Telegram channels about running and triathlon

8 Telegram channels about running and triathlons

Channels in Telegram are becoming increasingly popular. You can find many thematic resources inside the messenger, for example Journalism and Internet marketing channels. We found interesting telegram channels about running or triathlon, they talk about the sport, its development, tips for beginners, motivation and various kinds of useful information.

Telegram channels about sports in general

@thechallenger- A channel of the popular online publication The Challenger. A daily selection of three topical or interesting articles on the site. There are articles about running and [email protected] - motivators, funny pictures dilute useful tips and interesting workouts. If you are not afraid of "stream of consciousness", then you're here - post a lot. If you do a good search, you can find tips about running.

Telegram channels about triathlon

@triit is the channel of the Triit portal, a platform for finding races, communicating with like-minded people and writing reports. They post interesting stories about people and races. The project is young, the channel is even younger, but their instagram is just fire! @trilife is the channel of the most popular cycling portal in Russia. They publish announcements of starts and reviews of past races. Triathlon, skiing and running news from the popular Triskirun store - @triskirun. The reviews of new products and announcements of starts will be especially useful for those who are hungry for ski adventures, be it in winter on the ski track or in summer on the [email protected]_russia - information channel of the IRONSTAR race organizers. All the latest information about upcoming events, and broadcasts from the events. [email protected] - is a channel for fans of cycling, and that's basically what it says. If you're a skater, you're here. @runandroll - all the most interesting things from our site - reviews, news, announcements, and summaries of starts. Interesting links and announcements of various starts are planned to be published in the future.Source:

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