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Blade And Soul: Revolution - coupons for prizes and gifts

Blade And Soul: Revolution game was released just a week ago and has already gained popularity. The game has a lot of content and is quite similar to Black Desert Mobile. To keep the players in the game, the developers introduced so called coupons, for which you can get great prizes for free. I decided to collect all the coupons in one place and I will periodically update this article with coupons. Coupons for Blade And Soul: Revolution are only valid for 1 character on 1 server. Therefore, you can use it exactly as many times as there are characters in the game.

Free new and old coupons

New (use until the end of May 2021)

  • MOONLIGHT16 - 100 black crystals
  • MOONLIGHT88 - 100 black crystals
  • MOONLIGHT92 - 20 pet cans
  • MOONLIGHT31 - 25 points for fluff
  • MOONLIGHT48 - 100 Forge Stones
  • MOONLIGHT04 - 100k silver
  • MOONLIGHT52 - 50 points for costume jewelry
  • MOONLIGHT - 50 points for costume jewelry


Some may work, you have to check.

  • bnsrevolution
  • awaitsyou

I want to note that the developers write that the coupons are valid for 3 days from the date of release. Therefore, some may not work anymore. Check back more often, stay tuned for updates. Strangely, there is a difference in entering a coupon on different mobile platforms: iOS and Android.

How to enter a coupon on Android

You have to enter the game, log in for the character to which you want to tie the coupon.

Settings - Account - Enter Coupon

Settings - Account - Enter Coupon (in the Russian version of blade and soul revolution)

How to enter a coupon on an iPhone

You can't enter a coupon directly from your phone on your iPhone. You need to go to the link:  https://couponview.netmarble.com/coupon/bnsmws/1271

There will be fields to enter, as in the screenshot:

How to enter a coupon for iPhone blade and soul revolution

In the fields add information:

  • Account code
  • Character Server
  • Enter the coupon itself

How to find an account code in the game

You need to log into the game. Then go to Settings -> Account -> Click "Copy" (this will be the account code)

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