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"Paper games on your phone for learning English

Games we play so we don't forget English.
  1. There are many different methods for learning English, one of which is a game. It is effective for both children and adults. It is good because it stimulates the brain in an unobtrusive way and encourages learning. Interest in the game is always much higher than in structured serious applications.

Over the past year, Ukraine has undergone a rethinking of its approach to education. The system has been transformed, changed, and adapted to the new generation. Now junior high school students will play at learning, and not learning will play on their and their parents' nerves. As a result, we should see children interested in the learning process, not burdened by rote learning, rote memorization, and immobilized sitting at a desk.

And adults are big kids. They also get tired of routine, obligations, and rules. We do not want to turn into diligent schoolchildren after work and learn a list of new English words or translate boring and incomprehensible texts.

We love to play, too. And now we can do it with benefit - learning English. For those who remember and honor the old intellectual games, but is already very much using the modern benefits of technological progress, and presented this list of retro games. Nostalgia together.


A wonderful game for learning English, which will help to activate the vocabulary. The rules are very simple: on a field of 25 cells in the middle is written one English word of 5 letters. The game involves 2 players, each of them in turn should add one letter to the word, forming a new word. All words must be nominative and in the nominative case. The winner is the one who comes up with more words or the one whose words are longer. The party can last up to 30 minutes.

Remarkable implementation of the game and received a mobile version.


English learning games, balda, balda

Download and play for free over the Internet and without registration. Plus, you'll be able to:

  • Create your account in the game.
  • Play with a real opponent over the Internet.
  • Get tips.
  • Fight with a friend on the same device.
  • Choose the device itself as a competitor.
  • Play for time.
  • Change the size of the field.
  • Update the dictionary.
  • Sending messages.


A fun game familiar to many from school. Shake up your vocabulary, learn new English words, practice spelling words correctly

It's the one that's going to help. Two players take part in the game. One player guesses a word, the other tries to guess by the letters. For each wrong letter, the opponent draws a part of the gallows. If you lose, the drawing ends with a hanging man. The outlook is not rosy, so you have to struggle to retrieve English words from the bowels of your memory.


English learning games, hangman

The game's interface is as close to the school atmosphere as possible - a blackboard and chalk drawing. What can be more pleasant than the memories of childhood? In the mobile version as accurately conveyed all the features of the paper prototype. But there are some modern differences:

  • Play with the device.
  • Connect a friend to the game.
  • Choose your level of difficulty.

The game is available for free download and further use.

Crossword game for learning English

The name of the game is native English and translates as "crossing words. The task is to guess words by their definitions and write them in the empty cells. The guessed words must intersect correctly, matching one or more letters. There are many variations of this game, but the basic idea remains the same.

The game is considered so ancient that the first mentions of it date back to the 1st century AD. The proof of its existence in such a distant time was a puzzle found during excavations in Pompeii, resembling a modern "Crossword". Not surprisingly, the game has now been transferred to mobile format and continues to enjoy popularity.

New York Times Crossword

English learning games, New York Times Crossword 

The game will not only remind you of forgotten words, but also a great broadens the mind, checks erudition. Download, get free access for 7 days or sign up for:

  • A daily crossword puzzle published in the New York Times.
  • Little crossword puzzles that take a little time, but keep the brain toned.
  • Access to an archive of crossword puzzles from 20 years ago.
  • Unraveling with clues, puzzles, checks, and other interesting tricks.

Find the word

To win this game you must arm yourself with extra care and activate all your erudition. In front of you a field of 5 by 5 cells. They are chaotically arranged different letters, of which and need to make words. The word should consist of two or more letters. You can play in pairs with a real opponent or with a bot.

Letterpress - Word Game

English learning games, Letterpress - Word Game

The game can be played at an individual pace that suits you. Playing online, you can chat with opponents, exchanging emotions. Statistics and the leaderboard will not let you relax. You'll want to improve your scores, and consequently your English.

  • Use a dictionary in the game.
  • Find a worthy opponent in the Game Center.
  • Play until all the letters are used.

Download absolutely free and train your brain at your leisure.

By turning the education system upside down, by turning learning into a fun game, we are stepping towards Europe. Those who speak good English will get there faster. And it does not matter how he learned the language - with a tutor for the books or on their own and playing. The main thing is the result.


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