Champions and Challengers - Adventure Time, a game for iPhone

Champions and Challengers - Adventure Time, a game for iPhone

There are many adventure-style games out there, but few are memorable. YouGnome Studios and Cartoon Network have developed Champions and Challengers - Adventure Time for iOS and Android. Adventure Time is a fun game that is based on the popular, TV series of the same name. In it, the main characters will be participants in the strategy, in which they have to fight with each other. The user can choose any character (from villain to hero), from those characters he collected during the game and develop their own strategy and tactics, to fight with any other player in the world.

Download the game Champions and Challengers - Adventure Time for iPhone in the AppStore for free.

Champions and Challengers - Adventure Time, a game for iPhone

How to play Champions and Challengers - Adventure Time

In the game Champions and Challengers you have to help characters like Fin and Jake assemble a team, fight in a new universe. The game belongs to the tactical, takes place in real time, where you have to collect champions, improve their skills and fight on the battlefield. We are sure that you have already met similar games. The trick of this game is brand-new heroes from the old universe, their skills and the great variety of tactical moves that await you. 

Another feature of the game Champions and Challengers (Time of Adventures) consider the possibility of fighting with real players in the PvP arena, which offers new rules of the game. The main active characters of the battles:

  • Fin;
  • Jake;
  • Gum;
  • Fiona;
  • Marceline;
  • Young Billy and others.

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Tips for playing Champions and Challengers - Adventure Time

The storyline, unusual gameplay and sound accompaniment are considered the strengths of the game. Speaking of the story and the initial stages, players are offered:

  • choose the gender and the main player: Fina or Fiona;
  • go to the arena for the first battle;
  • Controls are simple - click on the character to strike, although the set of gestures and clicks for each character is different;
  • after winning, you have to roll the dice, which offer a choice of crystals or a new player;
  • If you want to get coins, you need to perform daily tasks or spin the wheel of fortune;
  • Use the money to pump up your character.

As for the real battles, they are open only after the passage of the fourth level, where you can assemble his team for the adventure.

The sound and design have no less appealing characteristics than the story:

  • The graphic design is top-notch, because the design is in the style of a cartoon;
  • The tune is simple and uncomplicated with urges to win;
  • There are no Russian prompts, and the menus are in English. Although this may change soon.

Tricks for Champions and Challengers - Adventure Time

The hampions and challengers will pass faster and more successfully if you use a few tricks:

  • immediately develop your strategy, taking into account the composition of the team and the skills of the characters;
  • Use artifacts and techniques to inflict maximum damage on your enemies;
  • To get the champion - fight in the arena, then use the skills of the leader;
  • Upgrade and upgrade your players to unlock all the skills and powerful attacks;
  • Try to get as many leaders on the team as possible.

Despite the cartoon design, simple controls and uncomplicated plot, the game champions and challengers will grab your attention for many weeks. After all, gather your team of heroes and defeat the Lord of the cubes will not be easy.

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