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9 Free Business Apps for Startups

Starting a business can be a pretty daunting undertaking, especially if all you have is a cool product and not enough capital. In the tech world, most startup attempts fail not because they offer a bad product, but because they are unable to generate enough consumer interest in their product.Given the overhead and other costs, this scenario is not surprising. So if you're in the startup phase and find yourself heavily strapped for cash to promote your startup, check out these free tools designed to help you boost the productivity of your business.

Free Apps for Startup

№ 1.

If you need a tool that's easy and quick for your employees to learn, turn to enterprise is the fastest growing social enterprise network, built for businesses of up to 12 employees. The application includes a number of different working tools: CRM, project management, live streaming, scheduling, file sharing and so on. Since the app works with the cloud, access is available from anywhere - both from a computer and a smartphone. Upgrades start at $99 per month.

№ 2.

In the era of email and instant messaging, it seems like fax machines are a thing of the past. However, if a LinkedIn review is to be believed, faxes will be back before is an online service that allows you to send up to three fax pages for free (a maximum of two faxes per day) to any U.S. or Canadian number. The site also offers a premium pay-per-fax service if there is a need to send more faxes.

№ 3. is an online tool that helps you manage your tasks and time. Remember The Milk works like your feature-rich task manager, electronic calendar and to-do list. In addition to allowing you to share tasks with others, the app can be integrated with GMail.Pro-accounts cost $25 for one year and come with exclusive mobile app features as well as integration with Microsoft Outlook.

№ 4. is an open group server that allows you to share notes, use email, organize your calendar, manage your tasks and address book, read news, synchronize your phone and integrate journals. Kolab is a well-protected, reliable, extensible, mobile and professional application that guarantees improved productivity with every step you take. Overall, the app takes some time to get used to. But once you get used to it, you'll know it's not for nothing.

№ 5.

Formerly, is an accounting software that is very fast and easy to use. It offers unlimited tools for tracking waste and invoicing. The software is free for small businesses of up to nine employees, approved by accountants and designed specifically for those who aren't particularly good at accounting. You can also use it to securely connect your bank and PayPal accounts and other data sources, and your transactions are automatically imported into the software.

№ 6.

To make a business relatable, one unmistakable way is to spread the word through press releases. is a site where you can create press releases for free. If you don't think you have enough experience to create killer press releases, the site provides instructions on how to write them and even embed videos.


One of the basic rules of business is that every business should have its own website designed to promote the product it offers. is a free website builder that requires no experience. As long as you decide to buy a more complex and advanced website that requires a monthly and yearly infusion, is a great alternative.

№ 8.

For in-flight meetings and web conferencing, use It's an easy-to-use teleconferencing application that lets you view documents and projects, train staff, showcase products, and more.

№ 9., which stands for "If This Then That," works like a computer program that constantly analyzes "if/then" throughout the day. You set up "recipes" to automate task management. For these prescriptions to work, you must have a channel, a trigger, and an action. Examples of channels are Facebook, email, Evernote, LinkedIn and others. For example, if you are tagged in a photo on Facebook, you can create a recipe that automatically uploads the image to Dropbox.

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