Quick notebook - an easy way to remember information

Quick notebook - an easy way to remember information

Every day we have to deal with a lot of information.For example, we are planning a vacation or shopping in a large supermarket, it is difficult to fit everything in your head. Then we need to take notes or make reminders. And nothing works better than a paper notebook. But we live in the digital age, so we use digital notebooks - applications for notes and memos. There are a huge number of them: with cloud storage, with reminders and alerts, with long-term task setting. For Android, it is better to download "Quick Notebook". Why this particular application? Let's talk about it below.

Download Quick Notebook app on Google Play.


Features of the "Quick Notebook" application

The application "Fast Notebook" has several features compared to similar notebooks, namely:

  • simple interface and operation;
  • complete absence of advertising;
  • the ability to create notes and sort them by date;
  • Synchronization with social networks;
  • alerts and postings via Gmail, Google+;

Also by downloading the "Notepad" application, you can use the basket and select the font from small to large. It is up to each user to determine where the information is stored, it can be an internal drive or a memory card.

The main feature of the application is that it has encryption with the AES-256 block algorithm, where you only have to set a password.

Especially for girls, there is an opportunity to change the theme from dark to light, to choose a different design in the "Edit" section. Most note that the app will be a great alternative to Google Notes.

Working in an application

"Notepad for Android offers work in two screens: an editor and folders with records. In the first case, you can simply enter text and encrypt it. And to work with existing records you need to click on the folder in the upper left corner. To encrypt, you need to click on the button and set a password.

It is safe to say that the application "Simple Notebook" will appeal to all those who love simplicity, minimalism, leads an active social life and works with a huge amount of information.

Other notebook applications

Let's take a look at a few Android apps that are similar to Quick Notepad:

  • Wiznote will allow you not only to create records, but also to add files and pictures. The program works with all Office formats, but you have to pay about $15 a year for a subscription when using the Personal package with two storage options;
  • Notebook - is a special program because it will allow you to create and edit entries manually, add photos. For this, the user is offered backgrounds with papyrus paper, canvas or paper;
  • Notefile - is a truly minimalist app, because the main screen looks like a single note, but all the entries can be organized by tags. The program is similar to Notes (the standard iPhone notes app), so you can sync it with iCloud and your computer. If you don't need anything but notes, you'll like this option;


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