Top 10 best apps for learning English

5 simple and effective methods in learning English

3 out of 10 of these apps must be installed on your phone.

English is an international language, which is why there are so many English learning apps in the Apple Store. It is spoken by politicians and showbiz stars, airport workers and doctors, oil tycoons and exchange students. Knowing English is not just prestigious, it's necessary for everyone. English is necessary and important. When traveling and getting to know other people, reading original literature, and just for yourself. We've gathered the TOP 10 best apps for learning English on iPhone. 100% for you, you'll find something useful and easy to use. Enjoy!

Even if you are not going to use English for professional purposes, at work, study it to broaden your horizons and enhance your education. How many languages you know, how many times you are a man," said Anton Chekhov. You should not be afraid of difficulties. You can learn English quickly and with pleasure, if you understand how to do it.

Five Steps to Success with English Learning Apps

First you have to understand why you need English and how you are going to use it. If you want to read the signs in the stores, it is enough to learn the alphabet. If you need English when you travel, a few memorized phrases will be enough. But a thorough and comprehensive approach will help you fully master the language. To do this, stick to the rule of "Five", which can be implemented through the best apps for learning English.

Use apps to watch movies in English

Puzzle Movies

Download Puzzle Movies free from the AppStore

Download Puzzle Movies for free from the AppStore

An app that invites you to learn a language using an effective method.

  • You just need to run the selected series and watch it with English or Russian subtitles (or both at the same time).
  • You can enter unfamiliar phrases and words into your personal dictionary to learn them after watching. Contextual translation allows you to immerse yourself in watching videos without the distraction of third-party translators.
  • Thanks to the accent of the actors, you will become a better listener of native English speakers. Unintelligible expressions are deciphered and explained in a separate video.
  • You can use the "repeat" function to repeat phrases from the show to memorize and practice your pronunciation.
  • The whole script of the series will help you to thoroughly sort out the series "on the bones".

The trial incomplete version of the application is free and is intended for familiarization.


Download Netfix free from the AppStore

Download Netfix for free from the AppStore

If your English level is already a little above average, you can take a swing at watching movies without subtitles. The Netfix app is constantly updating its catalog. Here you will find not only feature films, new releases and popular series, but also many documentaries and shows.
The developers offer a free version for a whole month.

Benefits of Netfix

  • Regular addition of fresh video files.
  • The ability to watch movies anywhere and anytime.
  • A huge selection of TV series, movies and shows.
  • A nice bonus for users will be open access to this treasure trove of English speech.

Listen to texts in the English app

Spotlight - "read and listen"

Download Spotlight free from the AppStore

Download Spotlight for free from the AppStore

A great app for users of all language levels.

You can find in it interesting texts, divided by topic and voiced by speakers with correct and understandable pronunciation. The tempo of the narration is slow, so you can hear every word clearly. Male and female voices speak alternately. Direct speech in the text is emphasized by intonation.

The developers of the app ask users to leave comments and give their opinion after listening if the topic is of interest and prompts a response. And this is additional practice for using the language.


Download Polyglot from the AppStore

Download Polyglot from the AppStore

Polyglot is an app with English texts for listening. You have to learn how to perceive English speech by ear. That is exactly what this program was designed for.

  • All the texts are dubbed by native speakers. There are about 200 of them.
  • To consolidate knowledge, you can take an exam of varying levels of difficulty.
  • All downloaded materials are then available without the Internet.
  • Unknown words are explained. Additionally, you can learn the history of their origin.

You will have to pay an inconceivable $2.99 to use the app.

Read English in news apps

BBC News

Download BBC News free from the AppStore

Download BBC News for free from the AppStore

To train your visual memory - remembering English words and constructions, the correct construction of sentences - you can't do without reading. It is not difficult to find texts in English on the Internet, but their level of literacy and depth of content can sometimes be questionable. Finding quality media products can be time-consuming. The BBC News app is the answer. Here you will find current, interesting and "combed" texts that will be useful not only for their properly constructed sentences, but also for their meaning and subject matter. Top stories, investigative journalism, and an extensive photo gallery are available to users free of charge.

Shortly - short stories in English on your phone

Download Shortly available for free in the AppStore

Shortly - short stories on your phone

In the Shortly app you can find fascinating, exciting stories with a poignant plot. All of the texts presented are small in length, but even of them you can choose the shortest ones. They take only a minute to work through. The longest ones will take no more than five. Before you start reading, you decide how much time you want to spend on studying and the program gives you a list of appropriate texts. There is free access for all users.

Memorize words in English with apps

Easy ten

Download Easy ten free from the AppStore

Download Easy ten for free from the AppStore

With an app for learning English words Easy ten you will learn 10 new words every day. Before you start using it, you should determine your level of proficiency. Then you can dive into memorizing new words. If in doubt about the correct pronunciation, you can include a voiceover of any word. You will learn just 5 minutes a day and in a year you will learn about 3000 words, exactly as many as native speakers use in everyday life. This is enough to understand and communicate. Test to check the knowledge you have learned can be used. There is a system of rewards for achievements.

To use it fully, you must subscribe.


Download Words free from the AppStore

Download Words for free from the AppStore - an app for learning English

This app will be useful for beginners to learn English as well as for people with a higher level. The developers of Words invite you to memorize words in line for coffee, on the subway on your way to work, or in traffic. Fill in the blanks in your schedule with a useful activity. You can choose words from the topics that are most interesting or necessary for you. There are a total of 26 blocks in the app. Each lesson consists of 10 drills. The first thing you get acquainted with the words, and then games and memory tests are waiting for you.

Communicate with native speakers through apps

HelloTalk Learn Languages Fast

Download HelloTalk free from the AppStore

Download HelloTalk for free from the AppStore - an app for learning English

With HelloTalk you can communicate with real native speakers and make new friends. Not only is language learning taking place, but cultural exchange is taking place as well. Video calls, audio and text messages are used in this app for communication. HelloTalk offers not only the usual free chat, but also many additional features.

  • You can communicate not only in pairs, but also create whole groups for a more lively and interesting discussion of topics of interest.
  • You can find a companion anywhere in the world. You can search by several criteria: language, distance and city.
  • In the "Moments" section, you can post your posts in the language you're learning, share your travel experiences, and brag about your learning.

Success in learning will depend not only on skillfully designed English learning apps, but also on you, first and foremost. Mastering English should take time, and the main condition for success is consistency.


Download HiNative free from the AppStore

Download HiNative for free from the AppStore - an app for learning English

More than 3000000 people around the world use the app, which means you're sure to find a pen pal and a chat buddy. You can ask questions to people from 170 different countries. You'll get comprehensive and interesting answers.

  • Test your pronunciation, practice your spoken English, and share your knowledge with others.
  • Your questions will be translated if you don't already know how to do it yourself.
  • You can even express your questions in pictures or signs.
  • Before you travel, ask the locals about the places you are going to visit.

And it's all free.

Success in learning will depend not only on skillfully designed English learning apps, but also on you, first and foremost. Mastering English should take time, and the main condition for success is consistency.


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You can also try this free app, very effective at memorizing words https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=me.devinco.smarteach.en
There is also American English https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=me.devinco.smarteach.us

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