Apple Solar Farm

Apple will invest $850 million in a solar farm in California

Executive Director Apple Tim Cook announced today that the company has decided to invest $850 million (21 billion hryvnia, for a second) into a state-of-the-art solar farm that will power the headquarters Apple California. The 530-hectare farm will be built in Monterey County, California. It is expected to produce enough electricity to fully supply the new headquarters Apple, as well as the company's other offices and stores in California, and their data center in Newark.Apple Solar FarmHow much power are we talking about? Cook claims Tim Cook, the power produced is enough to connect 60,000 homes, which means that monthly electricity production will be about 34 million kilowatts.The company estimated the profitability of the investment at a high level. Cook said the $850 million investment could turn a net profit for AppleThe price of electricity from a solar farm is fixed, unlike the price of "brown energy," which is energy produced from polluting sources.

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