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  • Geographical accessibility: The online casino is available to players from a multitude of countries.
  • Multilingual interface: Supports English and Italian, making it accessible to a wide audience.
  • Variety of games
  • Wide choice of payment systems: Popular systems like PayPal, NETELLER, Skrill, etc. are available.
  • Quick withdrawal of funds: Withdrawal of funds is possible to VISA and Mastercard cards.
  • Reliable Operator: The casino is operated by the trusted company Sisal Entertainment S.p.a.
  • Cons
  • Limited geographical availability: The casino only accepts players from certain countries.
  • Only available in two languages: While English and Italian are popular, the lack of other languages may limit the casino's audience.
  • Sisal is the official brand under which various gambling games, sports betting, lotteries are offered. This casino is positively noted by users on the criteria of stability in the market, stable development, improvement of the loyalty program, impeccable security and transparency of conditions for each client. For entertainment is offered both the official site and unique software in the form of an application for smartphones, other compact digital gadgets.


    As of 2022, Sisal is part of Flutter Entertainment plc, which is the world's largest online gambling operator and whose shares are highly listed on the London Stock Exchange. This Italian casino operates not just officially, but completely legally. Certificates are issued by a regulator that has a good reputation - ADM. Every year Sisal receives a number of prizes and awards for honest and responsible activity in the gambling entertainment niche.

    Sisal Casino Online Games

    Visiting the official site for the first time, you can immediately notice how diverse assortment is offered here. Therefore, every gambler, regardless of his age, social status, financial situation and individual preferences, can enjoy the pleasure and thrill of online gambling.

    Sisal casino games

    Crash games

    Such entertainment options attract more and more experienced gamblers who regularly want variety, new sensations. The main advantages of crash games:

    • quick results;
    • simple rules of the game;
    • wide range of rates;
    • the ability to make not one, but several bets in one gaming session.

    The essence of such games at Sisal casino is that the main game element performs a movement, resulting in crashing, crashing, crashing if the player did not stop the game session. Sisal casino offers several popular crash games - Crash Party, Crash Xtreme, etc.

    Online Slots

    For the last few years, it is this category of gambling entertainment has a consistently high demand. Such high popularity is due to the following advantages:

    • the opportunity to get a very solid amount of cash prize even with a minimum bet;
    • beautiful and varied designs;
    • the largest range of models and versions;
    • extremely simple rules and conditions of the game;
    • availability of additional opportunities to increase the amount of winnings.

    To play slots online, a player just needs to start by selecting a suitable model according to the following criteria:

    • Payback percentage. In modern slot machines that are offered at online casinos, the figure usually ranges from 91 to 98%. This means that when the payoff cycle occurs, the amount of winnings is calculated from all bets of all players who ran the slot during the previous period. As a result, up to 98% of this amount of money will be given away.
    • Dispersion. This indicator determines how often and in what amount the winnings will fall out. With a low variance, the amount of winnings will fall out more often, but in a smaller amount. This is ideal for those who initially have a small amount of bankroll to increase it many times over. With a high variance you can expect to win for a long time, but the amount will be much more solid.
    • Number of lines. Modern slot machines are represented by models that can be from 1 to several hundred lines. The more of them - the higher the chances of winning. However, often the rates in games with a large number of lines will be higher. This is also worth considering, as well as the fact that the game lines are static or you can change their number even in one game session at your discretion.

    As for the design, it is difficult to define any restrictions. At the choice of gamblers in the casino Sisal offers models with classic fruit pictures, with historical, mythical, cartoon plots.

    Table games

    Among the table games, the most popular types are card games. This format of gambling entertainment is characterized by the fact that you need:

    • have a logical mind;
    • clearly study all winning combinations for a particular game;
    • to have a good memory;
    • be able to mislead your opponent, even with bad cards.

    The catalog of the official site Sisal is presented in a very interesting way. These are classic poker, baccarat, blackjack. Each model has several variants, for example, there is Texas Hold'em poker, Padugi, classic and dozens more versions. Each has its own nuances that somehow affect the size of the winnings.

    If you compare slots and card games, the second option - it is for those people who like to think, get rewarded for their professional qualities and intelligence, and not just by chance. Slot machines are attracted by the fact that here is never known the result of each next spin - it can both bring a serious prize money, and to the final loss of the entire available bankroll.

    Live Casino

    Online format, which has already become traditional for many gamblers in the last few years - the easiest way to get the expected pleasure. But there are also connoisseurs of true classics, who want to feel the closest possible atmosphere of a real casino. That is why today there is Sisal live. This format is different in that the game is not just in real time with special software. There is a professionally equipped under the casino studio, in which all processes are managed by a real dealer. What is happening is broadcast via video link. All visitors live Sisal can not only participate directly in the game, but also communicate with the dealer, each other via chat or voice.

    Bonus for players Sisal

    sisal casino bonus deposito

    The loyalty program on the official site is stated very widely. And all the conditions of the offered incentives are clearly observed, which is confirmed in the players' reviews. To date, there is an opportunity to get the following welcome bonus:

    • Up to 1305 euros. Accrued when playing slots online after the first replenishment of the deposit account and confirmation of the gambler's document.
    • Up to 55 euros. Credited to the bonus account on wagering terms when playing any games after the first deposit upon completion of registration.
    • Up to 1116 euros. You can count on such a solid amount of bonus if you plan to play poker. This incentive is presented in the format of progressive calculation of the amount.
    • Up to 215 euros. Any card games. The amount is usually credited in several stages, on a weekly basis.

    There is no no deposit bonus, but within the framework of various promotions, which are held at Sisal Casino quite often, you can get other types of incentives. For example, there is such a gift as free spins. It is applied only in slots. The number of free spins is determined by the terms of a particular promotion, so you need to familiarize yourself with them carefully.

    This can be a one-time crediting or progressive - in several stages during a certain period of time, the gambler in his personal cabinet will see the updated number of freespins for specific games. Another way to increase your chances of increasing your winnings is with a promo code. Also, many experienced gamblers use a referral code, connecting to the affiliate program of a famous casino online and spreading their unique link on thematic resources. With each replenishment of the deposit account of the referred player, the partner receives a percentage of profit.

    Sisal Promo Code

    Any of the bonuses as well as a certain amount of cash for games can be obtained if you apply Sisal promo code 2023. It is regularly updated. It is published in a special section with promotions on the official website, as well as through customer interaction channels.

    Deposit and Withdrawal Sisal

    The main currency used to play online slots, card games and other entertainment presented at this casino is the euro. However, given the increasingly high popularity rating for mutual settlements, various cryptocurrencies can also be involved. Each player personally for himself determines which option is more favorable to him - BTC, ETH, BNB, USDT. It is necessary to know that the withdrawal of money in the end is carried out only in the currency that was selected when registering and replenishing the deposit account. Substitution is not performed.

    In order to replenish the deposit account, you need to go through registration. After completing the process, you can play within the bankroll amount.

    Withdrawal of money for the first time is carried out only on the basis of verification of user data. Payment is made only to the same account from which the deposit was made. Starting from the second payout request, data verification is not required again. However, if the prize amount is large, representatives of Sisal may additionally request screenshots of documents confirming the identity of the account owner.

    How do I start playing Sisal?

    You can visit the proven online casino at any convenient time, because the official site operates in 24/7/365 mode. The main rules that every visitor to the site must adhere to:

    • age - minimum 18 years old, i.e. it must be an adult person who has a document for account verification;
    • only one account on the site - it is not allowed to violate this rule, otherwise the user will be blocked for life;
    • deposits and withdrawals can only be made via your own bank cards - the use of other people's payment details is unacceptable.

    All provisions are stated in the user agreement, with which you should familiarize yourself in the process of registration of your personal account.

    Account registration and verification

    To create your personal profile on the official site of a verified Italian casino, you need to:

    • get the site up and running;
    • click on the registration button;
    • enter your unique e-mail address;
    • provide an up-to-date phone number.

    To activate the personal account, after entering personal data, you need to follow the link that will come to the e-mail address from the casino Sisal. Verification of the account is carried out immediately or before the first payment of winnings. This is necessary to confirm the user's right to play gambling entertainment according to the norms of the law.

    Login in to your account

    To log in to your personal account, you will need to create your unique login and password during the registration process. To simplify the process of further visits, in Sisal to log in as quickly and seamlessly as possible, you can click on the button to remember passwords. However, it is important to do this only on a personal device and not on a PC, which, for example, is used for commercial purposes. That is, it is necessary to exclude the risk of account hacking or its use by third parties, which is also prohibited by the rules of the casino online.

    How to make a deposit and withdraw winnings?

    The procedure of replenishing the deposit account, as well as withdrawals of the won cash prizes, is extremely simple and fast.

    Since Sisal conducts an honest and transparent business, there are no problems with payouts, which is confirmed by millions of users of this site. Algorithm of gambler's actions to replenish the deposit account:

    • click on the button of replenishment with a suitable payment system;
    • specify the amount of the input;
    • confirm the payment using the verification method offered by the system.

    Since the company has been operating for not the first year and covers a solid audience of gamblers, it offers a large number of proven payment services through which you can enter funds. The most popular ways are:

    • Postepay;
    • Visa;
    • Mastercard;
    • Maestro;
    • PayPal;
    • Skrill;
    • Skrill 1-Tap;
    • Neteller;
    • Paysafecard;
    • bank transfer to Sisal Entertainment SpA.

    Depending on the selected payment service, crediting of funds as well as withdrawal of funds takes place instantly or within 1-6 working days.

    Deposit and withdrawal limits at Sisal

    Any official casino has certain limits on both deposit and withdrawal amounts. The official site Sisal has such limits:

    • replenishment - minimum 1 or 10 euros, depending on the selected payment system;
    • Withdrawal - minimum from 10 to 5000 thousand euros (see details for each payment system).

    There are also limits on the amount that can be paid out to one player per week. It is 10 thousand euros for one account. If the amount of winnings exceeds this value, the payment will be made every week until the full amount of the prize is paid out.

    Customer Service Sisal

    The way the customer interaction department works is a great marker of the reliability of an online casino. Sites where it is difficult to get an answer to your question, as a rule, cheat players, do not withdraw cash prizes, use unlicensed game software. Sisal is a completely different format of business in the niche gambling industry. Here everything is put to work in such a way that the rest of each client was as comfortable as possible. Therefore, there are several communication options to choose from to solve any question or problem when visiting casinos online:

    • online chat directly on the website;
    • a phone call;
    • communication via e-mail.

    As a rule, users give preference to online chat on the official website, as this is the fastest way to contact a Sisal representative.

    Mobile App Sisal

    sisal casino mobile

    As practice shows, only really trusted brands and reliable online casinos have their unique software. The Sisal application is offered for different types of digital gadgets. The main criterion is the type of operating system:

    • Android;
    • iOS.

    To download the application to your device, you must first download an APK file and then unzip it. In some cases, you will need to pre-set additional settings in the permissions for downloading files and documents from unknown sources. This mainly concerns owners of smartphones with Android OS. The mobile application is the same official casino Sisal. Here the user will see the same design, the same structure, a similar catalog of entertainment. Information in the personal account in real time synchronizes with information from the site. This applies to bonus points, the amount of money in the account, the level on the loyalty program.

    It is very convenient to use the mobile application, because there is no need to perform additional actions - open a browser, launch the site. It is enough just to click on the icon on the screen of the cell phone, and the whole range of entertainment will be available at the same minute.

    Demo games in Sisal

    A few years ago, experienced gamblers could not even dream of playing casino games for free. With the advent of sites in the online space, where gambling entertainment is available, it has become quite real. Demo version is the same slot machines, card games. They have exactly the same functions, design, rules, principles of calculation and accrual of winnings. The difference is that the financial risk component is excluded. That is, demo games are entertainment, the gameplay in which is carried out on virtual coins. They are accrued in a specific amount for each session by the casino itself. Advantages of using the demo version:

    • An opportunity to scrutinize the rules of a particular game;
    • No spending of personal monies;
    • you can try how effective different methods and strategies are for increasing the amount of winnings;
    • you can run the same game or different slots endlessly until you get bored.

    Another important plus demoversion is that the visitor to the site does not need to immediately go through registration, create a personal account. Such slot machines or card games, crash games can be run in a completely anonymous mode, regardless of age and other factors.

    How to win at Sisal Casino?

    Unlike land-based casinos, where physical slot machines were often tweaked not in favor of players, online entertainment works on a completely different principle. Especially if it is a licensed entertainment site Sisal. Someone who plans to join gambling, it is worth knowing that all modern games function on the system of random numbers. That is, the player or casino representative can not affect the result of a particular spin or session. Direct interference in the program code of certified slots is immediately detected, followed by blocking the user's account. All this means that to win at casinos online can be, and this result can count on absolutely every visitor to the site.

    The main tips - competently distribute the available bankroll, keep a cool mind, do not succumb to the will of strong excitement. Since the basis of any gambling is not only a share of luck, and a specific mathematical calculation, experienced gamblers apply various techniques that allow you to get wins more often and in larger amounts. The most popular are the following strategies:

    • Parlay. This is a tactic to lower the bet. That is, in case of loss, the player reduces the bet, but clearly by one point. That is, the spin is made, for example, first at 10 euros. If there is no winnings, then the next will be with a rate of 8 euros. As soon as you get a win, the next bet is increased by 2 times. That is, spins are made alternately up to 6 euros, received a win, and the next bet should be in 12 euros.
    • Pyramid. This betting system involves an increase from the first spin gradually from the minimum bet by 1 point. This tactic works well in slot machines that have high volatility. In entertainment with low dispersion this strategy does not work.
    • Flat. In this case, one slot machine is selected. The available bankroll amount is divided into equal parts. The value of one part is the amount of the bet. For example, the deposit account is replenished with 100 euros. Selected slot machine, in which the minimum bet is 1 euro. You can make 100 spins at 1 euro, 50 - at 2 or take any other variation within this amount at your discretion.
    • Martingale. This strategy allows not only to completely cover the money spent in case of loss, but also to increase the bankroll many times. The main essence is doubling each bet 2 times until a winning combination is reached.

    What strategy to prefer - it is rational to first check it in demo mode. This way you can determine without unnecessary monetary expenses, in which game which betting system is more effective.

    Safety and Security Sisal

    The Italian casino operates under full control by a well-known regulator with an impeccable reputation. Much has been done by the specialists of Sisal to ensure the safety of personal data and money of users on the site and in the application. Information encryption algorithms and other tools meet the current requirements. Therefore, even hacker attacks on a popular casino site are absolutely useless and do not give the result expected by fraudsters.


    Sisal - a reliable and proven by millions of users from different countries casino, which offers a really decent range of gambling entertainment for every taste. It is worth visiting for those who prioritize safety and the possibility of obtaining valuable cash prizes on equal terms with other visitors, transparent conditions.

    4.8 rating
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