Bookmate - the most convenient reader for iPhone and Android

If you can't imagine your life without reading every day, you'll love Bookmate. The application is designed for smartphones, desktops and tablets. The Bookmate reader is considered to be the most convenient and interesting reading application among alternative reading applications. A special plus is support for the Russian language. Let's take a closer look at the details.

Download Bookmate for iPhone и for Android.

Application site Bookmate.

Bookmate - the most convenient reader for iPhone and Android

What is Bookmate?

In the Bookmate app you can store, download and read your favorite books in all languages of the world. Before you start using it, you need to register and create a personal profile. After that it is possible to choose one of 5000 books for free or download them from the Internet in unlimited quantity. Books are downloaded in format fb2 or ePub, and then saved on the shelf with the title and cover and the tag "private". This means that only you can read these books.

For the convenience of reading, the application has sections: all books, read, read later and read. The downloaded books are moved to the first section, in the readable section, respectively, the books that you started reading. Finally, the books you've finished are in the read section. You can read several books at the same time without being confused. You can also create special "shelves".

Bookmate and its settings

The reader is built into the app, and you can customize it to your liking:

  • font;
  • letter size;
  • page highlighting;
  • background and page numbering;
  • flipping method;
  • brightness;
  • alignment;

The main feature of the app is that it is synchronized in any device. You can start reading from the browser on your computer, and continue on your phone, then on your tablet, and from the same place where you stopped. You can also work without an Internet connection, in "offline" mode, but then you need to download books to the library in advance.

It's also important that you can post or tweet on social networks when you sync with them. Then your friends will always be aware of what you are reading or what point you stopped at, what quote you shared.

Shelves at Bookmate.

Each user can create an unlimited number of shelves in the app. A shelf is analogous to an offline shelf, where books on a particular topic are collected. For example, "Books on Internet Marketing" or "Fiction books that will keep you awake" and so on. You can subscribe to the shelves, like other book readers, to keep up to date.

Among the advantages of the Bookmate app are:

  • the ability to store and download more than 85,000 books;
  • creating and storing notes, quotes;
  • access to the bookshelves of celebrities or friends;
  • online and offline work;
  • advice from friends, recommendations;
  • a daily update of the collection;
  • the free basis of the app;

Share your shelves in the comments, let's be friends.

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