50 channels and groups for PR and posting information about your channel in Telegram

50 channels and chats for PR and posting information about your channel in Telegram

Almost two months ago I created a channel @apps4lifewhere I talk about useful apps. Today there are almost 2,000 subscribers. If you haven't had a chance, subscribe. During this time, I have learned many ways to PR your channel. I will soon write an extensive article about it. For now, I offer you a selection of 50+ channels where you can somehow place a link to your channel, promote it, and agree on mutual exchange and free advertising.

Note that each such Telegram-chat is someone's channel, and each platform for advertising and PR has its own rules for posting. Observe them, respect your colleagues, and may the Power and Subscriber come to you.

Some chats and channels may not work - have been deleted. Let me know in the comments and I'll clean it up. Keep the list updated.

50 channels and groups for PR and posting information about your channel in Telegram

53 channels and groups for PR and posting information about your channel in Telegram

If for some reason your channel or group for PR is not on the list - write to us, we'll update the list. It is important that it remains relevant and helps to promote your own Telegram channels and projects.

  1. https://t.me/FREEPR2
  2. https://t.me/yoject
  3. https://t.me/PRTalk
  4. https://t.me/tgplug
  5. https://t.me/PrTalk2
  6. https://t.me/pr_vse
  7. https://t.me/bestprchat
  8. https://t.me/piarGo
  9. https://t.me/piars
  10. https://t.me/megi_VP
  11. https://t.me/prfree
  12. https://t.me/FreeVPP
  13. https://t.me/AdToChat
  14. https://t.me/zayavi_o_sebe
  15. https://t.me/piarzero
  16. https://t.me/MaestroPRchat
  17. https://t.me/TGPR_RealType
  18. https://t.me/piardublechat
  19. https://t.me/piarchat
  20. https://t.me/tmesale
  21. https://t.me/PRvTG
  22. https://t.me/PRnorules
  23. https://t.me/tmesale
  24. https://t.me/besplatnyipiar
  25. https://t.me/FreeVPP
  26. https://t.me/piarzero
  27. https://t.me/zayavi_o_sebe
  28. https://t.me/piar_one
  29. https://t.me/kingtelegrams
  30. https://t.me/Piartv
  31. https://t.me/TGPR_RealType
  32. https://t.me/piars
  33. https://t.me/bezdna42
  34. https://t.me/PRvTG
  35. https://t.me/piarGo
  36. https://t.me/MaestroPRchat
  37. https://t.me/prfree
  38. https://t.me/piardublechat
  39. https://t.me/chat_5
  40. https://t.me/bestprchat
  41. https://t.me/tgplug
  42. https://t.me/megi_VP
  43. https://t.me/agitka
  44. https://t.me/piarvzaimno
  45. https://t.me/vp_telegram
  46. https://t.me/Fly_Up
  47. https://t.me/hosting_pr
  48. https://t.me/piar_podpiska
  49. https://t.me/Piar_Vp_Pop_Group
  50. https://t.me/ipiar
  51. https://t.me/Gopiar
  52. https://t.me/joinchat/FNZtEUPuLytf44nLUVSmbw
  53. https://t.me/joinchat/D8nh5EP0EUiLgqGGA9F7Ag
  54. https://t.me/joinchat/GpaybEPskZ1modNydn0KFg
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Genry Herman

comment image https://t.me/CyberWarrior_official
Selected information for those interested in social engineering, cybersecurity and hacking, and cryptocommunity news. Mutual PR is welcome!


https://t.me/saintservice Notes of a Service Madman
Only the best and real cases. How to improve the quality of service.
comment image

Alexei Donskikh

https://t.me/FreePR_Fox - PR chat of your Telegram-related resources. No rules or restrictions

Kirill Ursalov

Only here! The juiciest and top chicks on the runet!!!

Boris Klinov

The whole world in your smartphone
Channel about Travelling and everything related to them✈️


? Come with us.

The geeky professor

The channel of a geek obsessed with technology, gadgets and everything related to it. News, reviews, apps and services.


Dashulya Petrova

Closed channel in Telegram.


Hey everybody! I know that everyone is pretty fucked up with the stupid volcano ads that they put everywhere they can! You go to Instagram - volcano, you watch a movie - volcano, you google something - volcano!

Also, you probably all know that any system is not perfect. Which means that it can be cheated.

So take time while the information is free and stay tuned!


Artem Alihanov


All about business and entrepreneurship. Methods of earning, ready-made business ideas and cases, useful information on how to multiply your capital. Pump your brain with us.comment image

Andrey Moskalev


Tatiana Preobrazhenskaya

Thank you! A very useful selection.
There's also a good summary of Telegram here https://news.pressfeed.ru/telegram-pr/

Dmitry Cain

Prices and terms of accommodation:

- Post for a day in the tape - 2000r
- A post for a week in the feed - 3000r

- Post for a day in the tape - 500r
- Post for a week in the feed - 700r

- Post for a day in the tape - 500r
- Post for a week in the feed - 700r

- A post for 24 hours in the ribbon - 300r
- Post for a week in the feed - 500r

- A post for 24 hours in the ribbon - 300r
- Post for a week in the feed - 500r

Placement format: the advertising text is adapted to the style and format of the channel and published in the form of our recommendation.

Ad reservations: @scarlett_1

joni comm

@WorldWarToday - The war is on today.... - World War III News Channel https://t.me/worldwartoday News, facts, military events happening on the planet. Join in, don't miss the flash 😉


We publish about 3-5 posts a day, because we value your comfort and are not going to disturb it with numerous posts. In this telegram channel you will find pictures with cuties from Japan. https://t.me/JapaneseCutiescomment image


New, strictly moderated CHAT FOR NEW TELEGRAM CHANNELS!
If your channel has few, or even no subscribers at all, then don't hesitate to make a commercial.
Get in touch with us in our chat room!
The main thing is not more than once a day, otherwise ban without warning!
And best of all, the best channels get into the list of recommended and published on the channel with more than 12,000 subscribers!
Let's go: http://qoo.by/2WiH


Hello! Can you give me a link to this channel in a different format (because this one does not open)?

Olha Kriukova

https://t.me/reFriends - ? A channel for both brain food and light evening reading. Tips, personal experience, motivation, scientific theories, movie reviews, and anything else people are interested in! Sign up, everyone is welcome!)comment image

Artur Chernyak

The most unusual and underrated movies and TV series.

Artem Skvortsov

@promo_chnl subscribe and call a friend. Advertising your Telegram channels, chats, bots. Free advertising until December 31. ??????? the more of you there will be, the more people will see your ads!

D The Bummer

100 subscribers to the channel every day https://telegramkanal.blogspot.ru/2017/12/podpischiki-v-telegram-kanal.html


Your Web.
Interesting news and useful material from the world of Web-technology.


?Is it possible to earn "out of nothing" working as a sales manager
- About selling "spectacles" without bread - the need to create a video for every company.
?About "Free Cheese" (why do something for free at all)
- "Cinderella Notes": I will try to tell you how to make plans and manage everything (if I learn to do it myself)
- How to sell using free marketplaces
- How to create selling videos, what is business packaging, ICOs and other things.
?If I find something interesting to "read" or watch will also lay out. https://t.me/adiulter


Mutual PR


Like and subscribe mutually, if unsubscribe, write to ls (I can not see)

Maxim Bologovkin

https://t.me/inconnuspoemes Poems of the unknown

The channel publishes poems by unknown poets who could (still can) achieve public recognition, but, unfortunately, only a few know about them.
These poems often hide far more meaning than we are capable of seeing. Come in, subscribe, read, if you think so too.

world games

@ podpiskaipiar - the name speaks for itself


Hello friends !

Videos, trailers. KinoZone

On our channel we publish the most creative ads and unusual ideas in advertising, with the goal of inspiring the community to think outside the box.Need Advertising❓ https://t.me/reklamanorilsk

danya lozovenko

Today I visited my childhood! Those who spent their childhood in the 90's - go to the channel, plunge into that good era again) Show your children what you were fascinated and interested in. Well, those who have not caught the period of the 90s, I recommend to come in and get acquainted with my childhood! https://t.me/detstvo90comment image

Sergio Fidainov

? "SET15" is an analytical organization that provides news, predictions on cybersports and sports matches.
Join our SET15 project ✅


Only we have the creepiest and most importantly real stories


Brodov Vyacheslav

https://t.me/Isexoholic A couple of views and a subscription, thank you!


A great opportunity to earn without investing. Watch the video, register and earn. Invite people and earn more.

When you sign up with BlockchainĐeposit you get a one-time deposit bonus of over 200 USD* (depends on the rate), which you can use to create a deposit for 7 days at 0.3% per day.
=== === https://deposit.network/?invite=55eb147
Video: how to use the bonus received
=== https://youtu.be/TgtgbYuogi4
=== https://youtu.be/lJqaVLZoA_E

Received profit from the deposit of 4-5 dollars, you can withdraw through the exchange (which are located directly on the site) or use at your discretion (Deposit DEBITCOIN in the blockchain deposit at a rate of up to 1% per day (up to 30% per month)).

When you invite a new member (junior partner) using your referral link, you also get more than $200 in deposit bonus. Additionally, you get over $40* for each junior partner you invite.

No limits on the number of partners is not set, you can create your affiliate network and earn from it, getting a stable high income


comment image ? Not enough subscribers on the channel?
? Looking for a cheap way to get the most out of it?
✅ Subscribers from 0.8₽
✅ Views from 0.65₽
☑ Super quality ☑ Operational recruitment ☑ Round the clock support

Kirill Naydyuk

Have you always thought that school knowledge is of no use to you at all? Or are you a schoolboy who is reluctant to learn lessons? It's time to earn your knowledge by competing with other participants! The channel publishes questions from the school curriculum, by answering which you can earn real money.?????
Sign up! https://t.me/USExam_QUIZ

fsefse efsefds

Join the channel with top music content
Mutual unsubscribe here - @YoSamurai

Maxim Zlo

News from the world of PC games. Here will be reported news about hacking denuvo, free game giveaways in digital stores and news about the gaming industry.
Mutual subscriptions

Ilya Makar

Useful information in the world of investments:Trade profitably, improve financial literacy, be a successful investor. Thinking about what to make money on? http://www.iig.msk.ru

https://t.me/Inside_invest_groupcomment image

Cloud HH

Join in!)

Alexander Vilyachkin

Instruction on VP channels in Telegram - http://vilyachkin.ru/articles/vp-telegram.html

Adel Zakirov

Help Daenerys in the war with the Night King and earn real money! (bot game with instant withdrawal to yandex money)

Nastya Ni

Smm-man? Entrepreneur? Are you running your own blog and just need a QUALITY photo?
Then come on over to https://t.me/smartphotoes and mf teach you how to take professional photos on your phone! ?


#sell ads

On the canals.
"Wall Street Whale."
"Crypto |Time"
"Blockchain Telegram"

For more details, please contact


https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEXAXLvOytEkQ0iwMw Mutual PR 500+


Topic Humor!
I'm ready for some mutual cooperation!
Subscribers 290+


Online courses, quality content, Digital Marketing login, server setup, website launch, website optimization, Seo, Contextual advertising, reaching the Top 1 Google.
Ask your questions, we'll show you how to get into Digital Marketing with real examples


Mutual advertising. Barter. Services
Let's give each other a helping hand!
Add your offers for mutual advertising and conditions!


Hello all looking for channels for mutual PR, the channel above with 150 subscribers and for adults.


Inspirational success stories. Self-development. Motivation.

And we would like to add that in order to become a millionaire personality, you need to study the stories of successful people, and learn to think like them. We hope our channel will help you with this.


? Have you found a gift for yourself or your loved ones yet? ✅ So know that we've already done it for you! 〽️A thorough comparison with peers and a thorough analysis of each product - that's our motto!
Aliexpress - Only the best products, at affordable prices.
? Also do not miss our constant contests in which you can win a lot of different, and most importantly useful prizes. What are you waiting for, sign up soon! ?



?Hi there. I invite you to read and subscribe to a new channel. It contains fresh topics on earnings and business schemes (ideas). Maybe someone will find a suitable niche for themselves and reach a new level? Button no money, work with your head and hands. Thank you all. All the best in your endeavors to work for yourself. Go ahead and see for yourself! ? https://t.me/no_button_BABLO

No nickname


Perfect music!