browsers that support Flash Player

Browsers that support Flash Player

Not so long ago, Adobe stopped downloading Adobe Flash Player on Android, so it is often replaced by other programs for watching videos, such as HTML5. And if you want to install Flash Player on android 4, you will have to look for suitable browsers, because it is simply not available in Playmarket. Below. browsers that support Flash Player.

Features of installation and use

Many browsers that support Flash PlayerThe animation is not performed, and no animation is performed. No animation is produced in this case. This is done for security and protection against viruses. If HTML5 is not suitable for you, you need to look for other ways to install and configure Adobe Flash Player on your tablet or phone. Here's a sample installation instruction:

  • download BoatBrowser from Playmarket, as only it works with Flash Player (you can find other options, but this is the most reliable);
  • During installation, allow downloading information and products from suspicious sites (this is necessary in order to later download the best Flash Player for android);

Note that it is recommended to download Flash Player from the official resource Macromedia, which produces the player.

Once the procedure is complete, it is important that you disable the download permission from suspicious sites. To do this, you need to re-enter the phone settings and downloads. This is done for safety and full operation of the gadget.

Another feature can be considered the presence of the browser Puffin, which is considered a good alternative when working with all sites and file types.

Other browsers that support Flash Player

There are several other android browsers with flash support:

  • Firefox: has a lot of weight, as for a phone, and average speed. Browser supports all pages, displays and loads them quickly. It can block ads and is easily customizable, it supports flash;
  • Skyfire: considered a computer browser, but also suitable for the phone, fully supports flash;
  • UCBrowser: features speed, battery saving, fast page flipping and loading. It supports flash and is easily customizable to the user. But when downloading files can be incomplete, although for the daily use of the Internet it is enough.

There are other browser options, but they are considered copies and fakes with a lot of bugs and problems. Therefore, it is better to choose Firefox or UCBrowser.


Despite the usability of Flash Player and the possibility to download it on android, it is better to use resources with HTML5. The latter can be used in all browsers and for different types of content. It will also avoid errors in use (there is no official support from Adobe) and downloading additional programs.

The choice is yours, but consider how often you visit the Internet and watch videos, synchronizing this with the capabilities of your gadget.


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