Battlelands Royale - the best battle royale on iPhone

Battlelands Royale - the best battle royale on iPhone

And it looks like a Fortnite clone, only with a top view and no construction

The game Battlelands Royale - Another mobile variation on the theme of royal battles, which, as it turned out, has had great success with the gaming community. For example, only in the Russian App Store average rating of 4.3 it put 3.7K people (in the American store, as you know, much more loyal players, who brought the overall rating of 4.5 at 73.1K votes). You can download Battlelands Royale on iPhone hereIn the meantime, we offer you an overview and guide to the popular game.

Why is Battlelands Royale so popular?

The developers of Battlelands Royale - the company Futureplay, not a well-known publisher in the market, which has previously released a series of Idle games (and this is not Idle Heroes - here, by the way, you can read our Guide). That's why their last game turned out to be very popular, which has an understandable explanation:

Trending Genre

There's no other way to put it, it's really a very popular genre today that continues to evolve. And it's not just the presence of two mastodons in the face of PUBG and Fortnite - not so long ago there appeared a potentially powerful competitor Apex Legends, and something similar already exists in Counter-Strike, Battlefield and Call of Duty. The developers are trying to add their own findings to the existing game concept, which will make the game more dynamic and interesting for the team, constantly developing the genre. And now, by the way, the progenitor of battle royal games PUBG is considered to be the most boring game in the list - the dead teammate has to wait very long for the end of the game, and 90% of gameplay is given to searching for loot.

battlelands royale game

Short game sessions

We have already written about the fact that mobile games are popular because they can be played for 5-10 minutes at most - here, by the way, is our fresh material about toilet games. In Battlelands there are not many players, all the action takes place on a small piece of land, and the zone moves at a much higher speed. As you can imagine, all this forces players to actively look for weapons and items. It feels like in 5 minutes you can play almost two full games in Battlelands - during this time in PUBG Mobile you may not even have time to clear the location.

Simple gameplay

The developers have simplified the genre as much as possible. You don't parachute in any direction - the landing point can be set at the very beginning of the game, you can only correct your landing at the very end. There are not a huge number of weapons here - a few rifles and shotguns, and you can only carry one kind (i.e. either a machine gun or a pistol). Ammunition fits absolutely all types of weapons, and from the protection there is only a first aid kit and armor - you can learn to play in one game, even a tutorial is not required.

Battlelands Royale Game Review

As we have already said, Battlelands Royale is a mobile battle royale game, much smaller than the same PUBG, but still with the same game concept. That is, there is a kind of map with a certain number of locations, they are called differently (convenient for orientation on the ground), there are medkits, armor, weapons and ammunition scattered everywhere. We land at the specified point and start looking for weapons, as soon as we find the enemy, we try to kill him before he kills us. Keep in mind that the map will shrink, to be exact, the area of action will be narrowed, and if you go beyond the area the biofield that is created outside the area will damage you. So you have to stay in the zone, find a weapon as quickly as possible and live as long as possible. Some time after the start of the match a "parcel" (also known as an airdrop) will fall from the sky - a huge box with a large first aid kit, armor and a good weapon like a bazooka that kills with two shots, but has 4 rounds to spare.

download battlelands royale game for iPhone

In battle royale games, you have to define "what" the game is about. For example, PUBG Mobile Battlelands Royale is more focused on the stealth component than on killing, because you get more points for survival time. Battlelands Royale is just about killing, because it gives more experience points. It is true that you need to aim at the game - not only that the developers made a choice in favor of "top view", so also the control is two-stick. When aiming you see the trajectory of the bullet, which is smooth, without any corrections to the wind and so on. But you must be ahead of the game, because it takes time for the bullet to reach its target, so you can technically dodge the shots. Elements of the location are not destroyed and you can hide behind them.

How to win in Battlelands Royale

Fall on the very border

At least, that's what the experienced players advise. There are several reasons for this: it is unlikely that someone else will jump to the very edge of the map, and you can normally half-run / meet with no one / if necessary, hide in the bushes. By the way, you can hide in the bushes and ambush them, but keep in mind that when you move the bushes will move a little bit, and the enemy can just fire on them. So do not "facecheck" small bushes if you are not sure of their safety.

How to win in battlelands royale tactics

Try to choose the most effective weapon

And the effectiveness of weapons in Battlelands Royale looks like this: Bazooka > Minigun > Rifle (AK-47) > Shotgun > Sniper Rifle > Peacekeeper.

Fight for airdrop

It's simple - the coolest items fall from there, which will ensure your victory. The best option is to find a rifle (AK-47), wait for the airdrop, shoot the fighting enemies. It is clear that with this tactic you need to join the battle at the very last moment, so that the enemies are not distracted by you.

Move along the area

Try to move with the zone - don't go to the center, but go around the edge of the map. This is convenient - most players psychologically want to occupy the center of the map, so as not to get under the biofield, and so you have less chance to meet someone. And you will also be able to shoot off the enemies running into the zone, meeting them with fire.

Don't waste bullets

In the game, the winner is not the one who kills the most, but the one who survives. So don't get involved in firefights - it's better to sit out the first few minutes, so your chances of winning significantly increase.

Adapt to your opponent

You won't believe it, but even in a firefight you can anticipate your enemy's movements. As a rule, opponents do not move in irrational zigzags - at most a broken line, but usually run in a straight line. Look how your opponent is running and do not shoot at him, but where you think he will run. And don't stand - it's easier to hit a static target.

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