Apple will release a foldable iPhone in 2020. Really?

Apple will release a foldable iPhone in 2020. Really?

According to a Bank of America analyst Merrill LynchThe next revolution in phones will not be an improved battery, but a change in the shape of the phone, a change in the form factor of the phone - the foldable iPhone. Rumors say that Apple was working on this with its partner and developer of displays - LG, to create a flexible display, but now Apple has launched its own development and folded research with LG. Most likely the case came to the finish line, and therefore any competition will only hurt.

Apple is working on a foldable iPhone

Merrill Lynch predicts that the iPhone's appearance will remain the same in 2020, "but information I have received suggests that Apple is working on a foldable smartphone (which could likely function as a tablet) with the goal of releasing a product in 2020," according to the report. The analyst provided the report after several meetings with display suppliers from Korea, particularly a meeting with LG.

Foldable smartphones will be the next big change in smartphone design in quite a long time. Samsung, too, has been working on flexible AMOLED displays since 2011 and reportedly even showed a prototype of a foldable smartphone at a closed presentation at CES 2018. However, a big obstacle in creating devices with such a design is the fact that in addition to the display, the other components of the smartphone must also be flexible.

It is possible that reports that Apple is developing its own microLED displays are also related to the creation of a flexible smartphone.

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