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Almost 2 months ago I created a channel @apps4life where I talk about useful apps. Today it has almost 2000 subscribers. If you haven't had time, subscribe. During this time, I've learned a lot of ways to publicize my channel. Soon I will write an extensive article about it. Now I offer you a selection of 50+ channels, where you can somehow place a link to your channel, promote it, agree on mutual exchange, free advertising.

Please note that each such Telegram-chat is someone's channel, and each platform for advertising and PR has its own rules of placement. Follow them, respect your colleagues, and may the Force and Subscribers be with you.

Some chats and channels may not work - have been deleted. Write about it in the comments, I will clean it up. Update the list.

50 channels and groups to PR and post about your channel in Telegram

53 channels and groups for PR and posting information about your channel in Telegram

If for some reason your channel or group for PR is not on the list - write to us, we will update the list. It is important that it remains relevant and helps to promote your own Telegram channels and projects.

  1. https://t.me/FREEPR2
  2. https://t.me/yoject
  3. https://t.me/PRTalk
  4. https://t.me/tgplug
  5. https://t.me/PrTalk2
  6. https://t.me/pr_vse
  7. https://t.me/bestprchat
  8. https://t.me/piarGo
  9. https://t.me/piars
  10. https://t.me/megi_VP
  11. https://t.me/prfree
  12. https://t.me/FreeVPP
  13. https://t.me/AdToChat
  14. https://t.me/zayavi_o_sebe
  15. https://t.me/piarzero
  16. https://t.me/MaestroPRchat
  17. https://t.me/TGPR_RealType
  18. https://t.me/piardublechat
  19. https://t.me/piarchat
  20. https://t.me/tmesale
  21. https://t.me/PRvTG
  22. https://t.me/PRnorules
  23. https://t.me/tmesale
  24. https://t.me/besplatnyipiar
  25. https://t.me/FreeVPP
  26. https://t.me/piarzero
  27. https://t.me/zayavi_o_sebe
  28. https://t.me/piar_one
  29. https://t.me/kingtelegrams
  30. https://t.me/Piartv
  31. https://t.me/TGPR_RealType
  32. https://t.me/piars
  33. https://t.me/bezdna42
  34. https://t.me/PRvTG
  35. https://t.me/piarGo
  36. https://t.me/MaestroPRchat
  37. https://t.me/prfree
  38. https://t.me/piardublechat
  39. https://t.me/chat_5
  40. https://t.me/bestprchat
  41. https://t.me/tgplug
  42. https://t.me/megi_VP
  43. https://t.me/agitka
  44. https://t.me/piarvzaimno
  45. https://t.me/vp_telegram
  46. https://t.me/Fly_Up
  47. https://t.me/hosting_pr
  48. https://t.me/piar_podpiska
  49. https://t.me/Piar_Vp_Pop_Group
  50. https://t.me/ipiar
  51. https://t.me/Gopiar
  52. https://t.me/joinchat/FNZtEUPuLytf44nLUVSmbw
  53. https://t.me/joinchat/D8nh5EP0EUiLgqGGA9F7Ag
  54. https://t.me/joinchat/GpaybEPskZ1modNydn0KFg

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