Apple Watch 2 or Apple Watch S - we will find out very soon!

The most anticipated gadget at the next Apple presentation in March will be the next generation Apple Watch.

The most anticipated gadget at Apple's next presentation in March will be the next generation Apple Watch. Until recently, there was information in the network that Apple will announce the Apple Watch 2, but at the moment analysts predict the appearance of the S-version, as in the case of the iPhone.apple-watch-photos-1Presumably, the new S-version will not change externally, but will get completely new stuffing. We are talking about the presentation of more powerful processors, as well as an improved battery. The watch probably won't last two days, but a few hours of life may be added. There are also reports that Apple design director Jonathan Ive has prepared a new set of straps.apple-watch-6_1-1420x670At the end of 2015, Apple sold about 12 million smartwatches, which equals about 70% of global sales in this area. Apple sells between 2.5 and 4 million Apple Watches each quarter, and that brings the company more than $1 billion in revenue.According to insiders, Apple plans to unveil several new products at a special event on March 15. During the event, the company will unveil a 4-inch iPhone 5se, a new iPad Air 3 tablet, and an updated Apple Watch. The second-generation model of the smartwatch will likely debut in September. It will please with FaceTime camera and Wi-Fi support. The company may also endow the device with smartwatches that will be able to measure breathing rate, body temperature, blood pressure and blood oxygen levels. Stay tuned for more news.

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