5 useful apps for Android smartphones

5 useful apps for Android smartphones

It is difficult to keep in mind the issues related to work, school and life - it is easy to forget the important things. To avoid mishaps, you should download some useful applications to your smartphone memory. They will help you cope with absent-mindedness and inattention.

The five apps that allow you to control your scheduled tasks are described in detail below.


Oppo smartphones, Huawei, Xiaomi, and Samsung come with preinstalled software. Among them are Calendar and Notes. These are the simplest planning tools. They replace the paper notepad-planner with an alphabet index, dated pages, and other "tricks".

Accomplish is a more interesting option. It is a program for managing tasks. You need it for:

  1. to-do list creation,
  2. work with graphic plans,
  3. Discussions with friends and family.

Puzzle Alarm Clock

The alarm clock has a disadvantage - it can be turned off without even opening your eyes. For the Puzzle Alarm Clock app leniency is uncharacteristic. It is capable of waking up even the most hopeless "sleepyhead".

Basic functions:

  1. Alarm clock with a puzzle
    You can turn it off by solving a few problems or passing the mini-game.

  2. The impetus for awakening
    This alarm option not only wakes the user up, but also obliges him to get out of bed. If the rise is not confirmed, the alarm will repeat after 5 minutes.

  3. Limiting the number of pauses
    This option prohibits moving the signal an infinite number of times.


Counting calories and watching your diet is difficult if you don't have a good assistant at hand. The FatSecret app is an excellent one. It has a simple, intuitive interface and a large number of functions. The built-in food list includes popular foods and ready meals. There are also four "chips" in the app:

  • a system of keeping food diaries,
  • recipe book,
  • progress log and weight graph,
  • exercise section.


MyLifeOrganized is an electronic personal secretary. It can be synchronized with other applications to create accurate plans and schedules. The convenient "Reminders" function allows you to record information about important events. At the set time, an audible alarm goes off or a notification is displayed on the screen.

Plans in the application can be sorted. There is a hierarchy of tasks and subtasks. It is based on the degree of relevance and importance.


This is the best app in the world according to users who have to have many accounts on different sites, forums and apps.

1Password helps in storing as well as creating complex passwords. You can create "safes" for highly sensitive data (e.g. information related to bank accounts).

In addition to applications that help control, there are other interesting and useful programs available for Android smartphones. Noteworthy is software for "pumping" the brain, communication, recording phone conversations and working with e-mail.

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