Four apps you can't live without

The four most necessary and useful applications for the iPhone

Smartphone and tablet users use different apps all the time. Some from time to time, some on a daily basis. In addition to entertainment apps like Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, etc., there are a number of useful apps that the average user cannot do without. Some apps are going away, others are coming, but we want to highlight four apps that we think are the most useful.Evernote, free (Download from Google Play, Download from the App Store)1Appendix Evernote allows you to fully manage your life: interviews, business cards, and other useful information like new friends' addresses. Many users are so heavily hooked on Evernotethat they simply can't see their work process without it.Slack, for free (Download from Google Play, Download from the App Store)2Slack - is a communication application that is slowly but surely replacing email for intra-office communication. At its core Slack - is chat, but you can use the application to send messages and files directly to colleagues. It's much more efficient than email. If you want to reduce the number of emails from colleagues, convince them to use Slack.Sunrise, free of charge (Download from Google Play, Download from the App Store)3Sunrise can rightfully be called the best calendar app. It syncs with major services like Google Calendar, and it's also much lighter than other standard apps that come bundled with smartphones or computers.Microsoft Outlook, free (Download from Google Play, Download from the App Store)4New version Outlook from Microsoft was released only a couple of weeks ago, but many users have already called it the best email app. It syncs with all the major email services, including Gmail, Yahoo, and, of course, Outlook. It also syncs with Dropbox and Google Drive: it's much easier to send files that you have in the cloud.Via)

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