard may disconnect.

Yellow streaks are most often found after the purchase of an iPhone. These are traces of a special substance that is used to bind the display. If they occur during use, they are the result of overheating or physical impact.

The appearance of colored streaks indicates a software problem. Such problems may occur when installing applications.

In addition to vertical interference on the iPhone 5/5S, horizontal interference is quite common. They can blink, flicker, be of the same tone or multicolored. At the same time, the sensitivity of the sensor may decrease or a malfunction may occur.

How to fix streaks on the iPhone screen

Updating the software is the first thing to do when the bars appear. To do this in the system settings, go to the "Basic" section and select the item "Update". Then follow the instructions that will appear on the screen.

If there is no change and the stripes on the iPhone screen have not disappeared, then the problems are related to hardware problems.

Device drop

The appearance of stripes on the display is most often caused by dropping or bumping the mobile device. As a rule, these are white stripes arranged vertically and symmetrically.

If the display cable is loose, you can disassemble the phone yourself and insert it as far as it will go. In such a malfunction, stripes on the screen can disappear and occasionally appear, usually this happens when you touch the sensor or when the device heats up.

In addition, there are many other options, from damage to the touch screen and the flat cable to the motherboard. In this case, the inspection is more detailed. Therefore, it is better to take the iPhone to the service center, where it will be cleaned, the necessary components will be replaced and soldered.

Moisture intrusion

When interacting with water, the problems with the screen will be somewhat different, it will either turn white or not work at all. Stripes can also appear, irregular, asymmetrical and not necessarily white.

How to fix streaks on the iPhone screen

In this case, the device must be dried naturally.

Turn off the power, remove the accessories, including the safety glass, and dry the device in a draught-free place. You can use raw rice or special drying bags for this purpose. But hot air should not be used.

If there was a lot of water, you should contact a service center, because the inside of the device should be thoroughly cleaned. This will protect the motherboard from corrosion and protect the expensive microcircuits from oxidation.

The device has overheated

If white bars appear on the screen, the device may be very hot. This can cause a battery fire, module failure, chip burnout, or component failure.

The iPhone manual specifies the permissible temperature range for the iPhone. For operation it is 0-35 °C, and for storage from -20 to 45 °C. Controlling the temperature in the summertime is quite difficult, but some steps can be taken nonetheless.

There are several reasons that cause the phone to overheat:

  • Heating as a result of recharging;
  • Effects of direct sunlight;
  • Work with power-hungry applications;
  • Setting up your smartphone after purchase;
  • During the restore from backup process;
  • When analyzing data in applications.

Any one of these causes is unlikely to be the source of overheating, but a combination of several is likely.

If the operating temperature rises above the allowable temperature, the following may occur:

  1. The device stops charging;
  2. Malfunctions with the camera, flash, or Wi-Fi module;
  3. Bands appear on the display or dark background.

In this case, take immediate action: disconnect the charger, stop using navigation programs and power-consuming applications. Remove the case, turn off the device, and allow it to cool down.

To avoid overheating, it is not recommended:

  • Keep your mobile device out of direct sunlight when using apps;
  • Do not run power-intensive programs while charging;
  • In extreme heat, do not keep your smartphone in a closed car and do not use a thick case;
  • Watch the temperature of the case, let the phone cool down if it gets hot;
  • By following these simple tips, you won't see streaks on your iPhone screen caused by overheating.

Poor repair

If streaks appeared on the iPhone screen as a result of replacing the display or touch screen, the battery, or other elements, then you can draw only two conclusions:

  • Most likely not all of the failed elements have been replaced;
  • The assembly was done incorrectly and as a consequence the screen will turn blue.

In this case, you need to check the reliability of the screen loop and the correct assembly.

Problems with the display module are a big problem, which is difficult to solve on your own. Therefore, a trip to the service center is inevitable.

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