What to do if the Internet stopped working: a user manual

What to do if the Internet stopped working: a user manual

Surely every Internet user has had cases where at the most inopportune moment network access was lost. What should you do in this situation - call your ISP and call a repair team? You can fix the problem yourself.


Problem with the Wi-Fi router

If the connection is over a wireless network, you need to inspect the router:

  • Make sure that you have not forgotten to pay for the Internet. Keep in mind: some ISPs do not disconnect access to the network immediately. Datagroup provides the service on credit for three days if the customer forgot to make the payment on time. On the page https://www.datagroup.ua/kiev/b2c/internet/fiksovanij-internet you can find detailed information.
  • "Walk" through the wires that are connected to the router and check to see if the cable is loose.
  • Note the change in color of the LED indicators.
  • Restart the router. Turn off the device and turn it on after 20-30 seconds.
  • If possible, it is advisable to connect an Ethernet cable directly to your computer or laptop. If the Internet appears, the problem may lie in the changed settings of the router. In this case, you need to look for the manufacturer's instructions.

Checking the network cable

If you use an Ethernet cable to connect directly to a PC or through a network adapter, you need to go into the Windows settings (Network and Internet category). If you see a message that the network cable is not connected, you should check the continuity of the cable. If adapters are used, you should be especially careful to inspect the cable connections.


Another reason for the lack of Internet is an accident on the property. Talk to your neighbors who use the services of the same company. If there is no Internet in the whole house, call the provider's technical support and report the malfunction.

Emergency situations happen often? We advise you to choose an ISP for your home that can provide a reliable connection.

Internet is only missing in the browser

Before "sounding the alarm," it is worth checking whether messengers or torrent clients work. If so, there is no damage and the question of how to choose an Internet service provider can be postponed for the time being. In this case, the problem is in the computer itself. The most innocuous option - the user accidentally changed the settings of network connections. If not, the cause of the disappearance of the Internet could be a virus. Getting rid of it is a topic for a separate discussion.

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