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Buy with pleasure - Bring! Shopping List

To keep track of your upcoming purchases, you can install a handy app for iPhone and iPad, although Android users can do the same. The app will help you make lists, do the math, and plan your shopping trips. The Bring! Shopping List even has a feature to manage your own store, a calculator, a task list, and effective ways to save money. Let's see how to use the Bring! Shopping List.

Download Bring! Shopping List for iPhone, for Android.

Bring! Shopping List review

App Description Bring! Shopping List

The application has a number of advantages that other similar applications cannot offer, namely:

  • Creating shopping lists, sharing with friends, relatives;
  • ready-made templates designed for office purchases, picnics, vacations;
  • The ability to synchronize the app with smartwatches, tablets, computers, and social networks;
  • The ability to add videos, recordings, and photos;
  • Sending out to friends or contacts about changes in the grocery list, plans to visit the store;
  • Availability of hundreds of articles in the catalog, the ability to add their own recommendations;

Download Bring! Shopping List is absolutely free, although you cannot do without the Internet to use some of the features.

What else does Bring! Shopping List?

In addition to the features described above, using Bring! Shopping List on your smartphone, you can count on other benefits:

  • synchronization in the background after changing the list of products, which will be notified to people in your contact list;
  • ease of operation;
  • colorful interface, presented in the form of blocks with tasks;
  • the possibility of using markers, grouping lists into categories;
  • training and the availability of a vocabulary with new expressions;
  • Create and manage multiple lists;
  • sending notifications via messages or social networks;
  • return to the beginning or end of the list with a single tap of the finger;

The new features of the app update include location-based reminders. That is, when you turn on geolocation and set a task for a certain store, the app will send a notification to your phone that you are at the location and you need to make a purchase. Then you'll never pass by, and you won't have to go back.

For ease of use, you can choose Russian, and there are more than 20 languages to choose from. By downloading the application for free, you will stop worrying about losing paper lists and buying the things you need.

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