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Oleg Tsegelnik

Hello! I am the founder of Apps4Life. It started as a hobby, but turned into a great and useful project that helps people get acquainted with the digital world of mobile games, add-ons, webservices and crypto-industry.

More and more Android users are switching to iPhones

During the first months of 2015, at a meeting, Apple CEO, Tim Cook, said that the company iPhone will conquer the market of Android users at most in 3 years, it became more real than in previous years.To quote Cook: So far - after a quarter - research on all people who bought an iPhone, but in aggregate, as I mentioned, we see more new customers iPhone than ever.We also have...

Gorillaz announced their return via Instagram

Gorillaz announced their return via Instagram

We all remember the extraordinary band Gorillaz, which just blew up the charts with the song "Clint Easwood", let's enjoy it - 124 million views for a second! :)So, Jamie Hewlett, one of the founding members of the band, posted some comics on Instagram, stylized after the band's videos. А...