8 best calendars for iPhone

Calendar applications Apple perform basic functions: scheduling meetings and events, and managing your schedule. For anyone who is new to using iPhoneThis is more than enough to get us started. However, in App Store there are plenty of alternatives to suit all tastes. Whether you need to organize yourself, your family members, your business or anything else, you will find an app just for you. Which app you choose depends on what's most important to you.Here's a list of favorites. Try it for yourself and find the one that meets all your needs. Believe me, you'll find it here.1. Fantastical 2 - ela amateurs Quick organizationsfantastical-2-single-screenThanks to the fast bi-directional interface, Fantastical 2 allows you to quickly take notes via plain text, as well as quickly find them. In addition, there is built-in support for reminders and on-screen controls. If you want to get organized quickly, Fantastical exactly what you need.$4.99 - Download2. Sunrise Calendar - for active userssunrise_screenSunrise Calendar Keeps track of all your calendar entries along with Foursquare checks, Twitter status updates, etc. Sunrise is also built into business applications like Trello. If you want a mix of work and play, choose Sunrise.Free of charge - Download3. Pocket Informant - for fans of functionality pocket-informant-single-screenPocket Informant can be called the Swiss folding knife among calendar apps. The app is packed with just about every feature you can imagine, and even those you can't. If you want it all at once, download Pocket Informant.Free with IAP - Download4. Calendars 5 - for those who like to make listscalendars_5_screenCalendars 5 includes everything you could want in a calendar, while offering convenient list browsing and task management. If you want something other than rows and tables, try Calendars 5.$2.99 -. Download5. Agenda Calendar 4 - for touch screen fans agenda-calendar-4-single-screenAppendix Agenda Calendar 4 is made entirely for display work. It offers many styles and embeds itself wherever you can imagine. If you like working with a touch screen, download Agenda Calendar 4.$1.99 -. Download6. Tempo Calendar - for connoisseurs of detailstempo-calendar-single-screenTempo - is a little calendar that offers everything from flight status to customer information you might need before an appointment. The more you tell Tempothe more he learns. If details are important to you, choose Tempo.Free of charge - Download7. Week Calendar - for those who evaluate at a glance   week-cal-single-screenWeek Calendar is packed with many styles that can suit all tastes. The app has the ability to select icons, duplicate events, and more. But if you're not the kind of person who gets enough information at a glance, this app might not be enough for you.$1.99 - Download8. Super Calendar - for those who like to customize their own settingssuper_calendar_screenSuper Calendar allows you to customize almost any configuration of how your calendar looks. From customizing the background to choosing your font type and size. If the idea of having a unique calendar appeals to you, Super Calendar created especially for you.$4.99 - Download

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